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Sell Phab 2
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Phab 2

Sell Lenovo Phab 2


For a phone that is all about the display, Lenovo should have included a full HD panel on the Phab 2. The device has several flaws, but they are all forgivable when you consider the price. 


Thankfully, Lenovo released the Phab 2 Plus and Phab 2 Pro for consumers who want a better camera and hardware. 


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Specifications of Lenovo Phab 2

Design info: The Lenovo Phab 2 is a big device. It has a large rectangle shape with a gently curved back and chamfered edges. Despite its gigantic look, the Phab 2 fits in one hand -an adult hand. However, the phone fills your hand so much that you need both hands to operate it smoothly.


The edges of the device are not curved like the back, so it digs into your hand when you hold the device in landscape mode. 


Lenovo opted for a plastic body instead of a metal chassis. This is a bit surprising considering the pricing of the device and what is obtainable in the market. However, the plastic build does not feel cheap or poorly constructed. 


The Phab 2 is fairly robust, and the tactile buttons are quite comfortable to use. It's also worth noting that the Phab 2 lacks a fingerprint scanner.


The device continues the tradition of producing quality sounds. Thanks to Lenovo's business relationship with Dolby, Lenovo devices come with quality speakers. The Phab 2 sports three microphones that allow active noise cancellation. It also has Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Audio Capture 5.1, which is an awesome feature for a low-cost device.


Capacity info: Speaking about capacity, the Phab 2 has 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. You can expand your memory via the MicroSD slot up to 256GB.

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Size & weight info: It is unsurprising that the Phab 2 weighs 225 grams. You will

definitely feel the device's weight on you, and it won't fit into tight spaces like other smaller phones. So using this phone may modify your choice of clothing if you love wearing tight clothes without a pocket.


That said, the device measures 175 x 89.5 x 9.6 mm. Again, the Phab 2 is a big phone, so the size isn't surprising.


Display info: The Lenovo Phab 2 has a 720p panel with a pixel density of around 230ppi spread across 6.4-inch. Considering the size of the screen, resolution, and pixel density, the Phab 2 is not particularly sharp. You won't get the best visual representation of images or colors on this screen. However, the screen is super responsive. 


The color reproduction and contrast are both averages. On the other hand, the viewing angles aren't particularly good, with significant color change at minor angles. 

Camera info: Unlike the Phab 2 Pro, the Lenovo Phab 2 does not include Google Tango. Also, it does not have twin rear cameras like the Phab 2 Plus. You get a single 13MP back camera with a dual-tone flash and a 5MP camera on the device's front.


The camera comes with many features, including geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panoramic, and phase detection autofocus.


Regardless of lighting conditions, images taken with the phone aren't excellent. The camera struggles to balance color and produce sharp images. Most of the time, details are poor, and the phone loses details in shadows, even in well-lit environments such as outdoors. 


Water-resistance info: This device is not water-resistant. Water resistance is a feature that is found on top-tier devices. Well, the Phab 2 is not a top-tier phone.


Chip info: While the Phab 2 is one of the largest phones made by Lenovo, it is not the quickest. A quad-core MediaTek MT8735 processor powers the phone with four Cortex A53 cores running at 1.3GHz. This chipset combines with 3GB of RAM to deliver a moderate performance. You won't have any problem performing regular tasks with the device. 


However, playing performance-intensive games like Asphalt 8 is comparably sluggish, with minor frame difficulties. 


Battery info: The phone has a 4050mAh battery. It performed admirably in benchmark testing, clocking in around 8 hours and 30 minutes. However, after a 12-hour workday that included an hour of music playback, 30 minutes of gaming, and some surfing and messaging, I had approximately 55-60 percent charge remaining. The monitor was kept at full brightness throughout. The phone has a day's worth of battery life, but that may not be enough for a gadget of this size. Also, use intensity determines the battery life more than any other factor. Intensive users may not get a full day's worth of battery from the device, unlike moderate users. 


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Sell your Lenovo Phab 2

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