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Sell iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen (2020)
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1.Only original tablet will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your tablet and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping.
3. How to remove your iCloud account from your devices? See Details.
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iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen (2020)

Apple iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen (2020)



Are you looking for a platform where you can sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0? Coming across this article is a blessing because you should stop looking. In this write-up, you’re going to be learning how to sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 or trade it in.

This article will also enlighten you on the information you need to know before you sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0.   



Apple is one of the best smartphone manufacturers out there with their devices topping the smartphone market every time. This is because they produce quality technology, advanced dynamic features, and incredible smartphones that tend to ease the stress of its users.  

But frankly, we all know that every year, Apple releases a new set of devices giving individuals the desire to upgrade, because of this, it might get to a point, where you’d want to sell Apple iPad Pro11.0, so you’d be able to get the latest iPad in circulation.

iPad Pro 11.0 uses a very powerful processor that gives the device a dynamic performance, this Processor is referred to as the A12Z Bionic chip and it comes with a 64-bit architecture neural engine running on an embedded  M12 coProcessor. The device is an 11 inches (diagonal) liquid retina backlit display possessing multi-touch features and was built with IPS technology.

It has a screen resolution of 2388 X 1668 with a PPI (Pixel Per Inch) of 264, alongside a nit brightness of 600 maximum. The Product is designed for you to fall in love with it; the finger-print resistant oleophobic coating is one of the major features that protect the glass from scratch.

Moving on quickly to the camera aspect of the iPad Pro 11.0, the device features a 12Megapixel wide lens and a 10Megapixel ultra-wide lens with f/1.8 and f/2.4 apertures respectively. We’re not done yet with the camera; it features a selfie camera of 7Megapixels which is used for selfies, video calls, and video meetings. The device possesses sensors that include the accelerometer, barometer, LiDAR scanner, and Face ID just to mention but a few. The iPad Pro 11.0 is charged using the USB-C cable and features a 28.65 built-in lithium-polymer battery. Lastly, the iPad Pro 11.0 is produced with only two major finishes which are space gray and silver.


Sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 

In other to sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 or trade-in Apple iPad Pro 11.0, you’ve to be knowledgeable about the device you’re trading it for or how much value you’re getting from selling it.

You have two main options, it’s either you sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 or trade-in Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for a higher or lesser storage capacity. These two outlined options are different from each other and self-explanatory, deciding which one allows you to either sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 or trade-in Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for what you desire.

Oftentimes, out of ignorance, individuals get ahead of themselves and make mistakes when they decide to trade in Apple iPad Pro 11.0 or sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0. Trading it at a way lesser value than it actually worth.

Due to depreciation, you might not always get the best deal, when you sell Apple iPad Pro 11.9, this is because phones depreciate after continuous usage and this makes them lose value. But getting the best deal that you desire is out rightly possible if you really want to sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0


Sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for cash

The functions, physical conditions, features, and battery health of the device must be perfectly working if you decide to sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for cash. With all the conditions working extremely well, you’ll certainly get a good deal when you sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for cash.  


Features and Capabilities 

Places you can sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 isn't difficult to get especially in our digital world; however, getting a legitimate platform is the issue, which is why we recommend Gizmogo, one of the best platforms to trade in Apple iPad Pro 11.0. All data on the iPad Pro 11.0 must be erased and wiped if you’ve concluded to sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0, this is most essential for used phones. Features of the iPad Pro 11.0 are explained below;

Capacity info





Size and weight Info

Weight: 473 grams, this is the same as 1.04 pounds

Depth: 5.9 mm, this is the same as 0.23 inches

Height: 247.6 mm, this is the same as 9.74 inches.  

Width: 178.5 mm, this is the same as 7.02 inches.

Display info

Availability of anti-reflective coating

A wide color display (P3) is present

Truetone display is present

11.0 inches Liquid retina LED multi-touch display with IPS tech.

ProMotion technology

600 nits maximum brightness

Pixel per inch is calculated at 264

Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

Screen resolution is 2732 x 2048

1.8% reflectivity is present

Availability of full laminated display


Water Resistant info

No water-resistant in place. This means the device can’t stay below water without getting damaged; it shouldn’t be exposed to moisture either.  

Chip Info

Neural engine with 64-bit architecture

Embedded M12 coProcessor

A12Z Bionic chip

Camera info

12Megapixels wide lens with f/1.8 aperture

7Megapixels selfie camera

10Megapixels for an ultra-wide lens with a field of view of 125o and aperture of f/2.4.

Advanced bokeh and depth alongside portrait mode

Geotagging photos

Truetone flashlight is brighter

Backside illumination sensor available

Hybrid IR filter intact

Smart HDR for images

JPEG and HEIF format supported

Digital zoom of up to 5x with 2x optical zoom out

Noise reduction

Exposure balance and control

 Burst mode available

63Megapixels for Panorama

Availability of the five-element lens (ultra-wide and wide)

Red-eye correction with advanced abilities

Timer mode

Live photos and images possess wide color capture

Automatic image stabilization

Possessing Sapphire crystal cover lens

Focus pixels with Autofocus available

Video info

Truetone flash is brighter

Playback zoom

Video geotagging available

Recording in 4k is available at 24, 30, and 60 fps (for wide) and 60 fps (for ultra-wide)

Recording with 720p HD at 30 fps is available

Noise reduction

HEVC and H.264 video format supported

When recording 4k videos, you can take 8Megapixels still shots

1080p HD video recording at 60 and 30 fps.

Autofocus video is continuous

CVS – cinematic video stabilization is available at 4k, 720p, and 1080p.

Recording 1080p HD video at 25, 30 and 60 fps.

Optical image stabilization for video

Support for slo-mo using 1080p at 120 and 250 fps (for wide) and 240 fps (for ultra-wide).

Stabilization time-lapse video

Face ID info

Activated by TrueDepth camera

Used to unlock iPad

Finishing info


Space Gray.


Getting the iPad Pro 11.0 wasn’t a bad idea as it’s one of the best iPads out there, so it’s only natural to bargain for the best deal when you decide to sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 or trade-in Apple iPad Pro 11.0. The iPad Pro 11.0 is a unique device built specifically to fit into your budget, with a maximum amount of storage space making it a lot better than the iPad mini 2019.

If you indeed want to get the best deal after deciding to sell your iPad Pro 11.0, you have to possess information about its features, specifications which we have outlined and explained above.

Finding a platform where you can sell your Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for your desired price or trade-in Apple iPad Pro for a good device isn’t that easy, but at Gizmogo, there’s a chance.

Making use of Gizmogo, you’d be able to sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 for the best value you could get, one amazing thing about gizmogo, is that absolutely anyone could sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 as far as you’re a legit individual.

Tired of your device? Then you have come to the right place to sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0, or do you prefer an upgrade? You can also sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 and go for the upgrade you desire. Individuals who need to get cash into their hands for certain reasons can also sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0, the bottom line is, you can sell Apple iPad Pro 11.0 as far as you have good reasons for it.