The smartphone battle of 2019 – Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS

In 2019 it was Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS

The ‘war’ for the ‘smartphone throne’ between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone has been going on for about a decade one. It was a ‘war’ with many ‘battles’, pretty much every iPhone model had a Samsung Galaxy counterpart. In some instances the experts and the general public rendered the iPhone model better, whereas on occasions it was the Samsung that was ranked higher. Is Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS the most closely contested matchup between the two?

Well, there were several closely contested matchups, but yes, it is fair to say that this was one of the tightest. This was the smartphone duel that marked 2019 and we’ll have a look at the specifics of the two models in question and try to decide which is actually a better smartphone.

The two smartphones of 2019

As we said, this was the matchup of 2019, but both phones are still available. Considering that both Samsung and Apple have released newer versions since then, the prices have dropped, so you might be considering getting one of the said models, at a cheaper price while they are still relatively new.

The Galaxy is consisted of a metal frame that’s placed between two glass sheets, there’s no notch. You’ll immediately notice that there’s a cut-out segment placed at the top right corner and the selfie camera is placed there.

One of the first things that you’ll sport if you are holding the two phones and examining them closely is that the Samsung has a triple-lens rear camera, whereas the iPhone features one lens less. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Samsung is automatically better when it comes to cameras and taking photos, but it is definitely a significant advantage.

When it comes to the size and weight, it is the Galaxy that has an advantage, as It features a larger screen while also being lighter. The dimensions of the said Galaxy model are 149.9 by 70.4 by 7.8mm and its weight is 157 grams, while the iPhone is 20 grams lighter. So far, it may seem like the answer to the question is Samsung S10 vs iPhoneXS a close contest is ‘no’, but we can’t really say that the Galaxy is much better on the basis that it features a slightly larger screen.

It appears that we have a winner

Still, there are some other areas in which the Samsung takes the lead. Namely, it supports HDR10+, while the iPhone only supports HDR10. We already mentioned the triple-lens camera, and in addition to the two 12MP cameras, the Galaxy also features a 16MP camera. Still, iPhones are generally good with cameras and tend to take pretty impressive photos, so, as we said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Samsung is better.

The Galaxy also has more RAM memory – 8GB as opposed to the 4GB on the iPhone. Still, iPhones tend to be rather powerful, so this isn’t a reason to conclude that the Samsung is definitely better. However, the fact that the iPhone is a little bit more expensive, might be a sufficient reason to decide in favor of the Samsung.

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