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Sell Galaxy C7 Pro
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Galaxy C7 Pro

Sell Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro 


Samsung has not only been a major player in the smartphone industry, but it is also one of the best manufacturers around, rivaled by very few others. 


Samsung has been able to achieve a wide bearing across all phone prices, from budget to the most expensive phones. The Korean tech giants have established their smartphones in every region by creating several phone series to suit users of different budgets. This strategy has made the brand unrivaled, putting it in the number one spot in several markets.


The Samsung Galaxy C series is another one of the several product lines from Samsung in the mid-range, meant to combine high-end specs and affordability. It sits below the Galaxy A series and hence isn’t as refined as the superior A and S series in terms of features. 


The C7 Pro was released after the Galaxy C9 as a response from Samsung to neutralize its threat in the Chinese market in the mid-range segment. The C7 Pro was able to attack the competition with more aggressiveness. And for all it was worth, it served its purposes. 


The C7 Pro was smaller than the C9 and also cut back on a few of its hardware features which were reflected in its price. The resolution and display panel was left retained even though it had a smaller size, but the performance was brought down. Its RAM was also dropped to 4GB which is reasonable for a mid-range device, unlike the exorbitant 6GB of the Galaxy C9. Finally, the battery capacity was downgraded to 3300mAh. Asides from all this, the C7 Pro is the same as the C9. 


The shortcomings of the C7 Pro are few and forgivable. One of them is the fact that it still used Android Marshmallow. However, this device sealed Samsung’s position as number one in the Indian market, and its features are still very much appealing today since it was launched in 2017.


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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro specifications

Design info: The C7 Pro has exceptional engineering and beautiful design. It is very similar to the C9, which means you’ll still get a fancy and premium look in this comparatively inferior smartphone. It has Samsung’s classic design and looks even though it looks square-ish. It looks like a tank and is more durable than Samsung’s S smartphones.


It is finished in metal and plastic parts. Its corners are slightly rounded, and its edges are curved. A 7mm thickness makes it a slim device, and its large display this thinness.


The popular physical home button sits at the bottom below the screen embedded a bezel that is thicker at the top and bottom than at the sides. 


The home button is integrated with a fingerprint sensor are two capacitive keys with backlighting – the 

multitasking key to the left and the back key to the right. 


They both disappear when the backlight is off. Above the display is the front camera, the Samsung logo, the notification LED, and all the necessary sensors. 


The 3.5mm earpiece socket sits on the bottom of the device alongside the USB Type-C port, a loudspeaker, and a microphone. There’s a second microphone on top of the device. 


The power button and SIM card trays are on the right side, while the volume buttons are on the other side. At the back, an antenna lies across the device on top and at the bottom. The rear camera sits on top at the center flanked by its LED flash protruding slightly from the surface.


The phone comes in beautiful colors of Navy blue and Gold.


Capacity info: Its internal storage is a 64GB space that is expandable by a shared SIM slot 


Size & Weight info: The C7 pro weighs 172 grams and measures 156.5 x 77.2 x 7mm. 


Audio info: The C7 Pro speaker arrangement allows for maximum audio performance and does a good job in terms of sound quality.


Display info: The display is large at 5.7inches. It uses a Super AMOLED panel which is protected by Gorilla Glass 4. It has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a pixel density of approximately 386. This display is very sharp, even better than what the C9 offers. However, colors appear oversaturated but only to the professional eye, but the AMOLED set a good balance in its contrast. 


It gets satisfactorily bright outdoors and has very good viewing angles. This display is as good as it gets in the mid-range section.


Camera and video recording info: The main camera is a 16MP camera with Dual-LED, dual-tone, and records videos at 1080p. The selfie camera is very impressive and also a 16MP camera. 


Water-resistance info: The C7 Pro lacks the water-resistance feature of its superior product lines.


Performance info: The Galaxy C7 Pro uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 626 and Adreno 506 on 4 GB RAM. This is an octa-core 2.2GHz processor. It runs on Android 6.1 Marshmallow but can be upgraded to Android 8.0.


Connectivity info: You’ll get the standard Wi-Fi, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS, FM radio, and NFC. You can use either 2 SIM cards on the device or one SIM and an SD card in the same slots. 


Battery info: The 3300mAh battery is non-removable but provides a good battery rundown time. The device also supports fast charging at 18W.


Sell your Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

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Sell your Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

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