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Phab 2 Pro

Sell Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro commands the attention of consumers thanks to its not-so-regular feature. It's the first phone to have Google's Tango augmented-reality (AR) software. The AR feature can add fascinating virtual items and realities to the environment you view on your phone's screen. Think of it as a more accurate and mature version of Pokemon Go. The Phab 2 Pro creates augmented reality by recording the environment around you. 


Away from its AR feature, the Phab 2 Pro is a glorious mid-end phone. It comes with average hardware and produces average performance. However, it is the first device that supports Google's Tango augmented reality, and that means a lot.


Since Lenovo launched the Phab 2 Pro in 2016, the company has released better phones in the same category. That means the Phab 2 Pro is dated by all standards. If you still own a unit and looking for a replacement, consider selling or swapping for another device on Gizmogo. At Gizmogo, we buy used phones at the best market rate.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Specifications

Design info: Like the other variants in this line-up, the Phab 2 Pro is a huge phone. It carries a humongous 6.4-inch screen, weighs 258g, and measures 179.8 x 88.6 x 10.7mm. It's absolutely huge all around. So don't expect the phone to fit snugly in a tight pocket. 


The device is big for a reason. It houses Google's Tango technology and other hardware. There are multiple cameras on the back, covering the standard location for the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor lies beneath.


Lenovo went with a matte-textured, metal shell for the Phab 2 Pro. This chassis oozes quality and class. On the front, there is a glass covering the 6.4-inch IPS display. The display has chunky bezels, which makes it not so desirable.


Capacity info: The phone features 4GB of RAM and built-in memory management, allowing it to handle multitasking without stuttering. The RAM combines with 64GB Storage to produce dependable processing power. You can play graphic intensive games on this unit and perform multiple tasks without suffering lag.


Size & weight info: The Phab 2 Pro measures 179.80 x 88.60 x 10.70 and weighs (g): 250.00. When you examine what's going on behind the surface, the phone's supersized proportions seem clearer. The device comes with Google Tango. That means it has a collection of sensors and software that work together to map your surroundings and serve as the foundation for augmented reality (AR) experiences. Tango-enabled gadgets, like the Phab 2 Pro, can detect physical motion and space, monitor depth, and perceive and comprehend things in their surroundings. 


Display info: The Pro sports a huge 6.4-inch, 459ppi, 2,560-by-1,440 IPS display. Due to its huge display size, the screen is not very sharp compared to other Quad HD phones with smaller screens. This affects the viewing angles as well. However, if you haven't used a Quad HD screen on a smaller display, you won't notice the Pro low sharpness. 


Camera info: Without a doubt, the highlight of the Phab 2 Pro's camera setup is its Tango capabilities. However, in the default camera setting, it can still capture a nice image.

It has a 16MP rear camera that shoots good images and records colorful videos. The camera performs well in good lighting conditions. However, it struggles in low or poor lighting conditions. The camera's quick focus ability has difficulty locking in on objects. 

When flipped over, the 8MP front-facing camera is adequate for the odd selfie and video chat, but it lacks the clarity seen with the rear-facing sensor, as do most phones.


Videography: Video recording is also not a strong suit. The phone can record 1080p video at 30 frames per second. There is no optical image stabilization, and even minor movement causes the video to lose focus. 


Chip info: If you're expecting the Pro to come with a monster chipset to match its size, you're in for a surprise. The phone is powered by a tiny Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 CPU running at 1.8GHz, which has been specially optimized to operate with Google Tango. The chipset isn't a slouch, rating 83,884 on AnTuTu, which evaluates overall system performance, but it's nowhere near as strong as the Snapdragon 820 CPU in the Axon 7 (141,989) or the Snapdragon 821 processor in the OnePlus 3T. (159,144). 


Battery info: Lenovo packed a 4,050mAh battery into the massive shell of the Phab 2 Pro. This battery is sufficient to power Google Tango and every other component of the phone for a full day. There aren't many phones that carry a 4000 plus battery. So the Pro's battery is respectable. 


There's no estimate on battery life length, but that's presumably because the Phab 2 Pro's use cases are so diverse. In our experience, simply utilizing Tango for a half-hour straight reduced the battery's charge from 100% to 80%. Continuing on that road will very certainly result in the battery being zeroed out in less than a day. Playing the occasional game and using it more like a regular smartphone, on the other hand, will produce better outcomes.


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