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Sell Pursuit 2
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Sell Your Pantech
Pursuit 2

Pantech Pursuit 2



Getting the device you want after your old device gets old may not be easy. Financial implications of this new device may not be easy for you to bear. Well, with your old device, you can certainly get some help. This involves working to either sell or swap in your device to enjoy better productivity. At these times, you want answers to questions like: “Where do I sell Pantech Pursuit 2?”, “Where do I sell my Pantech Pursuit 2 for cash?” & “How do I swap in Pantech Pursuit 2?”.


If you have these questions and are searching for answers, your search can stop now. As in this article, we detail the answers to these questions and so much more. Just before we begin, here’s an overview.



The Pantech Pursuit 2 is a functional slide device. It also features a QWERTY keyboard.


The Pantech Pursuit 2 features a 2.8 inches screen. It is 15 mm thin and weighs 127 g. This makes for an easy to use device that can be carried around without any issue, making for mobile functionality.


This device displays at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Run on a Qualcomm QSC6270 chipset and a 230 MHz CPU. The Pantech Pursuit 2 has an inbuilt 217 MB storage that can be expanded via microSD card (up to 8 GB). Powered by a 1000mAh non-removable battery, the Pantech Pursuit 2 has about an average battery life functionality.


Designed for real time connectivity, the Pantech Pursuit 2 features Micro-USB, microSD, and micro-HDMI slots on the device.


Having done an overview, let’s explore how to sell your Pantech Pursuit 2.


Sell Pantech Pursuit 2

It is possible to get great deals when you sell Pantech Pursuit 2. Here are two other options you may want to explore. They are:

sell Pantech Pursuit 2 for cash

swap in Pantech Pursuit 2

To sell Pantech Pursuit 2, you may be concerned about how your device is valued. Gizmogo offers you a free quote when you want to sell Pantech Pursuit 2. The process is quick and time efficient, getting you your cash or new device in very little time.

Sell Pantech Pursuit 2 for cash

When you realize you just may need extra cash to get a new device, an option to be explored is to sell Pantech Pursuit 2 for cash. With your old device, you could be smiling to the bank in little time. Before you sell Pantech Pursuit 2 for cash, it is important that you request for a quote. By requesting a free quote, you get to see how your device is valued and how you’ll get your cash. Once it is received, you can then proceed to sell your old device.


Swap in Pantech Pursuit 2

If you’ll rather not sell your Pantech Pursuit 2, you can explore the option to swap in Pantech Pursuit 2 to get a new device. If getting a new device however is the immediate priority then looking to swap in Pantech Pursuit 2 is a much better option than considering to sell your Pantech Pursuit 2. This is because with this option, you can easily get a new device off the value of your old Pantech Pursuit 2.


With this distinction made, you can now begin the process. The processes are not different, only the end point is different.  To however get the best value, it is important to check that:

The device still functional

There has been no screen damage

There are no missing features

There are no missing or broken components


If you’re looking to sell your Pantech Pursuit 2 or swap in Pantech Pursuit 2, these questions will help you make the most of your device by getting the best value on your device. These checks will also help give directions on if it will be worth it to sell your Pantech Pursuit 2 or swap in Pantech Pursuit 2 for another.


Features and capabilities

At Gizmogo, you get the option of great values. This means you can sell your Pantech Pursuit 2 at the right value. If you want to sell Pantech Pursuit 2, you can get it done easily with us. Before you begin, here’s a compilation of some of the best features of the Pantech Pursuit 2.


Capacity info

217 MB - expandable to 8 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 127 grams (4.48 ounces)

Height: 61 mm (2.4 inches)

Width: 101 mm (3.98 inches)

Thickness: 15 mm (0.59 inch)

Display info


39.4 % screen to body ratio

143 ppi pixel density

2.8 inches screen size

240 x 320 pixels screen resolution

Touch Screen



Water resistant info


Memory Cards




Chip info

Qualcomm QSC6270 Chipset

230 MHz

Camera info

No information

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

1080 x 1920p at 30 frames per second


Digital compass

Extra Features

Image editor




Voice memo






When you are trying to sell Pantech Pursuit 2, you get offered a value on your device. This value isn’t the device’s market worth, but that of your own device. This means that it is dependent on how well or poorly your device has been used. At Gizmogo, our agreed value is detailed on the free quote sent to you when you initiate the process to sell Pantech Pursuit 2. When we finally get the device, it is valued again. This way, when you sell your Pantech Pursuit 2, we can get the actual value of your device.

If your device is old and you want to sell your Pantech Pursuit 2 or you want to sell Pantech Pursuit 2 in effort to get a replacement device, we offer you the best process. Gizmogo offers you all the details for a profitable sale when you sell Pantech Pursuit 2. Join our happy customers enjoying excellent service when you sell Pantech Pursuit 2.