Samsung vs iPhone privacy – which is more secure?

Privacy is an important matter. It has been for a while, but especially today. People are genuinely afraid and privacy is a general concern these days. There are multiple aspects of online privacy – cookies, fingerprints, mobile apps passwords, wireless networks and what not. If privacy was important back when the first mobile phones appeared, it is a lot more important today in the age of smartphones. If a smartphone is to be popular and bought by millions, it has to guarantee the utmost degree of privacy. Samsung vs iPhone privacy is one issue that people are considering when choosing a new smartphone – Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone. We will go through the privacy aspects and see which phone is better in terms of privacy.

The operating systems are the key factor here

The first thing that we need to look at when discussing privacy issues of both Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone are the operating systems – the iPhone runs on iOS and the Samsung Galaxy runs on Android. The hardware doesn’t determine privacy and generally speaking doesn’t have an impact on privacy, so it makes sense for us to look at the operating systems.

Apple has announced that it doesn’t sell users’ information and whenever you download data, it gets delete when you delete your Apple account. You can use your Apple ID to check which information is withheld by Apple. Generally speaking, it is considered that in the Samsung vs iPhone privacy the second is the winner. The reason for this is that the iOS is a closed system, for example, it’s not possible to download an app on your iPhone, if it’s not available on the App Store.

The Samsung Galaxy is one of the many smartphones that run on Android. Android is an open operating system based on Linux kernel. This gives Android smartphones a lot of flexibility. Firstly, as we mentioned, Galaxy is just one of the many smartphones that run on Android. It is a lot easier to develop and launch and Android app and thanks to the fact that it is an open system, you can download it even if it’s not on Google Play.

Always install the latest updates

Still, the operating system isn’t the only thing that we should consider and the only determining factor. When it comes to Android phones, the hardware integration also plays a role here. Some manufacturers make the security features work better and more accurately and Samsung is a perfect example here. So, if we are to talk about privacy and compare iOS and Android, Samsung vs iPhone privacy is the matter that we should be discussing.

One thing that you can do as a smartphone owner and user, regardless whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy is always installing the latest security updates. Both operating systems releases updates on a regular basis. The updates and their aim is to protect your device and ignoring the updates might put your phone and your data at risk. Apple, generally speaking, tends to be more pushy when it comes to updates and you will be prompted to install the latest security updates a lot more often and frequently.

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