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Sell Samsung Galaxy J7 2016


Samsung sure has a device for every audience, and the J line of smartphones plays its part. With Samsung S and A series taking the lead as flagship devices, the J follows not so close but enough to be noticed, not making so much noise. How can it? The S and A series take all the glory, but the J series will shine when one needs a budget phone with semi-premium performance and features. 


The Galaxy J7 is a big screen, 5.5 inches, that featured the latest AMOLED screen and a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 or an Exynos 7580 processor and other interesting features that were admirable in 2015 when it was released. Like every other device in the J line, the J 7 is a budget device; hence, Samsung could not afford to put the most lucrative hardware on this device, but it was just perfect for its audience.


The J7 targeted the Asian population but was later found to also thrive in some parts of Europe. It is midrange but the type that will be on the high end of midrange compared with other midrange devices. 


In 2016, Samsung upgraded the 2015 version, so we had the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016, which used improved materials that added a bit of style and luster that the 2015 version lacked because of its rather old plastic design. 


AS far as Samsung phones went, the J7 was the big screen variant, and its $299 starting price was very fair. Samsung also released other devices in the J series like the Pro version, the J7 max or the J7 Prime, which had better spec having more memory and battery. The J7 is simply a mid-range and budget smartphone that is powerful enough even today for an average user. If you'll like to own one, it is our delight at Gizmodo to make the process easy for you.


Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Specifications

Design Info: The first Samsung Galaxy J7 released in 2015 had an all-plastic exterior. It is plastic, yes, but it is also Samsung, and what Samsung can achieve with plastic can be extraordinary. It is easy to accept this plastic frame as good-looking even though it couldn't match the newer metal designs because it was better than all previous exterior designs that used plastic material. But don't judge this book by its cover; the Galaxy J7 performs much better than it looks.


The device is slightly rounded at the edges, while the back is also smoothly rounded, so it fits well in your palm, and the matte plastic gives a solid grip. It is thicker and wider than many phones in the A and S series, so anyone who has handled an A8 will feel this weight. As for colors, it comes in white, Black and Gold.


In portrait view, your thumb will be doing most of the work on the screen, the home button in the middle, the back touch on the right and the task switcher on the right. The home key lacks a fingerprint scanner, though. On the right, there's the power button; the left holds the volume rockers; on top, in front, the LED flash and the selfie camera. 


The quality of its audio output is relatively good, and you can always use your headphones.


Capacity Info: Inbuilt storage capacity is only 16GB but with room for expansion with an SD card.


Size and Weight Info: It weighs 171 g at dimensions of 152.2 x 78.7 x 7.5mm.


Display info: Appreciated for its brilliant color quality, the Galaxy J7 2016 uses an AMOLED display. Although it only has a resolution of 720p, the 267-pixel density seems to work just fine with it to provide good text legibility even at the smallest font size. The viewing angles are fair enough; if you observe closely, though, you may notice distortions at extreme angles. 


Camera and video recording info: In front is a 5MP selfie camera that captures at 1080p and has its LED flash. The main camera is a 13 MP shooter with an f/1.9 aperture which was considered premium as it was also used on high-end Galaxy smartphones like the S6. This camera would impress you if you used it in 2015. The HDR mode offers good detail and stability without reducing image quality. This main camera can record videos at 1080p.


Water-resistance info: The J7 is not water-resistant. We didn't expect it to be water-resistant.


Performance info: The processor of the J7 is either the Exynos 7580 chipset or Snapdragon 615. In performance, either of these processors is impressive, running on 1.5GB RAM. Pre-installed on the J7 is android 5.1 Lollipop. If you choose one of the two, the Snapdragon should be your choice, but you may not notice a difference in their performances unless you're performing an intensive task.


Connectivity info: You have Dual SIM, which is 4G LTE enabled. Bluetooth version 4.1 is what the device uses, along with Wi-Fi b/g/n. It has a regular USB 2.0 port, FM radio uncommon in Samsung Galaxy devices, GPS and also supports NFC and KNOX. 


The back panel can be removed, and it gives access to the 2 micro SIM card slots and SD card slots. 


Battery info: A 3000mAh battery is packed into this device. On the J7 with Exynos 7580 processor version, the J7 can survive over 3 days on standby and 9+ hours of active users over a cellular network.



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