Sell MacBook 12-inch (2015)

Sell MacBook 12-inch (2015)
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MacBook 12-inch (2015)

Sell MacBook 12-inch 2015 





2015 saw the slimmest and lightest MacBook Apple ever released. To appreciate this device, one has to understand its futuristic perspective. At first sight, you won't find any ports save one USB-C port, which is meant to handle all your input and output accessories, power, and display too. Today, your Type-C USB cables can carry significant power, which means they can charge laptops and transmit data at double the speed of the best Type-A USB ports. The MacBook 12-inch was essentially saying that a single port can handle all your needs, including charging your device. 


You've probably noticed that more recent phones, tablets, and laptops have exchanged the rectangular USB ports for a Type-C. In 2015, this feature wasn't welcomed with open arms, especially because Apple didn't provide other options on this laptop. The reaction of users at its launch was an outcry as complaints about the singular Type-C port were all over the place, reminding us of a similar situation of the groundbreaking iPad in 2010. 


The strict minimalism enforced by this device tells us it isn't made for everyone, a deviation from the norm, yes, but this MacBook was designed to set the standard and trend for manufacturers and taste for consumers in the following years. 


Today, it's easy to fall in love with this laptop. Apple combined the finest tech from its best laptops and tablets into an iPad-sized notebook and simply named it "MacBook." It has the most impressive proportions, being super thin and weighing 923 grams. You'll enjoy its sound output, its superb Retina Display, and a competent Intel Core processor while getting extensive battery life to go with it.


In the end, we can say that Apple's 2015 12-inch MacBook was revolutionary and also painfully limiting because of its streamlined features and ports. Still, a more specialized set of users will find this device the best thing that ever happened to them.


In all, the 2015 MacBook 12-inch is gradually packing on the years. It is not a flagship device in 2021, and it has several MacBooks before it. If you're still using a 2015 MacBook and would love to upgrade, consider swapping for the latest MacBook on Gizmogo. Alternatively, you can sell your 2015 MacBook 12-inch to fund the purchase of a next-gen laptop.




MacBook 12-inch 2015 Specifications

Design info: With this MacBook, you can choose one of three different colors. This 12-inch MacBook is Apple's first laptop with an aluminum finish made available in gold, space grey, and silver colors. Anyone will be easily impressed by the appearance of the MacBook; it is was, without doubt, the best-looking notebook in the market at that time, clearly beating older MacBooks in terms of appearance. It appears to have a simple design from a distance, but if you take a closer look, you can't escape all the details present in every aspect of the design. 


Aluminum replaced the plastic hinges used in older MacBooks. At the same time, its keyboard and trackpad feel different weirdly different at first. Still, you'll love the shallowness of the keypads and the individual LEDs, the amazing tactile response, and the softness of typing. Apart from the singular Type-C USB port on the left side, no other port saves a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the right.


Capacity info: The internal memory is either 256 GB or 512 GB storage combined with 8GB RAM.


Size and Weight info: This MacBook was known for being ultra-slim and compact. The overall case at its thickest point is 13.1 mm, and it weighs 9206. 


Display info: The screen is a 236-pixel density Retina Display with a resolution of 2304 x 1400. The display area is 12 inches, and it uses the 16:9 ratio common with a PC display. The brightness is strong enough outdoors, reaching a max of 325cd, and it is evenly distributed across the screen without and backlight clouding, but occasional reflection may be noticed. Picture quality is good thanks to the IPS panel used; the display is able to cover 95% of the sRGB color spectrum. MacBook's viewing positions and angles are great. There is no obvious deviation in contrast or color even from the widest angles.


Camera and video info: The webcam of the MacBook is a disappointing 0.3MP camera with sensors that are only good for video calls in a well-lit room. 


Performance info: Apple uses the Core M-5Y31 fifth-generation chips that support turbo boost from 1.1 GHz up to 2.4GHz Turbo. 


Connection info: Paying for additional adaptors will give you more functional use of the single port present. If you want a VGA or HDMI display, you'll need a multiport adapter which will cost you a little. As for wireless connectivity, you'll get Broadcom's BCM adaptor for Wireless Local Area Network with a transfer rate that reaches 867Mbps.


Battery info: It is really interesting to have a Type-C charging port; it takes about 3 hours to charge fully. There's no light around the charging area like older MacBooks to show that the device is charging, but it notifies you with a sound when connected to a power source. That said, this MacBook is perfectly a good one to be used for work; it can handle mid-level power-consuming jobs very well. The overall capacity of its battery is 39.7Wh which translates into 7 ½ hours of maximal use. 



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