Best Place To Sell iPhone in February 2022

February 19, 2022

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Are you wondering how to sell an iPhone? Just looking for the best place to sell your iPhone? The Gizmogo team have put together this handy guide to where to sell an iPhone for the best blend of ease, cash, and convenience.There’s plenty of buyback and trade-in programs, second-hand electronics dealers, and other places to offload your iPhone, plus a ton of places to sell it privately. Not all of them are created equally, however. We’ll help you find the best choice for you, however.

Where Will I Get the Most Money for my iPhone?

There’s three key business models when you sell an iPhone. Private sales see you set a price between you and the ultimate buyer, and deal yourself. Trade-ins see you turn in your phone to a retailer, who will typically issue store credit or vouchers. And a buyback company, or second-hand electronics company, will pay you for your device, often repair or pretty it up, and sell it on or scrap it.

Which earns the most money?

Private sales will almost always get the most money. The problem with that? It comes with the most hassles, even when you can find a legitimate buyer. And it can be rife with scams and risks. Trade-in programs are very convenient if you’re trading up a device, but getting store credit only works in that scenario and they typically pay the least. Buybacks offer a great balance between the cash in your pocket, convenience, and safety.

How Much is my iPhone Worth?

To get the best deal, you need to know how much your iPhone is worth. When hunting out it’s worth, make sure you are being reasonable. A device that’s failing, with a cracked screen and scratches everywhere, is not going to get the price of a mint-in-box, never-used device.Any iPhone that’s been released in the so-called ‘modern era’ should sell decently well. You can sell an iPhone 13, the latest gen, or sell an iPhone 12, the last-but-one, for a lot more than you will sell an iPhone 11 or sell an iPhone X, of course. Once you pass the X gen, values will decrease steeply, and you’re looking under $70 dollars.

When should I sell my iPhone?

When it comes to older gens, now is always better than later. Apple devices do hold value much better than other smartphones, but there is a limit. Value does go down over time. Don’t sit on the device thinking that will increase value! So sooner is always better than later.New iPhone generations and Apple products are typically announced in the Fall. At this time, and close to release, you see people offloading devices left and right to get the new tech. So it’s never the best time to sell.

Where Can I Sell my iPhone Online?

Still wondering where to sell your iPhone online? Know you know how to sell your iPhone, let’s look at some places that buy iPhones, too.

Wireless Carrier Buyback Programs

Not many people realize that most wireless carriers have buyback programs. This is a good way to get rid of a carrier-locked phone, which will otherwise reduce it’s value. While these are safe and convenient, you’re basically just dealing with a standard trade-in program. Expect to get about a third of what your phone is worth, and it may be in the form of credit with your existing carrier.

Trade-in Programs

There are a lot of trade-in programs which will buy your iPhone. Apple’s iPhone Trade-in is the best known. Best Buy, Amazon, and many others are also out there. You can use Apple’s online or in-person. If you’re looking to trade-up to the next generation, it might be a good way to cut down on a lot of the fuss and simply immediately recycle the credit you receive into your device. Your device is evaluated and you are given a quote. If you’re happy, say yes, you get your credit, and off you go. It isn’t the most lucrative way to get rid of your old iPhone- expect to receive around half of what it’s worth- but it’s simple and easy.


If you are looking to get the most possible for your phone without bothering with private sales, then try the Gizmogo difference. We even give you a best price guarantee! We ask you a few simple questions about your device and give a quote. Like it? Use our UPS/USPS free shipping to send the device in for its final evaluation. If it’s better than expected, we might even raise the price. If we’re happy it matches what you said, and you’re happy with the quote, accept it, and within 3-5 business days you’ll have the money the way you asked for it. It couldn’t be easier to sell your iPhone online!If you’re looking for a safe and lucrative way to sell your iPhone online, then try Gizmogo. We guarantee you won’t be sorry.

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