When Gym Is Life but Headphones Need an Upgrade

Gym rat Jacob is in a headphone dilemma when he realizes everything needs to level up – including his four-year-old Sonys.

When Jacob was done with his workout, he threw his headphones around his neck and headed over to the locker room. After a whole year of not being able to lift or hit the bag, he felt the intense soreness of his muscles as he opened his locker and took his gym bag out. “Man,” he thought to himself. “I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass I used to have. It’s time to level up.” As he looked in the mirror to see the work that was ahead of him, he glanced at his headphones. They were the Sony headphones his nana gave him when he graduated from high school – four years ago. “I guess I need to level these up too,” he said, adding to his mental notes.

New Headphones, New You

He sat on the bench and began to think. He just got back to the mall job he had before the pandemic started. Although he was happy he was asked to return to work, business was slow and that meant only a couple of shifts a week were available to him. “How am I going to get those AirPods Pro I’ve been wanting. I really need to upgrade these Sony Pro In-Ear headphones since the speaker’s going out on the left side.”

Extra Cash for the New Headphones

At that moment, Jacob whipped out his iPhone 11 Pro Max and searched “how to sell my headphones.” As he scrolled the different options, Gizmogo caught his eye, promising the most cash. Jacob tried Gizmogo and several others to compare, but Gizmogo was the best choice for the most cash back. “AirPods Pro, here I come,” Jacob said with a grin.

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