Sell Omni 10 5600US

Sell Omni 10 5600US
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original tablet will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your tablet and sign out from your account before shipping.
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Omni 10 5600US

OMNI 10 5600US



Stuck with an old device and looking to get it traded or sold? Can’t find the best values or worried about your securing while selling your phone? Stuck at asking questions like: “where do I sell Omni 10 5600US?”, “where do I sell my Omni 10 5600US for cash?”, “how do I trade in Omni 10 5600US?”.


Well, look no further. We have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to sell your Omni 10 5600US, get the best values, the safest transactions and all background checks when you sell Omni 10 5600US.



The OMNI 10 5600US is a carefully designed HP tablet. It is powered by a Windows 8.1 32-bit and features the special HP Gorilla glass 3 w/Anti-smudge and Air-bonding (Compliant with Win8 requirements). The Omni 10 5600US has the dimensions 180.30 x 259.10 x 10.20mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 635.00 grams.


Enjoy media exactly how it should be with the OMNI 10 5600US Intel Graphics Media Accelerator that supports HD playback, streaming, and recording. This means your videos and videos files can enjoy compatibility with your tablet. Its excellent display set up isn’t only clear and colorful, but it features a Gorilla glass 3 w/Anti-smudge, Air-bonding (Compliant with Win8 requirements and a 10.1" ELK Touch module, making for optimal function.


This device is intricately designed with an integrated wireless option for wireless networking. It features the Mitsumi DWM-W095A WiFi/BT 4.0 combo module w/ 2*Antenna, a Bluetooth 4.0+LE and a 802.11a,b, g, n; 2x2 MIMO Wifi.



Get the best out of your device with the1S2P, 2Cell, 31Wh long lasting battery. It is a fast charging battery and comes with an AC adapter with DC plug and localized cable plug support.

Never take a dull picture again with the HP Omni 10 5600US. It has an 8-megapixel camera on the rear and sports a 2-megapixel camera on the front for selfies.

Finished only in Black colors, the OMNI 10 5600US, is a beautifully designed device.


Now, let’s explore how to sell your Omni 10 5600US.


Sell Omni 10 5600US

A winning approach to take if you want to sell Omni 10 5600US is to either:

sell Omni 10 5600US for cash

trade in Omni 10 5600US

They are both profitable alternatives to disposing your phone and you can get started on either of them if you are planning to sell Omni 10 5600US. At Gizmogo, you get the best and safest values when you sell Omni 10 5600US.


Sell Omni 10 5600US for cash

An old device shouldn’t be left unattended to. You can either sell Omni 10 5600US for cash or trade it in for a new device. You can get the right cash offering and be on your way to getting the device of your dreams. To sell Omni 10 5600US for cash, you want to ensure that your device has been cleared of its stored data and its memory is as good as new.


Trade in Omni 10 5600US

Don’t leave your old device gathering dust, when you can either sell your Omni 10 5600US or trade in Omni 10 5600US.  If you sell your Omni 10 5600US or trade in Omni 10 5600US, you get value in cash or a new device. The value you however get whether in form of cash or new device is entirely up to you. It is also important that you stay safe while trying to sell your device, to do this; here are a few things to ensure

Has the devices been unpaired?

Have all passwords been cleared?

Are all stored accounts cleared?

Are there any photos that have not been backed up?

Is the device restored back to factory settings?


Answering these questions in the affirmative indicate that you are ready to either sell your Omni 10 5600US. or trade in Omni 10 5600US. Your information now secured ensures that you can explore your available options and decide to either sell your Omni 10 5600US. or trade in Omni 10 5600US.

Once this decision is made, you can now proceed to the first step.


Features and capabilities

You can get a quote that gives you an idea of the value offered before you start the process to sell your Omni 10 5600US. Best part is that at Gizmogo, you can get the best value, a free quote and even a free delivery when you sell Omni 10 5600US,


Capacity info

32 GB - expandable to 128 GB

Size and weight info 

Weight: 635.0grams (22.4 ounces)

Width: 259.10 mm (10.2 inches)

Height: 180.3 mm (7.1 inches)

Thickness: 10.20mm (0.4 inch)

Display info

TFT Technology


18-bit color depth

10.1 inch display screen

16777216 colors

16:10 aspect ratio

Anti-glare Ultra-Slim

LED backlight



1920 x 1200 pixel resolution at 189ppi

Gorilla glass 3 w/Anti-smudge

Air-bonding (Compliant with Win8 requirements), 10.1" ELK Touch module

Water resistant info


Memory Cards





Chip info 

Intel Bay Trail SOC

Intel Valleyview- T Z377OSOC

1.46 GHz Normal mode

2.4 GHz Turbo mode

Quad core

Windows 8.1

32-bit Intel Architecture

Camera info 

2 MP selfie camera

8 MP rear camera

LED flash


Continuous shooting

ISO settings

Touch focus

Auto focus

Scene mode


White balance settings

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

1080 x 720p at 30 frames per second




Ambient light sensor

Digital compass


Proximity sensor

Hall-effect sensor

Extra Features 

Voice streaming


Active voice cancellation

Image and video editor


A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)


Document editor


Document viewer

HP Wallpapers

HP Connected Photo

HP Connected Music powered by Meridian (includes UMG for EMEA)

HP ePrint Driver

BTB Host





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When you sell your Omni 10 5600US, you don’t have to worry that your phone is discarded and your information may get into the hands of another individual. We pay close attention to our processes, such that when you sell your Omni 10 5600US your data is cleared and protected.

At Gizmogo, sell Omni 10 5600US at the best rates and enjoy great service. You also get to enjoy an instant cash returns when you sell Omni 10 5600US. Enjoy ease and speed when you sell Omni 10 5600US.