Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I be paid?
How much is my device worth?
Can I still get cash for my device if it’s broken or doesn’t work?
I sent Gizmogo my mobile, and I haven’t received my money - what do I do?
How long will my quote be valid?
How much do you pay for referrals?
How will I be compensated for my referrals?


I don’t know what model my device is - how do I find out?
What do you consider “A working device”?
What do you consider a “broken device?”
Do you accept very old devices?
What’s an IMEI number?
I can’t find my device on the site - can I still sell it?


How do I know that Gizmogo has received my device?
What do I need to send?
Will I have to pay for postage?
How do I package my items?


Can I sell a lost or stolen device?
How many devices can I sell?
How do we rate aesthetics?
How do we evaluate your equipment?
How long will my quote be valid?
How do we rate function?
How do I contact Gizmogo?
How is my privacy protected?