How To Sell An iPad Pro Online

September 2, 2022

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Almost every year since 2015, Apple has released a new iPad Pro. Though there is no news yet for 2022, that doesn’t mean the company won’t be releasing one in the near future. If you have an iPad Pro, we’ve covered how you can sell it online.

Determine The Value of Your iPad Pro

Before you can list your iPad Pro online or try to sell it to a company, you’ll need to set a fair price for your device. You want a price that accurately represents the condition and specs of your iPad Pro.

Determine Condition

One of the very first things you’re going to need to do is determine the condition of your iPad Pro. Is it fairly new, or does it have wear and tear? The condition your iPad Pro is in will either increase or decrease its value.

When evaluating the condition, take note of any damages, such as dents, scratches, chips, cracks in the screen, and water damage. You’ll also want to use it and see if it is having any performance issues; is it running at the speed it should be? Is the sound from the speakers clear or crackly? 

Determine Specifications

Consider the specs of your iPad Pro, as their functionality will also have an impact on the price.

  • Do all of the side buttons work properly?
  • Is the microphone functional?
  • Display: There are two display versions, an 11’ and a 12.9’ display.
  • Does the camera work in the way it should?
  • Are all of the different sensors functioning properly?

All of these different specs will play a part in determining the price of your iPad pro.

Research Prices of Other iPad Pro Listings Online

If you are struggling with deciding on a price for your iPad pro, look through other listings for the device. Seeing what other people are listing their iPad Pros for will give you an idea of what yours is worth.

Search for listings where the iPad Pro has conditions and specs that are similar to yours to get a more accurate idea of a price range.

Decide Where To Sell Your iPad Pro

You’re going to reach a point where you’ll need to make a decision about where to sell your iPad Pro. When selling online, you have the option of marketplaces and buy-back sites.


Online marketplaces are a great option for selling your iPad Pro because you can set the price for your product. These marketplaces have a high traffic volume, so the chances of selling your iPad pro fast are possible. Some online marketplaces to sell your iPad Pro are:

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Marketplace

iPad Pro Buyback/Trade-In Companies

One of the best sites available that buys iPad Pros is Gizmogo, a green company dedicated to eliminating eWaste. There are benefits to trading in your iPad pro with Gizmogo:

  1. They offer a best price guarantee. Gizmogo professionally evaluates devices once they receive them. If the condition is better than what was initially selected, they will increase their offer.
  2. Gizmogo pays out within 1 business day.
  3. The company offers free device shipping.
  4. Gizmogo will perform a professional data deletion upon receiving the device to help protect your privacy.

Prepare iPad Pro For Sale

There are steps you’re going to want to take to improve the condition of your iPad Pro and protect your private data.

Erase iPad Pro

Before selling your iPad Pro, you need to unpair any connected devices, erase any personal information stored on the device (photos, financial information), and perform a factory reset.

Clean iPad Pro

Clean the screen and casing of your iPad Pro before selling. Not only will this make it look presentable to consumers, but it may also help increase its value.

  •  Make sure the device is turned off and unplugged to eliminate the risk of hurting yourself.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent scratching. Dampen the cloth with soapy water and avoid getting water in the microphone and other holes.
  • Avoid cleaning products and compressed air.

Photograph iPad Pro

Add high-quality images of your iPad Pro to your listing. Take photos of the iPad at a variety of angles so that consumers have an idea of what the full product looks like. Be sure to perform any cleaning of the iPad Pro before taking pictures.

To increase consumer interest, include photos of you operating the iPad Pro. You don’t have to be in the images; focus on the screen so that interested consumers can see that it’s functional.

Sell Your iPad Pro Online!

Gizmogo is an excellent option for selling your iPad Pro because the company will give you the best price possible, and they care about you and your privacy.

Remember, before you can list your iPad Pro online, you need to determine its condition and functional specifications in order to determine its value. However you decide to sell your iPad Pro, we hope you get the best price for it!

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