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Sell Your Apple iPhone 

If you’ve been wanting the latest iPhone, there is a fast and easy way to get it. All you have to do is sell your old model cell phone to Gizmogo and get the maximum cash for it. We strive to give you the smoothest buyback experience possible and offer our customers the fastest turnaround time for payment. Be confident in knowing that even after shipping out that old phone, you can still have it sent back to you if you change your mind.   


Please take a look at the variety of Apple phones we buy. We are confident you will find the one you are looking for. Once you find it, the first thing you want to do is select which iPhone you own. After that, select the carrier the device is under. Next, choose the number of gigabytes your device has. After that, select the condition your cell is in (we accept everything from brand new to damaged). The last question will ask you if your Apple ID is signed out of the phone or not. After all of this information has been answered, press the submit button. With the data you provided us, we will give you an instant quote, free of charge.     


Even if you think your phone is much too old to be sold to us, think again. Gizmogo is interested in buying even the oldest Apple iPhones on the market. Whether you have an older version like the iPhone 5 (or even older), for example, our company may still buy it back from you. Our ultimate goal is to reduce electronic waste in the world. By selling your Apple products to us, you help tremendously by guaranteeing it will not end up in a landfill somewhere. We make sure of it by recycling all electronics properly.   


What Not to Do while Selling Your Old iPhone 

You may have all of the right reasons to sell your old phone, but if you haven’t handled it with much care, the deal can be a pocket burner. Several things can impact an offer for you. Being aware of those mistakes is important. To make your buying experience as smooth as possible, we are sharing a list of things to take into account. Here are a few things you must not do when you sell your old devices.   


Don’t Rush into It   

Being in a hurry to sell your old phone can be a perfect recipe for disaster. When you’re trying to make a quick buck, you may sell off your phone before you even find a good deal. This will make you lose money, and you may regret it later. So, don’t rush into anything. Do some research and see how selling used Apple devices to Gizmogo will give you the best deal around.   


Stay Truthful About Phone Issues  

Your old phone might have developed a few issues, which is okay because it’s just a machine. But if you hide the issues from a potential buyer, you may find yourself with a lot less money. The best and quickest way to sell your old phone is by being crystal clear about the device and its shortcomings.    


Cleanliness is Key   

Have you ever heard the quote, “What looks good, sells good?” Well, the words are right and must be kept in mind while selling your old phone. To get the best deal, clean up the device’s body, and reset it back to the factory settings. Whether you are about to sell your iPhone 11 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, you should make your device look presentable to get a good deal.