Sell MacBook 12-inch (2017)

Sell MacBook 12-inch (2017)
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MacBook 12-inch (2017)

MacBook 12-inch 2017





MacBook 12 made a grand entrance in 2015 by being ultra-slim and light and creating an uproar with its single USB-C port. 


Despite its flaws, the 2017 MacBook 12 is a powerful device, packing an efficient Core M processor that could be compared to a Core-i5, a beautiful retina display, and a satisfying tactile keyboard. A year later, a second model was released with only minute adjustments. 


In 2017, Apple made some more adjustments to the 2015 MacBook 12, equipping it with a more powerful and faster processor, improving its already interesting keyboard while retaining its thin and light feature. The Cupertino-based company even included a fingerprint Touch ID sensor to make it more personalized and secure. 


The 2017 MacBook 12 is, in fact, similar to the 2015 model in terms of appearance. You may have a hard time telling them apart from the outward appearance down to their weight. The case, design features, and display weren’t altered, which means you’ll still get only one USB-C port for all your connections and accessory devices. 


The focus is the same, high portability and simple, flawless, and luxurious design. In addition to this, the ergonomy is good, the hardware is even more powerful, and the display is nearly flawless. The MacBook 12 continues to represent Apple’s flagship portable laptops being up to a pound lighter than the MacBook Air. It is easily among the most attractive laptop in its category of premium notebooks. The manufacturers worked carefully on every curve, edge, and surface. The aluminum chassis continues to impress users, and the different available colors of Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold ad Gold make it a delight to own this device.


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MacBook 12-inch 2017 Specifications

Design info: The case of the MacBook is pretty much the same as the MacBook 12 of 2016 or 2015, from the overall body, ports, size to display resolution and colors. The persistence in the build is Apple’s way of preserving and instilling the conservativeness of the MacBook into the heart of users. For the sake of those not conversant with the MacBook 12 series, we’ll discuss its build. 


What you’ll find on a MacBook 12 is a minimalistic and unibody design available in four colors. The device is particularly lightweight and thin, balanced on all sides. The chassis is all aluminum, including the hinges.


The keyboard is the MacBook Pro’s 2nd generation butterfly design with a little refining to its dome switches which ends up with a much better feel than previous versions. Like others before it, this MacBook 12 2017 only has one C USB port that doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3. You may need to invest in peripheral adapters with multiport to assess more connections simultaneously. The Touch trackpad is the same 4.4 x 2.7 inch smooth and buttery surface that supports multi-finger gesture effortlessly. 


Size and Capacity info: In terms of storage capacity, this MacBook uses Apple’s SSD 256 GB. The MacBook 12 2017 maintains the weight of the 2015 version despite the significant improvements made – 920 grams of evenly distributed weight.


Display info: The display is a 12-inch 2304x 1440-pixel screen providing even more than the full HD that most premium laptops in this category make do with. Flagship laptops like the HP spectre that compete favorably with the MacBook in appearance fall behind it in display. The MacBook is as bright as we want it to be on maximum brightness and produces flawless and accurate colors. The 16:9 aspect ratio and 226 PPI complements the high-resolution display. 


The screen brightness can spontaneously adapt to the brightness in the room or controlled manually. You’ll hardly notice any flickering or backlight bleeding. The glossy screen is not disturbingly reflective, and colors are as good as it gets. The IPS panel used here is more efficient, providing higher contrasts than most modern IPS displays.


Camera and video info: The 480p webcam is still a questionable feature in this MacBook as we expected an improvement from previous versions.


Performance info: MacBook 12 uses a core M3-7Y32 at entry level, which has a basal clock or 1.2GHz superior to 1.1GHz of older MacBook 12. This means the turbo boost can even go higher than 2.5 GHz of the 2015 model reaching 3 GHz in the 2017 MacBook 12. The significance of this is a CPU performance improvement of more than 20% when compared to the 2015 model. As such, it can perform tasks even faster and handle more tasking work.


Connection info: The MacBook 12 uses Broadcom 802.11 ac WLAN that transmits at 689MBit/s and receives data at a max speed of 660 MBit/s.


Battery info: While the 2015 MacBook will give you 7 ½ hours of continuous and maximal use, you’ll get an additional 1 ½ hours on this one. If demanding apps are not in constant use, the battery will endure a full day’s work. Apple laptops are known for their rugged battery life. So you can expect to use the battery on the MacBook 12 for 2 years or more before changing it.




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