Samsung vs iPhone vs Google Pixel – How far Behind is the Pixel?

Google Pixel is Google’s flagship phone that was launched in 2016. Samsung vs iPhone vs Google Pixel who will dominate the next decade. The past decade was dominated by Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, but a lot has changed in the past several years.

Back when Apple entered the smartphone market it didn’t immediately establish itself as the leading force on the market. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and back then Nokia was the best-selling phone. In 2009, two years after the first iPhone was released, Apple managed to establish itself as a leading smartphone developer and had the sales figures to back it up.

Apple Ahead in America

We began with Apple in our Samsung vs iPhone vs Google Pixel analysis, as the iPhone was the first smartphone to appear out of the three mentioned. The first Galaxy smartphone was released in 2010 and in two years the sales figure rose significantly. In the third quarter of 2012, Samsung sold almost as many smartphones as Apple. From 2013 onward, Samsung almost regularly topped the sales figures on a global scale.

iPhone remained on the pedestal in the US and North America. About 45% of all smartphones in use in the United States are iPhones. That speaks a lot, and it is clear that it is very difficult to challenge and question the iPhone’s position on the US market.

What Samsung lacks and hasn’t achieved on the American market, it definitely makes up for globally. All over the world, Samsung is a lot more popular than Apple and we will get a clearer picture of this when we go through the sales figures.

We mentioned that it was the third quarter of 2013 when Samsung managed to sell as many phones as Apple. From that quarter onward, Samsung sold more than Apple almost regularly, pretty much every quarter.

Samsung sold more units than Apple in 2019, and sold significantly more during the first three quarters of 2019. The last quarter of 2020 changed things dramatically. Apple sold more units at 73 million, as opposed to Samsung which sold only about 70 million.

Pixel is Still Far Behind

We compared the fourth quarter, but if we look at the figures of how many items were sold annually, you will see that Samsung sold about 295 million, whereas Apple sold 193 million iPhones. If we put this into perspective Samsung vs iPhone vs Google Pixel, we will see that the Pixel is far behind in terms of sales. Only 7 million Pixel smartphones were sold in 2019, which is a lot less compared to the two competitors.

But it should be noted that the first Pixel was launched in 2016, so we are not sure whether Pixel will ever be able to measure against Samsung and Apple.

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