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2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping.
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Sell Your Apple
iPhone SE (2020)

Apple iPhone SE 2020



There are times you’d want to upgrade your device, especially if you’re using an ever-advancing device like the iPhone series; you’d always want a new and advanced iPhone every time. For an individual who uses the iPhone SE 2020, you’d want to upgrade to a version of the iPhone that doesn’t possess a touch ID button.

Literally, some of these questions might pop up in your mind when you wish to change your iPhone SE 2020.  Where can I sell Apple iPhone SE 2020? Will I be able to trade in Apple iPhone SE 2020? If these questions are popping up in your mind, then you should stop thinking right now, because we have the right and perfect answers to those questions. However, before we answer your questions, we’re going to outline some essential facts that you need to understand before you finalize to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020 for cash.



Apple has been producing incredible devices during the years and they’re yet to reach the peak of it, starting from the iPhone 6, which increased the sales and popularity of Apple products, they’ve been producing breathtaking devices continuously, not leaving any year behind, individuals who make use of the Apple iPhones tend to upgrade their devices every year according to their budget. One beautiful and amazing thing Apple has done is its ability to create devices in series so you can choose which one fits with your budget, nevertheless, you may decide to trade in your iPhone SE 2020, so you can get a higher version.

The iPhone SE 2020 is a special device produced by Apple for individuals who may not like the normal series. It was talked about in 2018 and was then generally announced for release in April 2020; the iPhone SE 2020 operates with the iOS 13. The device comes in different colors such as white, black, and neon red but to mention a few.

It also runs with one of the strongest processors owned by apple, which is called the A13 Bionic chip, and has a screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels on a 4.7 inches retina capacitive display. iPhone SE 2020 has IP67 dust/water resistance which takes away your worry on rainy days.

The Oleophobic coating that is available on the screen of the iPhone SE 2020 is a feature that must be mentioned, protecting the glass from hazards; the screen features True-tone as well as 625 nits maximum brightness. We won’t be done talking about the iPhone SE 2020 if we leave out the camera specifications, the iPhone SE 2020 possesses 12Megapixels at the rear camera alongside a dual-led flashlight, the selfie camera is a 7Megapixels lens possessing HDR, Panorama, and Face detection features.

Finally, the iPhone SE 2020 comes with a long-lasting and built-in Li-on battery with a mAh of 1821 (6.96 watts), it also features fast charging and Qi wireless charging.    


Sell Apple iPhone SE 2020

If you wish to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020, being very careful is key. This is because you need a considerable amount of information on how to sell your iPhone SE 2020 or trade-in Apple iPhone SE202 for another iPhone, either lesser storage or higher storage.

Upon deciding, you should have concluded if you want to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020 or trade-in Apple iPhone SE 2020 for a lesser storage capacity or higher storage capacity. What we mean in essence is that you might want to trade in your iPhone SE 2020 256GB for a lesser storage capacity. However, sometimes individuals make silly mistakes when they want to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020 or trade-in iPhone SE 2020.

Although you might later sell your iPhone SE 2020 for a lesser value than when you bought it, this simply refers to as “Depreciation”. This means that your device has depreciated due to continuous usage, you cannot sell Apple iPhone SE higher than when you bought it, nevertheless, if taken carefully, you might just get the best price to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020.


Sell Apple iPhone SE 2020 for cash.

There are several things that you must consider before you think of selling or to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020 for cash. The features, ability, and condition must be in good shape, if all the functions and capability of your iPhone SE 2020 are in good shape, you’d get a good value when you decide to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020.


Features and Capabilities

To sell Apple iPhone SE 2020, there are hundreds of places online, but the best place where you’d get the best value for your device is Gizmogo.  If you wish to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020 for cash, then you’d have to restore the device to its factory settings, this is most essential if it’s a device that has been used previously. We’ve listed below, some of the features and capabilities of the Apple iPhone SE 2020.


Capacity Info




Size and weight info

Weight:148 grams, equivalent to 5.22 ounces

Depth: 7.3 mm, equivalent to 0.29 inch

Height: 138.4 mm, equivalent to 5.45 inches

Width: 67.3 mm, equivalent to 2.65 inches.

Display Info

4.7 inches widescreen LCD retina HD capacitive display

Possession of Haptic touch

Nits brightness of 625 maximum

Multi-touch display feature

326 pixel per inch

Truetone display

Screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels

Contrast ratio of 1400:1

Display zoom

Wide color display

Reachability and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

Water Resistant info

IP67 dust/water resistant under the IEC standard 60529

With the IP67 water-resistant, the iPhone SE 2020 can go down 1m into the water for as long as thirty minutes.

Chip info

The A13 Bionic chip processor

The third generation neural engine.

Camera info

12Megapixels wide sensor

7Megapixels selfie camera

Digital zoom of up to 5x

Possession of f/1.8 aperture

Advanced bokeh and depth alongside portrait mode

Slow sync available with LED true tone flashlight

Possessing Sapphire crystal cover lens

Geotagging photos

 Burst mode available

JPEG and HEIF format supported

Up to six portrait lightning effects (High key mono, Natural, Studio, Stage, Contour, Stage mono.)

OIS – optical image stabilization

Availability of the six-element lens

Red-eye correction with advanced abilities

Automatic image stabilization

Smart HDR for images

63Megapixels for Panorama

Focus pixels with Autofocus

Live photos and images possess wide color capture


Video info

Stereo recording available

Playback zoom

Recording in 4k is available at 24, 25, 30, and 60 fps,

Recording with 720p HD at 30 fps is available

Digital zoom of up to 3x

LED true tone flashlight

Quick take video is available

HEVC and H.264 video format supported

When recording 4k videos, you can take 8Megapixels still shots

Autofocus video is continuous

CVS – cinematic video stabilization is available at 4k, 720p, and 1080p.

Recording 1080p HD video at 25, 30 and 60 fps.

Optical image stabilization for video

Support for slo-mo using 1080p at 120 and 250 fps.





When you got your iPhone SE, you bought it because it was perfect for the task you needed it for and maybe because it fits your budget at that very point in time, which is why you need to get a good deal when you want to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020.

The iPhone SE 2020 is one of Apple's special editions, it stands out of the normal iPhone series because when others are using iPhone 6, 7, or 8, you’re on a special edition made especially for you. In other to sell Apple iPhone SE 2020, you must have a good knowledge of the features, specifications, and capabilities which we have all explained above.

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