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When Razer released the original Razer Phone, it had only one thing in mind-to create a device that all game lovers would love to have. Although it ticked some boxes and sustained the market buzz for a while, there was still a lot to get right. The Razer Phone 2 was released to improve on its predecessor's issues, and true to this intention, it has succeeded in being the no.1 smartphone choice for most gamers.

The Razer Phone 2 is one of those rare devices that took a break from the norm. It was released in October 2018 and was retailed for about $800 in most select stores. The price might be a bit much for someone who has never handled any of the Razer products, but it is not over the top for a game enthusiast.

Like its predecessor, the Razer Phone 2 is game-centric. Its design, display and even the battery life all fit into this sole purpose. It features a sharp and bright 120 Hz screen, a powerful processor with a unique cooling system, loud audio, a durable design and excellent battery life.

Apart from its obvious function, the gaming preference, the Razer Phone 2 can also perform other normal mobile phone functions like making and receiving phone calls and surfing the internet. The camera quality is not so great, so it's not the best device for taking pictures, so you should consider getting a second device if you are very much concerned about owning a device for photography.

This bold confidence comes with owning a Razer Phone 2, but it certainly isn't for everyone considering the $800 price. However, if owning a Razer Phone 2 is still on your to-do list, you can contact us at Gizmogo for the best mobile deals. We buy used devices from customers at the best value, and we also allow you to get a new one with your old device as payment or part payment. If this offer suits what you currently need, you can call us today at Gizmogo to begin.


Razer Phone 2 Specifications

Design Info: In many ways than one, the Razer Phone 2 comes with an amazing design even though it retains the same metal slab design as the original Razer Phone. The phone comes in an aluminum unibody design with mostly straight lines and edges that make it look sturdy.

The front of the phone is somewhat made from plastic, and it looks a lot more durable than the original. However, it still comes with the same thick inner bezel surrounding the 5.7-inch screen display. The back of the phone comes with a Gorilla Glass back surface; it feels great and sturdy, but it is a fingerprint magnet, so you should be conscious of that. The phone's back also houses the Razer's three-headed snake logo, and this time, it shines in over 16.8 million colors.

Although the Razer Phone 2 was built to last, it doesn't give users the best grip. This is because the point edges tend to dig into your palms, especially when held for long hours, and its glass back equally makes it feel slippery when held for long.

It doesn't have a compact size, although it is not heavy. You might find it difficult to fit it into the pockets of a tailored fit pair of jeans. The Razer Phone 2 might seem humongous for someone with small hands, so it might not be easily held in portrait mode; a preferred alternative would be to hold it in landscape mode while gaming.

Speaking of ports and connections, the Razer Phone 2 does not come with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, but it still ships with a Type-C to 3.5mm adapter. The phone's right-hand side houses the power button that doubles as a fingerprint reader, while the phone's left side houses the volume buttons. The bottom of the phone is the single pinhole for the main microphone, the bottom speaker and the USB Type-C port.

Display Info: The display of the Razer Phone 2 is one of its best features. It comes with a 120Hz 5.7-inches screen display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a PPI density of 513. Color details on the Razers Phone 2 screen are sharp enough to guarantee a pleasing gaming experience, and the screen is 50% brighter than the original Razer phone.

Camera Info: It is not the best when it comes to camera quality. It comes with a dual rear camera with 12-megapixels and an LED flash and a front-facing camera of about 8-megapixels. Photos in good lighting come with an appreciable amount of detail, but you get underwhelming photos even with the LED flash on in poor lighting conditions.

Capacity Info: The Razer Phone 2 comes with an internal storage of 64GB supported by 8GB RAM. It also has a microSDXC slot that can accommodate a microSD card expandable up to 128GB.

Weight Info: At a glance, you can tell that the Razer Phone 2 is not a light device. It weighs about 220 grams, and in dimensions, it measures 158.5 x 79 x 8.5mm.

Audio Info: It has a great audio quality. Its front-firing speakers pack a loud volume and are capable of delivering powerful, crisps and well-rounded sounds. The phone also supports the Dolby Atmos software.

Battery Info: The battery capacity of the Razer Phone 2 is solid. It comes with a Li-Po 4,000mAh non-removable battery that supports the 18W fast charging technology.

Water-resistant Info: It comes with the IP67 rating, so this means that you can dunk it in water for up to 30 minutes, and it won't get ruined.

Processor Info: It runs on the Android 8.0 version upgradable to Android 9.0 and powered by the Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 (10 nm) chipset.


Deals on the Razer Phone 2

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Swap your old Razer Phone 2 for another device

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Sell your Razer Phone 2 for Cash

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