Apple Watch 7 Orders Start Friday October 8th

Apple Watch Series 7 orders start Friday, October 8 at 5 a.m. PDT and available in stores starting Friday, October 15.

What’s rumored to be updated in the Apple Watch 7?

Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger and more advanced display, enhanced durability, faster charging, new aluminum case colors, and watchOS 8

  • Redesigned styling

A leaked, unconfirmed mockup of the Apple Watch 7 shows some significant changes from previous models in the styling. One difference is that the edges may be flat, similar to the new Apple iPhone 12 design. There has also been speculation that the watch will be thinner, due to integration of the haptic engine and the battery. Overall, these changes would make for a sleek minimalist styling – exactly what we’ve come to expect from Apple! We’ve also seen more colors from Apple in the iPhone 12 and new 24” iMacs, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a range of colors for the new watch release as well. 

  • Micro LED tech

It’s possible that the new wearable Apple Watch 7 could switch from the previously used OLED display to a micro LED screen. This new display technology has been used by Apple before in their 2021 iPad Pro. The new screen would potentially help with slimming down the watch design. Plus, micro LED displays are typically more power-efficient and offer additional brightness.

  • Touch ID

More and more devices are getting Touch ID scanners, and it sounds like the Apple Watch 7 may be included in this. A touch pad button would allow users to add their fingerprints, and unlock the watch by touching it. There was also an early rumor based on a patent belonging to Apple that is for technology allowing users to control the Apple Watch with their breath. To use, a wearer would blow on the face of the watch and that would activate a reaction from the device. Who knows when (or if!) that technology will surface, but it sounds pretty neat! 

  • Additional health monitoring 

One of the biggest benefits to smartwatches is that they can collect tons of information about your health throughout the day. Other wearable devices that cost less than the Apple Watch have blood oxygen monitoring tech, so it’s no surprise that the Apple Watch 7 is rumored to include this technology. A sensor that measures blood sugar levels could also be a part of the new health monitoring tech. However, other reports say we won’t see that technology included until 2022 instead. 

The new Apple Watch 7 may also include improved heart monitoring abilities. There is a patent from Apple for a new sensor that would allow for more accurate heart rhythm readings. Essentially, it would pull your heart rate by touching a sensor on the watch, and compare it to the heart rate reading it gathers from the wrist you’re wearing it one, in order to collect accurate data. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be included in the Apple Watch 7, but it’s exciting new technology that could potentially surface in their line of wearable smart devices.

  • A watch designed for the outdoors

This change will likely not be applied to the Apple Watch 7, but could instead be seen in a different version of the device. Apple may be creating an smartwatch that’s designed to take on more extreme environments. For those that want to have their smartwatch (and the health data it collects) while adventuring outdoors, a more rugged version could be a welcome change. Perhaps we’ll see a higher waterproof rating, a sturdier design with protective materials, and more. 

Price for the Apple Watch 7 

While it’s hard to say exactly how much the Apple Watch 7 will cost, the Apple Watch 6 starts at $399 USD. It’s likely, based on previous models, that the new release will be around the same price. Apple has released a new smartwatch the past few years in September, so it’s speculated that the new wearable device will launch in September of 2021. 

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