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Sell Galaxy Ace 4
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Galaxy Ace 4

Sell Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 



The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a mid-range smartphone product line on the lower end from Samsung. It is popular for the solid features that Samsung packed into it and the fact that it was affordable. Samsung’s most remarkable smartphones have stood the test of time and are the ones you’ll see around now. 


The Ace series was one of Samsung’s many unremarkable smartphone lineups that were either defeated by the competition or intended to be short-lived. Even so, the Ace series was competent as a whole and had a great-looking design. 

After the first Ace was launched in the UK in February 2011, Samsung didn’t fail to release sequels every year from the Galaxy Ace Plus to the Ace 2 and 3 and then the Ace 4 and Ace NXT in 2014.


The Ace 4, like its predecessors, is good-looking, but unless you want to judge this book by its cover, it didn’t quite live up to its name as it wasn’t a better phone than its predecessor. It did have a few upgrades, but at the same time, a couple of downgrades in spec from the Ace 3. If we decide not to make comparisons, the Ace 4 on its works, but given its great appearance, its spec is disappointing in more ways than one. 


Most people didn’t appreciate its low depth camera and slow autofocus, which is just as good as its low display resolution. 


What you’ll probably like about the Galaxy Ace 4 is its high performance. It is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, which is more than sufficient because it isn’t so demanding as a device. It has an AMOLED display but with a mediocre resolution; if you’re big on multimedia features, the Ace 4 is not your best choice in its class. You’ll have a good browsing experience, though, thanks to its fast LTE; you’ll also get good battery life as it isn’t so power-hungry. 


Depending on what you want in a smartphone, the Ace 4 may be good for you or not. Before we delve into the device’s specifications, you should know that you can sell or swap your Galaxy Ace 4 on Gizmogo. Our service allows you to reduce e-waste and earn money. 


Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Specifications

Design info: The Galaxy Ace 4 had a consistent design with its predecessor but is a tad more practical. The minor changes made to the Ace 3 case made the Ace 4 more convenient and comfortable for use; for example, the power button was brought to a more easily accessible position on the Ace 4. 


The Ace 4 had the classic Samsung smartphone appearance; its design was simple and plain, made almost entirely of plastic, and finished in grey, black, or white colors. There weren’t so many buttons or keys that stand out, no fancy piece attached; but it did look elegant through its simplicity, like a low-budget Galaxy S5 Mini.


The phone is slim and nicely curved around its edges; its bezel is a bit thin on the sides but thick on top and beneath. It is compact, having a small size and screen of 4 inches, but the large bezel makes it look rather chunky even though it is lightweight. Surrounding the edges of the Ace 4 is a metal-look material that refines its appearance, but it is just plastic made to look like metal.


There is a home button surrounded by a silver frame in the large bezel below the screen; it is accompanied by a capacitive touchback key and app switcher. The back provides a good grip and has nothing but a center camera, flash, and speaker grille. The Samsung logo is present as usual, and the cover opens to expose the removable battery and slots for SIM and SD card. The rear camera is completely rounded here, which is different and looks better than the square-shaped camera of the Ace 3. Above the screen, there’s another speaker grille and a front camera. On the top, the headphone jack lies towards the right. The right side has the power button, while the left houses the volume rockers. 


Capacity info: The Ace 4 has expandable storage up to 64 GB since its internal storage is limited to 8GB. Its RAM is 1GB. There’s a lower version with 4GB storage capacity and 512MB.


Size & Weight info: It weighs 130.3 grams and measures 121.4 x 62.9 x 10.8.


Display info: One major upgrade from the Ace 3 is the AMOLED display used here. The resolution, however, is the same 480 x 800 pixels which aren’t so sharp. The AMOLED display, however, compensates in contrast and color but is only moderately bright.


Audio info: The audio quality suffers from muffled sounds, and the speaker position does not help matters.


Camera and video recording info: The rear camera has a 5MP resolution while the front-facing camera is 1.3MP. Picture quality with the rear camera is average lacking depth and sufficient color; its autofocus is frustratingly slow.


Water-resistance info: The Ace 4 is not water-resistant.


Performance info: The Ace 4 uses Snapdragon 410, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with Adreno 306 GPU. 

It runs on Android 4.4 and outperforms its predecessor.


Connectivity info: It supports 4G and 3G, also has the traditional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and USB port.


Battery info: Its power consumption is relatively low, which gives its 1900mAh battery decent battery life. While surfing the web over Wi-Fi, you may get as much as 10 hours of use.


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