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Sell Galaxy A10e
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Galaxy A10e

Sell Samsung Galaxy A10e





Numerous smartphones are released every year, so much that unless it is your full-time job to monitor them, it’s hard to keep track, not to mention that there are other devices like tablets and laptops contending for one’s attention. Hence, many phones miss the temporary spotlight they deserve or require to make an impression on users, like this budget phone – Galaxy A10e.


The Samsung Galaxy A10e was released in late 2019 after Samsung announced that the US would be seeing more of its newly produced smartphones in its A-series earlier that year. As promised, this budget smartphone was delivered to AT&T’s digital store and sold for an initial price of $210 but later for less than $200.


As time went on, it became even cheaper, reaching $180 and was one of the most wanted smartphones of its caliber, pulling a record of being in the 4th position on Amazon’s best-selling phones a year after its release. 


The A10e is a budget phone, so it won’t be having all the latest features and the best hardware but let’s see how much Samsung packed into it and what makes it a good buy apart from its price. On the good side, there’s a USB Type-C port, Exynos 7884B processor, 720p display, 32 GB internal storage which is expandable up to 512 GB, a 300mAh battery and Android’s 2019 latest OS – Android version 9 Pie. On the bad side, the camera isn’t so good, and it lacks features such as NFC and a fingerprint sensor which many other budget smartphones may have.


The Samsung Galaxy A10e concludes that it is a desirable smartphone; it does look good even though nothing spectacular; it has a mid-range performance but is a bit unimpressive in terms of its media performance. It’ll make a good phone for anyone looking for a mid-range device.


Samsung Galaxy A10e Specifications

Design info: The Samsung Galaxy A10e has a simple design. It has a flat screen from edge to edge and a plastic body with a glossy finish that provides a glassy look. This is the design seen on similar high-end budget Android smartphones. Samsung would have done better if they used a matte finish for this device instead of the glossy plastic that gets easily smudged with dirt. On the plus side, this polycarbonate material hardly gets scratched. 


The A10e is relatively small, fits easily into your hands, and your thumb can run all over the device. It has a 5.83 inches screen and doesn’t weigh so much, even though it could weigh less. On top towards and in front, you’ll see the front camera in a teardrop. Down beneath, there is a USB port Type-C in between a speaker grille and headphone jack. 


The power button and volume button buttons are on the right side of the device. The lefts side has two slots, one for a nano nano-SIM and the other for a microSD card.


There’s the main camera and its LED flashlight on the rear side if you don’t count the Samsung logo in the center.


The A10e has a headphone output that you may rather prefer using to the loudspeakers that produce less than average sound quality.



Capacity info: The Samsung Galaxy A10ev has a storage capacity of 32GB with expandable storage of up to 512GB with an SD card.


Size and Weight info: It weighs 141 grams and measures 147 x 69.6 x 8.4 mm.


Display info: The display has thin side frames and measures 5.83 inches. It is an IPS screen with a resolution of 1560 x720. It plays low on display to maintain a low price. Hence you’ll only get an acceptable display of 296 pixel 296-pixel, which is decent for watching videos and viewing images.


Camera and video recording info: The 8MP camera at the back is not so good. It doesn’t have the resolution we need to take decent pictures, and given that it is a Samsung phone, this is a bit disappointing. In front, the 5MP camera is good enough for video calls. 


Water-resistance info: It is not water water-resistant


Performance info: The Samsung Galaxy A10e doesn’t use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Instead, it uses Samsung’s own Exynos 7884B SoC, which is a 1.35GHz octa-core processor and can be compared to the Snapdragon 632 in terms of performance. It has 2GB RAM to handle this processor, and it does well for a budget phone. The OS is Android 9 Pie which has a flagship rating.


Connection info: The connectivity options are Wi-Fi 802, Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-FI Direct, GPS with either a 3G or 4G network.


Battery info: Since the Samsung Galaxy A10e has a relatively low-power processor, its 300mAh battery can provide enough power for a full day and more. You can browse, watch videos, check emails for a full day, and still have up to 40% left.



Samsung Galaxy A10e edeals

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Sell your Samsung Galaxy A10e

Gizmogo is an eco-friendly enterprise; we want all devices to be used for the best possible purpose that they can serve. We will buy your Samsung Galaxy A10e directly from you if you wish to sell it to us. First, we will conduct a quick test to assess its functionality; then, we will pay you quickly if it meets the required standards.