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Sell iPad Pro 11 1st Gen (2018)
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iPad Pro 11 1st Gen (2018)

Sell iPad Pro 11 1st Gen (2018)

The iPad Pro achieves impressive results by combining a large screen, laptop-caliber functionality, and excellent aesthetics. If portability is more important to you than display size, you should consider the 11-inch iPad Pro, which has no compromises in battery life or software support.


The iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard lacks a touchpad, a feature that Samsung eventually beat Apple to with the Galaxy Tab S6. However, if you can get around using the iPad’s home button, the 11-inch iPad Pro is one of the best tablet’s money can purchase (provided you have the budget for it).


iPad Pro 11 Specifications

Design info: The architecture of the 2018 iPad Pro is just right. It combines just-thin-enough bezels with a lightweight aluminum frame that feels great in hand (though there was some early controversy about its tendency to bend).


The iPad Pro’s colors, which are only available in space gray and silver, seem a little dated due to years of seeing MacBooks in identical hues.


Capacity info: On the iPad Pro 11 you find a 4GB RAM paired with either 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB or 2TB. The difference between the storage options is tens of dollars or hundreds in the case of the 1TB (from $1499) and 2TB (from $1899) storage options. 


Size and weight info: Apple touts the iPad Pro, which has a 0.3-inch bezel that extends around its monitor, as “all-screen” in its promotional materials. In reality, it is the most recent iPhone 11 version, with a 0.1-inch black bezel, that comes close to the idea of an edgeless screen.


That said, this 11-inch iPad Pro weighs 453.592 grams (16 ounces) and measures 0.2 inches wide.


Display info: The view on the iPad Pro is stunning. It’s LCD, not OLED, and the angled corners are built just like the LCD panel on the iPhone XR. The display can hit 120Hz ProMotion, making scrolling, games, and animation seamless. 


The iPad Pro 11 has a 2.86:2 aspect ratio, which is similar to the 3:2 aspect ratio used on Surface tablets and other devices. While 3:2 is a traditional photography style, most people should have no trouble editing images on a 4:3 monitor. 


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Water-resistance info: Although iPad products are solid enough to survive one or two dips underwater, they’re absolutely not water-resistant.


Chip info: Apple has outfitted the third-generation iPad Pro with Apple A12X Bionic SoCs. The A12X Bionic has a somewhat different name than the A12 Bionic, but it is far more powerful than its similarly named twin. The A12X Bionic SoC has two more processor cores and countless more transistors than the A12 Bionic, making it physically larger and significantly more powerful.


Display info: The cameras on the iPad Pro 11 are virtually unchanged from last year’s iPad Pro 10.5 and are identical to those in the third-generation iPad Pro 12.9.


The rear camera retains a 12 MP sensor and a True Tone flash, which incorporates four different colored LEDs to produce the most natural-looking light for a scene.


Thanks to dynamic HDR, the rear-facing camera delivers images with vibrant colors and a typically warm hue. This iPad Pros camera can be compared with the iPhone XS Max, which captures more area and low-light scenes better than its larger counterpart. In all, the photos taken with the iPad Pros rear camera look fantastic.


The front-facing camera is now a 7 MP sensor that takes good images. Selfies are precise, and bright backlighting does not overshadow artifacts. If you want to take selfies with your phone, the front-facing camera supports iOS’ portrait mode.


Videography: Compared to the iPad Pro 10.5, this 11-inch iPad can shoot 4K videos at up to 60 frames per second. The rear-facing camera can seamlessly monitor moving objects (OIS) while still creating color-rich, sharp images.


The sensor can change exposure precisely and almost automatically in response to changing ambient light. Furthermore, the rear-facing camera can capture video at 240 frames per second in up to 1080p resolution with slow-motion effects.


Battery life: We’ve come to associate Apple tablets with 10 hours run time. If you’ve kept pace with Apple iPads over the years, you will notice this fact. That said, the iPad Pros battery is more than enough for everyday use.  


You can work with it for a good half-day and use about half the battery. But it can’t last all day, especially under intensive use. So always carry your charger along. 


About the charging kit, it’s a stronger 18-watt USB charger than the old 12-watt Lightning charger. 


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