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Sell MacBook 13-inch (2009)
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MacBook 13-inch (2009)

Sell MacBook 13-inch 2009 




One major feature that differentiates Apple’s MacBook from the MacBook Pro series is the overall outer case. While the white plastic case of the MacBook 13-inch of 2007 and 2009 is signatory, it doesn’t quite appear as luxurious as the aluminum body of the Pro, even though it is relatively less expensive while also being highly functional too. 


In 2009, it was updated twice and was considered a lower-cost alternative to the Pro line. The plastic design became a question around this time, and consequently, Apple dwelled more on Aluminum. In the family of MacBooks, the 2009 13-inch MacBook was a build-up from the 2007 model but was slightly larger and had more polycarbonate covering. Even though it wasn’t as premium as the Pro, other brands coveted its plastic finish. Apple also utilized the unibody design originally for the Pro series in this MacBook instead of several interlocking pieces seen before.

The major advantage of the plastic MacBook over the Pro is its price being considerably cheaper at $999, especially because the specifications and features of the MacBook 13-inch of 2009 and its corresponding MacBook Pro are almost the same. 


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MacBook 13-inch 2009 Specifications

Design info: The 2009 MacBook unibody construction means your laptop is a single piece and not many conjoined parts that can be pulled apart. That means it will have a tighter fit and allows for a finer finish even though the design is pretty much the same. The battery isn’t removable; no latch or cover comes off underneath; it’s just a continuous piece of rubberized plastic surface held down by screws. 


Since the first white MacBook that used Intel’s core CPU, no significant change has been made to the outward appearance of the entry-level notebooks. The design has always been straightforward and somehow manages to look good and appear of high quality, although clearly not as much as the MacBook Pro. It’s all plastic; that’s what makes it look relatively cheap compared to the cool aluminum finish of the MacBook Pro series. 


Since it is plastic, you shouldn’t be surprised when scratch marks appear early. On the plus side, plastic is a less heavy material, and the particular material used in building this device which is polycarbonate, is of very high quality. The white plastic is quite glossy, more than all others before this one, so much that it may appear wet. Meanwhile, there was no black alternative to the 2009 MacBook.


The plastic may wear out more easily, but it is quite stable, at least on this MacBook. The hinges are large and adequate, but they don’t allow very far opening of the lid, and the display lid itself isn’t very rigid. The lid shuts unto the body with magnetic attraction and not a mechanical latch, allowing it to close shut more pleasantly.


Perhaps due to the unibody design, this MacBook lost some ports, like the FireWire 400 port. It lacks an SDcard slot featured in the Pro, but every other port present in previous MacBooks is here – two standard USB ports, a Mini DisplayPort connector, headphone jack, and MagSafe power inlet.


Capacity info: The entry-level laptop comes with 250 GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM. There is a single upgrade option for the RAM to 4GB for $100, a 320GB hard drive will also cost you, and you can also opt for a hard drive of 500 GB. 


Size and Weight info: The weight of the 2009 MacBook was 2kg or 4.5 lb. Its dimensions were 24.1 x 325 x 227 in millimeters. It was slightly thinner than the previous MacBook and also slightly lighter. 


Display info: The screen is not leveled out with the bezel on the sides as in previous Macs. It is a 1280 x 800-pixel screen covering 13.3 inches of the display area. Reflections are annoyingly present as the screen is very reflective. Viewing angles are not the best as images degrade when tilted upwards, but the side-to-side view is good. Its color display is only average. 


Camera and video info: Above the screen, you’ll find Apple’s iSight camera of 2.0 MP, round and subtle, with an indicator lamp that pops on while recording videos.


Performance info: This 13 inch MacBook uses Intel Core 2 Duo P 7550 and Nvidia Ge Force 9400M with a clock of 2.26 GHz and is also used in the MacBook Pro. It uses the standard Mac OS X Snow Leopard. 


Connection info: On the left side, you’ll find the Ethernet port as well as two USB ports. The device uses Wi-Fi 802.11n, has a Bluetooth connection and an optical DVD drive.


Battery info: The battery is inbuilt and is said to tolerate 7 hours of heavy use. According to Apple, the incorporated battery will undergo a thousand charge cycles before it begins to wane. This puts its lifespan at an average of about 5 years and three times more than average batteries will perform and can be replaced when it shows signs of being worn out. 


There was a battery indicator that gives an estimate of the battery life from underneath the device in older MacBooks but is not present here. This means you can only check the battery level on the menu bar.




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Sell your 2009 MacBook 13

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