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Sell Galaxy J3 Prime
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Galaxy J3 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime   


Need a very affordable and highly efficient Samsung phone? This is for you. Launched in 2017, the Samsung J3 Prime is a portable 5.0-inch smartphone that boasts superior performance and a simple look. This model is equipped with the Samsung 7570 processor that forms the bedrock of its swift and flawless performance. 


Even better, this device comes with 1.5 GB RAM, which is far better than 1GB and can further enhance navigation and storage. It also comes with expandable internal storage of 16 GB, allowing users to store bigger files on their mobile phones properly. 


Still on features, this portable and lightweight phone has a relatively high resolution of 1280×720 pixels (720P) and 294 PPI density, enhancing the video and display quality. You can now enjoy high-resolution videos and games. You can use the 5MP rear/back camera and the 2 MP front camera to take clear and high-quality photos for the camera. This also enhances clear video recording.


Furthermore, this model is supported by an android 7.0 version (Nougat) which enhances the proper display, fast navigation, and accessible internet connection. However, it features a removable battery that is considered outdated and works with only one SIM card. 


By 2021 standards, the J3 Prime is out of fashion. There are better devices in its category to purchase in place of the 2017 J3 Prime. If you live in the US, it shouldn't be hard to get one of the latest Samsungs. You can sell your J3 Prime to fund the purchase of another device or swap it for another smartphone. For the best experience, sell or change your device on Gizmogo. We offer the best rate and fastest payout once our conditions for trade have been met.


Specifications of Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime 

Design info: This Samsung J3 Prime features a rather simple design. Like other Samsung phones before it, it comes in a portable body that is easy to hold. It is available in black and gold color that is just perfect. Though highly efficient, it is not a too-much or too-less smartphone. You enjoy the quality demanded at a very affordable price. 


It has the trademark home button found non-premium Samsung smartphones. In this case, the home button beautifies the device. Also, it sports a 2,600 mAh removable battery that is strong enough to last users for reasonable hours. 


More than the simple exterior look, the Samsung J3 Prime comes with a superior processor and 1.5 GB RAM for quick navigation and proper storage. It also features a 16GB expandable storage that will hold bigger files once expanded with an SD card. 


Connectivity info: Samsung J3 Prime works with UTMS, GRPS, EDGE, and LTE to ensure multiple mobile connectivity bandwidth. Also, it comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi for wireless connection to other devices. 


Capacity info: Samsung J3 Prime like some of the model before and after it features an expandable internal memory of 16GB, which allow you to increase storage space by slotting in a memory card. It is built to work comfortably with different sizes of memory cards. Furthermore, it comes with 1.5GB RAM, which is considered low for proper maintenance. However, this is also moderate storage space. 


Size & weight info: This unit measures 69.86 x 139.7 x 8.89 mm and weighs 143 g. When compared to other smartphones within its price range, it is easier to hold. 


Display info: This portable unit comes with a simple 5.0-inch resistive touch screen and an 1800 x pixel resolution. The resolution allows you to stream high-quality videos. This portable screen will also make a perfect gadget for playing video games. 


Water-resistant info:  Samsung J3 Prime is not a water-resistant or waterproof device; hence, proper care is demanded to keep it far from water. Of course, Samsung smartphones are rugged enough to survive an accidental splash, but the J3 Prime is not built for underwater use.


Performance info: The Samsung J3 Prime runs on an android version of 7.0, which is considered faster than the J7 model. Though this unit was launched in 2017, it boasts superior quality and enjoys positive ratings from its users. It is also equipped with 1.5 GB RAM for storage and a Samsung Exynos 7570 processor that gives the flawless quality everyone loves. 


Camera info: This may not be the best available option in the market in terms of cameras. However, it is considered an outdated feature given its affordable price. This model comes with a 5MP rear/back camera and a 2 MP front camera. With the two, you can easily snap fine and lovely images. However, you shouldn't expect stunning images from the cameras. 


Video and Audio info: The Samsung J3 Prime supports video recording. Its display resolution of 1280×720 pixels (720P) also assures users of the ability to stream high-quality video without losing clarity. This device supports video playbacks, 3GP, and other related formats. For the audio, the Samsung J3 works with an MP3 player, MIDI/MP3/AAC, and other forms. 


Battery info: This unit comes with a 2,600 mAh non-removable Li-ion battery, which has been considered low for proper usage. However, though not as strong as the 3,300 mAh battery you have in the J7, this battery will still last for above 10 hours after a single charging. 


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