Which one takes better photos – Samsung or iPhone?

Looking to take the best photos? Is Samsung or iPhone better

The camera and the ability to take photos are among the key functions of modern smartphones. In fact, as you probably know, smartphones are about a lot more than just making phone calls and sending and receiving text messages. We read, scroll through our social media homepages, send emails, watch videos on our smartphones. We can pretty much do anything that we do on our laptops or desktop computers. Though we can put the laptop in our pocket and then walk around and take photos. Statistics show that the average American takes about 20 photos a day. Therefore, the question – Samsung or iPhone for camera is one that every potential buyer of a new phone should consider.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

How do we decide if Samsung Galaxy models or iPhones take better phones and have better questions? Well, for starters, it would make a lot more sense to compare two particular models – one iPhone and one Galaxy, preferably models that were released roughly at the same time, or at least within a year. It is also preferable that the two have similar prices so the comparison would make sense and be fair.

It really depends what sort of photos you would like to take as well. Samsung or iPhone for camera can be one thing if the camera in question is the selfie camera, and it can be completely different if you prefer taking photos with the rear camera. Not to mention that there are a lot of other options. Some of you might like to take photos that are zoomed, whereas others might be more interested in recording videos.

As you know, most modern smartphones, especially iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S have more than one rear camera. The cameras can be wide-lens, or ultra-wide and the pictures have different qualities and different features when taken with a different camera. This time we will compare the two latest, most advanced Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models – iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Now, if there are two smartphones that can take impeccable photos, it’s these two.

It’s a win for the Galaxy

Yes, both smartphones are state-of-the-art, but we should probably tell you that the Galaxy is slightly more expensive and it starts at $1,399, whereas the iPhone would cost you a minimum of $1,099.

The Galaxy features not two or three, but four rear lenses, whereas the iPhone comes with a triple-lens rear camera. You will immediately realize why the Samsung Galaxy S20 is so expensive when you have a look at the camera specs. This phone features an amazing 108MP wide camera, as well as a 48MP telephoto camera. All three cameras on the iPhone are 12MP, and that fact alone is sufficient to set the two apart and let us conclude that in this case, it’s the Samsung that’s better than the iPhone for camera.

When it comes to zoom capabilities, the Galaxy comes with a x10 lossless zoom and x100 digital zoom, whereas the iPhone only supports x2 optical zoom and x10 digital zoom. The front camera is also better on the Galaxy.

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