Sell 8800 Diamond Arte

Sell 8800 Diamond Arte
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
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8800 Diamond Arte

                                                        Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte

Gizmogo is an online trade-off store where you can sell your used phones or swap them for more recent and sophisticated ones.

If you currently own a Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte Gold, you can sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte or swap in Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte.

You have all the detailed information you need to know about how to sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte and swap it, right here in this piece. But then, let's begin with an overview of all the different features that make up the Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte.

Sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte for cash or

Swap in Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte

You might want to ask, which one has a better offer?- To sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte for cash or swap in Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte for cash. The truth is, both deals come with valuable and great available offers. Whichever you decide to go for is majorly dependent on what you want at the moment.


The Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte is a beautifully designed device with stylish casing. It looks like a million bucks device. Apart from its exquisite design and physical outlook, the phone has a really great feel in the hand. It can fit into the palm of the hand easily and comfortably into the pocket without hassles.

The device sports a 3.2MP rear camera with 8x digital Zoom and autofocus. However, the absence of LED flash makes it quite limiting. The picture quality isn't exceptional, but not bad at all. If you need to save your most precious moments with friends and family, the camera would serve that purpose.

Call and sound quality are amazing. The phone comes with a built-in quality speaker and ringer that is adjustable, in case you are at work or need to catch up some sleep without your phone tone disturbing.

The glass OLED display is bright and clear. It displays 16 million colors, like most Nokia handsets.

The phone uses a Li-Polymer 1000mAh battery. The battery capacity is larger than most phones of this size. With moderate use, it will last up to a couple of days.

The Nokia Diamond Arte is a great phone that screams sophistication and class. If you want a flashy, non high-tech device that focuses on making a fashion statement, more than anything else, the Nokia Diamond Arte is the phone that comes to mind.

If you already own this device and think it is time to let it go and sell your Diamond Arte phone, here's everything you need to do to do that seamlessly.

Sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte for cash

There’s no reason for you to worry about where to sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte. Gizmogo is your trusted online phone store where you can sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte. But before you can sell, here are the important things you should note, before you sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte:

Transfer all your files from your phone to a backup storage device

Format phone and wipe out all personal information and data

Ensure that all your phone features are working well

These tips serve as necessary security measures on your part and also help you get a good deal when you sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte.

Swap in Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte

If you don’t wish to sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte for cash, that’s totally fine! You can easily trade it in. But before you trade it in, here are also quick tips that can help you sell on time and get a good deal

Set your phone back to factory settings

Clear out your clutter, tabs and refresh

Ensure that you have a functioning phone. (This helps you get more value when you sell)

You have to ensure that you check all these tips too, before you sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte. Once you have crossed all your “Ts” and dotted all your “Is,” then you are finally ready to sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte.

Features and Capabilities

There are quite a number of places to sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte, but you want to make sure you sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte for great value. Gizmogo is your best online store to sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte and all your devices.

OS: Series 40

Case typeslider

Control navigational key

SIM-card type: regular

SIM-card amount: 1

Weight: 105 grams

Width: 46 mm

Height: 109 mm

Thickness: 15 mm

Display info


Screen size: 320x240

Number of pixels per inch (PPI): 200

Screen type: colored OLED

16.78 mln colors

Scratch-resistant: glassCheck


Tune type

64 voice polyphony


Vibrocall Check

Multimedia features

Rear camera

3.2 MP


Rear camera functions


digital Zoom 8x

Video Recording: yes (3GP)

Video resolution: max 640 x 480

Max. frame rate of video: 15 fps

Video play







Games: Check

Java applications: Check



GSM 900/1800/1900


Internet access






Bluetooth 2.0


Protocol support



Modem: Check

Computer synchronization: Check

Storage and processor

Processor cores number: 1

Built-in memory: 1 GB


MMS: Check

Power supply

Battery info

Battery type: Li-Ion

Battery capacity: 1000 mAh

Other functions

Speakerphone (built-in speaker)Check

Control voice typing


Airplane modeCheck

A2DP profile: Check

Notepad and organizer

Notepad in the device: 2000 contacts


alarm clock


task manager

The most recent phones can come quite pricey, which is why we figured an easy option of how you can sell Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte.

Your next phone doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get. Sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte and explore all the possibilities that we have made available at Gizmogo. We are reliable, prompt and are super-dependable. We get back to you in 24 hours or less, after we have evaluated and quoted your phone. If and when you are ready to sell your Nokia 8800 Diamond Arte, we will be ready to offer you the best price.