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June 17, 2021




Father’s Day is coming soon on Sunday, June 20, 2021. If you’re looking for a great gift for a dad who loves to own the newest tech gadget, we have a few suggestions for our favorite tech gifts this year. Make dad feel special with these innovative, interesting, useful gifts for Father’s Day 2021. 

Tech Gadget Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2021

  1. A power bank to keep all his gadgets running

For the active, outdoorsy, traveling dad, a power bank is an awesome tech gadget gift! Charge the power bank once, and it can fully charge your devices a few times. This means if your dad is traveling on an airplane, or out fishing in the woods for a week, he’ll still be able to take photos, make calls, and more. A couple good choices are:

  • The Raptic Titan Air, which can fully charge a laptop, a smart phone up to four times, and a GoPro up to seven times! 
  • Or try a solar power bank like this FELLEE brand device. This device can charge an iPhone around eight on nine times, and a tablet twice. Plus, if it runs out of power, set it out to soak up some sunshine and it will be good to go again! It is much larger and bulkier than other options.
  • Apple’s morphie all in one powerstation could be a great choice if your dad is dedicated to Apple products. Easily charge up to four devices at once, plus there’s a magnetic attachment for the Apple Watch and wireless charging for AirPods and iPhones. 
  1. A wireless mini printer for mementos on the go

Sentimental dads will love this gift! These small, portable printers are bluetooth enabled, so he can snap a photo, print it, frame it, and have it hung up above the mantel in no time! 

  • Canon SELPHY is small, portable, and creates high quality prints in no time. Prints are rated to last more than 100 years, and come with a protective coating.
  • The HP Sprocket printer is about the size of a smartphone, and allows you to print photos wirelessly. 
  • Kodak’s mini printer is a good choice especially if you need an Android compatible option.
  1. An ebook reader so he can always be learning something new

For dad’s who love to read, an ebook reader is the perfect gift. Gift the dad in your life one of these devices and see how special he feels. You might even download a few digital books on his favorite topics to get him started. 

  • Amazon Kindle’s are known for being great, inexpensive ebook reader options! The Kindle paperwhite is the most recent version. It is thin, light, and has a glare-free finish so dad can read anywhere — even by the pool on vacation.
  • The Kobo Clara is another good ebook choice. This reader is compatible with most libraries, so dad can rent a book from the library and read it on his new device.
  1. Item trackers to keep tabs on everything

If your dad is always searching for his keys, wallet, phone, etc. these cool bluetooth trackers could be a great gift! 

  • Apple AirTags are one of Apple’s most recently released products so if he likes to stay ahead of the curve on technology he’ll love having these! They can be easily attached to keyes, slipped into his wallet, a backpack, and more. Then, they can easily be tracked either with the Find my Phone App or (if they’re nearby) with sound. 
  • For an Android version of these item trackers, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is a great alternative. They tap into the Galaxy Find Network, to pinpoint an items location.
  1. Voice activated devices for every whim 

If there isn’t a voice activated device in your dad’s home quite yet, buying him one of these is bound to make his Father’s Day. These devices are useful for a huge variety of tasks, from verbally setting a timer when he’s outside grilling, to playing a favorite tune, get instant answers to questions, and so much more! 

  • The Amazon Echo or Dot comes with Alexa, a voice based AI that can help you with everyday tasks. These devices also connect with other Amazon powered devices such as Fire TV cubes, so that dad can start streaming his favorite show with a simple verbal request. 
  • Google Home is a great choice if dad has other Google devices, such as a Nest thermostat. You can ask the Google Home device to turn the temperature down. 
  • Apple’s HomePod is powered by Siri, and integrates nicely with all iOS devices.

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