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Sell Galaxy Grand Prime
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Galaxy Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime was launched in 2015 for a particular part of Asia but was later released as a budget smartphone a year later for the whole of the Asian continent. From there, it made its way to every part of the world.


It has an interesting name, "Grand" and "Prime," signifying something of very high rank. However, the Grand Prime wasn't designed with luxury in mind; it puts functionality over aesthetics and display prowess. It can't afford all that if it is to be an affordable phone; besides, there's the Galaxy S series if one has an appetite for luxe. 


The Grand Prime's target market was specific, at least at first – a market where users want phones with large screens with high functionality and are affordable without emphasis on pixel density. The Key Features of Grand Prime are its affordability going for less than $200. Also, it supports Dual SIM, runs Android OS version 5.0.2, supports 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE bands with HSPA speed. Other specs include Snapdragon 410 processor, 8MP main camera, 8 GB internal storage expandable up to 32 GB, 2600mAh battery and all the connections you need on a smartphone.


For a mid-range phone, the Galaxy Grand Prime combines a good set of specs. Its 5MP/1080p front camera is a good one. It'll work well for anyone who loves taking selfies. The processor used was a recent one at that time and had higher performance than some more recent phones in Samsung's A series like the A7. 


No doubt, the Galaxy Grand Prime is past its prime - pun intended. You can get better-specced devices for the same price or a slightly higher fee. If you want that, consider selling your Galaxy Grand Prime or swapping for another device on Gizmogo. 


Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Specifications

Design info: The Grand Prime followed the trend of mid-range smartphones in those days, managing to appear attractive and not cheap while minimizing resources put into this area. It has a glossy white case with silver rims around it. Emphasis isn't on its looks, so the Grand Prime is only of average design. 


It looks and feels sturdy though, the thick bezels and silver rims contribute to this apparent strong appearance. Up and to your right is the impressive 5MP camera. The bottom area holds the center home button, the app switcher and the back key. An inner black bezel surrounds the screen, adding a thin layer of thickness even though we would have preferred a much smaller bezel, perhaps giving space to a wider screen.


It has its proximity sensor above but lacks an ambient light sensor. When you remove the back cover, you'll see the 2600mAh battery and the SIM card/ SD card slots. The 3.5mm headphone jack is right on top. The back doesn't quite feel as glossy as the front; neither is it matte, but we're sure it's plastic.


The speakers of the Samsung Grand Prime have decent quality, and the volume level is great. You may find some flaws in the sound output, but for a mid-range phone, this is good.


Capacity info: The Grand Prime has a little storage space of only 8GB. Thankfully, it can be expanded up to 32GB. The internal storage is paired with 1GB RAM.


Size and Weight info: The dimension of the Galaxy Grand Prime is 144.8 x 72.1 x 8.6mm. This is a bit thin and also tall for a 5-inch device. Held in hand, you'll not find it heavy at all at 156 g, and this seemed to have been the normal weight range for mid-range phones back then.


Display info: The manufacturers of the Grand Prime were more interested in size, and the audience of the phone was more enthusiastic about display size than resolution. So we saw a 540 x 960-pixel display in the Grand Prime with a 220-pixel density which isn't so much of a deal-breaker considering the purpose of the smartphone. 


The display is functional enough though, even its TFT specification turned out to have good enough viewing angles. 


It may not be bright enough outdoors, and the phone cannot regulate its brightness automatically. At maximum brightness also, the contrast tends to depreciate, and black colors fade considerably. 


Camera and video recording info: The front camera is quite good, featuring a wide-angle 5MP camera that can record in 1080p at 30 frames per second. At the back, you have an 8MP camera that also records videos in 1080p and has a LED flashlight. Because there's no HDR mode and screen display quality, the Grand Prime's picture quality isn't quite up to Samsung's 8MP pictures.


Water-resistant info: It is not water-resistant in any way. You better be careful with your Grand Prime around water.


Performance info: On the Grand Prime's CPU is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 414, a 64-bit chipset. The Galaxy Grand Prime initially used Android 4.4.4, which is 32 bit but later upgraded to the 64 bit newer Android 5.0. 


Connection info: The Grand Prime features 2G and 3G networks. There's also an LTE-enabled version if you want more network coverage. There's a single SIM version and a Dual SIM version also. For local networks, you get Wi-Fi b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth 4.0. There's also screen monitoring that works with HDTVs. Its single USB port is a type A, and it has A-GPS and GLONASS.


Battery info: It has a 2600mAh Lithium battery.



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