iPhone 13 What to Expect This Fall

It seems like the moment a new iPhone is released; rumors start to circulate about the features of the next model! This year is no different, with buzz surfacing around the late 2021 release of the iPhone 13 models. The iPhone 13 is expected to debut in September. You can expect the new models to include camera updates, a faster processor, upgraded displays, a new 5G chip, increased battery life, and more. While most details haven’t been confirmed by Apple, here’s what we’ve heard so far.

What models will be included in the 2021 iPhone 13 release?

It’s likely that the 2021 iPhone 13 will be similar in range to the iPhone 12 models. It’s rumored that there will be four devices in the 2021 release lineup, including the mini size. The four devices will likely be split between two high-end “Pro” models and two that are a bit less expensive. That could mean a 5.4” iPhone mini, a 6.1” iPhone, a 6.1” Pro model, and a 6.7” Pro Max model. It’s also likely that these new models will track the prices of the iPhone 12 models. These models are currently priced at $699, $799, $999 and $1,099 respectively. While there may be some increases or decreases, Apple tends to keep their phones around the same cost until big releases are made. 

What’s new about the iPhone 13


The design of the new iPhone isn’t likely to change dramatically from the iPhone 12. The 2020 release saw a change in design with the square edges and new colors, it’s suspected that the square edges will remain consistent. More colors may be released, perhaps in line with the wide range of colors on offer for the new 24” M1 iMac

The iPhone 13 will also be just slightly thicker, say some sources. Around 0.2mm thicker, to be precise. They will also weigh slightly more. This added width and weight is probably to accommodate a larger battery and will hopefully increase battery life. 

The notch, or top area where the microphone and front-facing camera are situated, will be smaller on the new iPhone 13 models. This may be due to updates in the Face ID technology or moving the mic up into the top bezel. 


We may see the camera lenses restructured, to a new diagonal placement instead of stacked one on top of the other. It’s unclear what this change will mean for photo quality. It’s possible that a rumored sensor-shift image stabilization could require this new placement. It has also been suggested that the iPhone 13 will include camera upgrades that allow photographers to capture the night sky more effectively. Which, if you’ve ever tried to photograph the moon or stars with an iPhone you know would be a big improvement! 


Rumors circulated in the last year about Apple removing the lightning charging port from the newest models of iPhone. More recently that speculation has quieted down, and most people are speculating we won’t see this change on any of the 2021 releases. However, it’s possible with cordless charging technology improving we’ll eventually see a phone without the charge port.

It also doesn’t seem to be Apple’s plan to transition iPhones to the USB-C chargers that most iPads use. This may be because the lightning chargers allow Apple to exert control over quality since they’re a proprietary Apple design. USB-C chargers are also more susceptible to water and dust damage. 

120Hz Display:

Last year the iPhone 12 was rumored to include a 120Hz ProMotion Display. It probably would have, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in production. So, it’s now very likely that technology will debut on the iPhone 13 models. Battery life was likely an issue with the 12 using this display as well. Solving that for the 13 means using LTPO display technology, which allows for more power efficiency while reaching speedy refresh rate times. 

Always on Display:

The new display panel may also enable another feature rumored to be included in the iPhone 13 range of phones. This feature would mean that instead of going completely dark, a locked and not in use phone would still show a lock-screen-like display. It would probably not be at full brightness. It’s speculated to include the time, charge amount, and perhaps show notifications as they come in. 

A15 Processor:

The 2021 line will incorporate the use of a 5nm+ A15 chip. This is confirmed by manufacturing details with the company TSMC, but there aren’t many additional details about what the chip will mean for the new iPhone line. It probably isn’t a massive shift from the iPhone 12 processor, though a new chip almost always means improved performance and efficiency. 

A more dramatic update is suspected in the coming year, possibly with the iPhone 14 (or whatever Apple names the next model). There are rumors of a 4-nanometer process node chip, down from the current 5nm. 

5G and Wifi 6E:

The new Snapdragon X60 third-generation 5G modem will be in each of the new iPhone 13s. This new tech will allow 5G data from mmWave and sub-6GHz bands to be used at the same time, which will improve speed and coverage. It’s also possible the new phones will support WiFi 6E. This is an extended network that expands on WiFi 6 for even higher performance speeds and lower latency.


Most people estimate the iPhone 13 will include 64GB to 512GB of storage. However, there is a report that predicts there will be an option to go up as high as 1TB of storage on the iPhone 13. If true, that would be the most storage an iPhone has offered. If you’re always running out of storage space for photos, videos, apps, and music, this might be an upgrade worth waiting for! 

iPhone 12 versus iPhone 13: If you’ve been waiting to get a new phone, you might be wondering if you should wait a little longer, or just buy the 12 now. Really, either line is a solid choice. While the new iPhone 13 will have some upgrades from the 2020 iPhone 12, it will be largely similar. If you want your new device immediately, the iPhone 12 is a great choice! However, if you can wait a little longer you might hold out for the latest and greatest model. Whichever you choose, we can help you afford the upgrade! Gizmogo buys your used iPhone for cash.

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