Sell MacBook Air 11-inch (2011)

Sell MacBook Air 11-inch (2011)
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MacBook Air 11-inch (2011)

Sell MacBook Air 11-inch 2011





When the MacBook Air series began in 2008, it had a chunky aluminum casing and a full-sized keyboard, but it is now a slim and sleek machine that is premium and portable. 


The MacBook Air line was produced alongside the MacBook series and rated above it as a superior laptop. So if you wanted the best of MacBook back then, you’d be looking at the MacBook Air. In 2010, Apple discontinued the plastic MacBook’s leaving the MacBook Air as an entry-level for Apple laptops. Presently, the superior product line to the Air series will be the MacBook Pro.


In 2009, the first MacBook Air was launched, the MacBook Air 13, an ultra-slim and fascinating device that was instantly more appealing than the ordinary MacBook series, surpassing it clearly in optical prowess and outward appearance. A year later, Apple launched an 11-inch Air that is worth considering extremely slim according to the 2011 standards. It had the record of being the tiniest, most portable, and thinnest laptop made at that time. The first edition used the Intel Core 2 Duo processor but somehow managed to omit an awaited SD card slot. 


In 2011, Apple released the 2011 MacBook Air Update, which addressed some of the complaints in the previous edition for an extra $200 thereabout. With the MacBook out of the way, the MacBook Air 11 inches became the cheapest MacBook at an entry price of $999. In terms of physical design, the newer 2011 MacBook Air was identical to the 2010 premier MacBook 11. The new 2011 MacBook Air still lacked an SD card slot, but it was upgraded to the 2nd Generation Core i5 and had a keyboard with backlighting; it also used the then newest OS from Apple – the Mac OS X Lion. As if that wasn’t enough, it supported Thunderbolt and came with a Thunderbolt I/O port for HD multimedia and high-speed data transfer.


Unfortunately, Apple did not upgrade the storage configurations of the MacBook Air 11 from the previous MacBook Air, which was fixed at a limiting 64GB storage space and 2GB RAM. What was even more interesting and captivating was that all this upgrade came at no extra cost; entry-level of the 2011 MacBook air was the same $999. If that wasn’t the bomb, what else could be? 


Well, it’s been over a decade since the launch of the MacBook Air 11. We can count over 10 Apple Macbook’s released since the 20111 Macbooks launch. Consequently, the device is dated; however, that depends on your region. If you’re in the US, the chances are high that you are using your MacBook Air in hopes of getting a newer version. If that is the case, you will love the Gizmogo gadget swap service. You can swap your 2011 MacBook Air for a 2018 or newer version.




MacBook Air 11-inch 2011 Specifications

Design info: The MacBook Air has a small profile. You’re talking about one of the lightest laptops of its time. Every edge, corner, the curve is perfectly trimmed. The body is completely aluminum and is as premium as it can look. You don’t have to worry about it being fragile because of the delicate thinness, thanks to the all-metal covering. The lid joins the body to close magnetically, and it opens carefully about a hinge in the middle, which extends to a satisfactory angle but not 180 degrees. 


The screen area is wide enough to accommodate 12 inches of screen, but there’s a relatively large bezel around the screen. Those who know can tell it was there to expand the keyboard size, trackpad area, and palm rest zones on the body. The Keyboard is equipped with LED backlighting whose brightness is adjustable. Amazing feature! 


Capacity info: It comes with 2GB and 64 GB internal storage on the entry-level, but the pricey $1,499 version has 256 GB internal storage and 4GB RAM.


Size and Weight info: It weighs 1kg, a little more than the previous version due to additional features. At the thickest point, it is 0.68 inches thick; it tapers in front and ends up at 0.11 inches. Closed, the MacBook Air may be confused for an iPad.


Display info: The core display feature is similar to the previous versions of the 11 inch MacBook. The display size is 11.6 inches, 16:9, and it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The surface is glossy, and it uses an LG Philips panel. Maximum brightness was attained at 355cd/m2, one of the brightest at that time and an improvement from the 2010 version. 


Contrast is good, more than good. Black is quite deep, but colors generally are a little washed when professionally observed. Viewing angles are wide, and reflection is minimized on the glossy screen.


Camera and video info: The WebCam present isn’t HD but is a VGA camera that allows good video call quality.


Performance info: The MacBook Air 11 performance starts with the almighty Core i5-2467M processor with a basal speed of 1.6GHz. Mac OS X performed powerfully and speedily on this CPU.


Connection info: Your connections will be via the Thunderbolt port and the double full-size USB 2.0 ports. Over-the-air communication is via Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g and a Bluetooth version 4.0.


Battery info: The battery life span is decent, stretching out to 4 hours, 46 minutes when subjected to heavy use. In standby mode, the manufacturers claim, it’ll stay on for 30 days.




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Sell your 2011 MacBook Air 11

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