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Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 Review



The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 is Samsung’s corporate Tablet product – a ruggedized version of smart consumer devices designed for situations where users need a tough device that can handle pretty much anything without them having to worry about the frailness and vulnerability of Tabs while you go about your business. The Tab Active 2 comes in a rubbery bumper that protects against drops and absorbs shock, but the Tab itself, when taken out of the case, is slimmer and vulnerable, yet still water and dustproof. 


The Tab is built optimally to resist shock, dust, and water, so you can use the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 while having a swim or when it’s snowing. It is good to highlight that the Tab seems perfect for those who work on construction sites. It won’t respond to your gloved fingers, which is why there’s a Stylus Pen that to take down your notes without having to compromise on protective gear. The example of construction workers is just to highlight the intense work environment that the Tab is built to thrive in. The Tab is simply for those who have a busy work or lifestyle and need an active and over-the-head device to go with it.


The Galaxy Tab Active 2 is ideal for restaurants, hospital workers, point-of-sale systems, delivery companies, and similar workplaces.


As you can see, the Tab Active 2 is not the first of its kind. It took Samsung more than two years to release an upgrade to the first Galaxy Tab Active Tab. Like the Tab Active 1, it is highly durable and strong. The Galaxy Tab Active 2 is still within the middle range tab with a touch or premium finish but there aren’t so many devices to weigh it against in the market. 


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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 Specifications

Design info: The Tab Active 2 stands out from other smart devices mainly with its build and design. The Tablet is nowhere near fragile, and that’s the reason it became popular among people in need of a sturdy gadget and phone. The device stands at 8.5 inches when in its rubber case, so you can hold it comfortably in one hand. Underneath, there is a single moderately loudspeaker and a USB-C port. It also comes with the S Pen in its case, which is a little chunkier than what we know. 


On the top, there is a port that can accommodate several accessories to allow as much productivity as is needed in the user’s enterprise. As promised, the device can withstand multiple drops of up to a meter and has no trouble sleeping beneath a bucket of water for half an hour. 

The hard physical buttons of the Tab Active 1 are still retained – the home and back buttons on the screen. When wet, you’ll need to bring out the Tab from the rubber case to dry off properly, especially the USB port, as moisture prevents it from charging.


Capacity info: Storage isn’t so great at 16GB, but there is always room to expand with a micro SD that can take your storage up to 256GB.


Display info: The TFT screen measures 8 inches and uses a 1280 x 800 LCD at 189 PPI, which is not high resolution. It is, however, bright enough for outdoor use up to 472cd, but colors may seem a little pale even though focus and sharpness are solid.


The sound quality of the Tab Active 2 is not so good, especially for an outdoor made device. The speakers are decent enough for calls and video chat, but when you play out loud music, it is either too low to be or muffled.



Size and weight info: It weighs 512g and measures 127.60 x 214.70 x 9.90.


Camera info: Video recording and photography have never been the strong point of the Tab Active series, and the Tab Active 2, as expected, has very basic cameras. An 8MP rear camera with flash and autofocus at the back is much better than the 3.1MP with Tab Active 1. The front camera is a 5MP selfie camera that is fair for video calls.

Video quality is restricted to Full HD at 30fps.


Chip info: The Tab Active 2 runs on Android 7.1.1 and a more powerful processor than its predecessor. 3GB of RAM and a 1.6Hz Samsung Exynos 7870 processor make it perform better and improves its software experience. Using the Tab for heavy work will tell on its performance, but most android games run smoothly on moderate settings. The Stylus Pen is a good one, pressure-sensitive, and doesn’t require charging; an active and accurate pen beats its capacitive counterparts. 


Water-resistance info: The Tab is resistant to water for a given depth and duration. 


Battery info: The 4,450mAh battery is removable, which is a rare thing to find among Tablets and confers an advantage on the device given that it is essentially an outdoor Tab as you can carry extra batteries and swap when you need to.



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