Smartphone rivalries – Samsung vs iPhone vs Pixel?

Samsung and Apple have been ruling the smartphone market for most of the past decade. The first iPhone was launched in 2007, whereas the first Samsung Galaxy was launched in 2010. In 2012 Samsung took the first place in terms of smartphone sales.

Google wasn’t present on the smartphone market, the company decided to enter the smartphone market in 2016, the first Pixel smartphone was launched in October in 2016. Samsung vs iPhone vs Pixel is an interesting match-up, despite the fact that the first two sell hundreds of millions of smartphones on a yearly basis, whereas Google Pixel sells a lot less.

Can the Pixel be compared against Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone?

Google first launched the Chromebook in 2013, but in the next few years it became clear that the smartphone market is where the big battle takes place. For every model of the Pixel, the company also released an XL version which was more advanced and more powerful than the regular model.

Surprisingly the Google Pixel is using the Android operating system and not Chrome OS, but again, both operating systems are Linux-kernel-based operating systems. Let’s look at the Samsung vs iPhone vs Pixel matchup and see where Pixel stands against the two giants.

The Pixel sales figures are still far behind

In 2019, Google Pixel sold 7.2 million, which is a lot less than Samsung and Apple. Smartphone sales figures typically aren’t broken down by device, but we know that Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 4 are the two versions that were sold in 2019.

Google spends a lot of money on marketing and some are a bit surprised that it doesn’t sell more smartphones on a yearly basis. Perhaps the fact that Apple and Samsung are very well positioned and established on the market is the answer to the question – why Google Pixel doesn’t sell more smartphones.

We are yet to see what the future holds

As opposed to about 7 million units sold by Google, Samsung sold about 295 million, whereas Apple sold about 193 million iPhones. So, if we compare the Samsung vs iPhone vs Pixel figures it appears that Samsung sold about 50% more smartphones than Apple and about 41 times more than Pixel. Apple sold almost 27 times more iPhones compared to Google Pixel.

So, if we compare the figures, it is pretty clear that the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are far ahead, but we have to take into consideration that Pixel is a relatively new player on the market and that the company will put in a lot of effort and might change things on the market.

It will not be surprising for this to happen, because the market has changed a lot in the past decade. Samsung wasn’t even present on the smartphone market ten years ago and Apple was far behind Nokia.

Samsung Galaxy S9 was matched against the iPhone XS and Pixel 3, whereas now Pixel 4 is usually paired against iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 first and now S20.

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