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Sell Surface 3
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Sell Your Microsoft
Surface 3

Sell your Microsoft Surface 3


The Microsoft Surface 3 is a true-hybrid device. Borrowing from the fantasy world of vampire stories, the Microsoft Surface lineup is the only pure hybrid device. For years, Microsoft has been churning out excellent Surface devices in a way that competitors have struggled to reproduce. 


The Microsoft Surface 3 is the third installment of this impressive Surface family. Simply put, the Surface 3 is a more compact and less powerful version of the Surface Pro 3. Expectedly, the Surface 3's price is set lower than the Pro 3 price. For that reason, we are supposed to accept the Surface 3's relatively low-end specs. 



The Surface 3 makes various trade-offs, including a smaller, 10.8-inch touchscreen instead of the Pro's 12-inch frame. The keyboard and stylus accessory doesn't come with the box; you'd have to purchase them if you want the added function. 


Other than the screen, size, and weight differences, the Surface 3 carries the soul of the Pro 3. Interestingly, it ditched the Window RT OS for Windows 8.1. 


At the time of release, Windows 8.1 was the latest OS from Microsoft. Today, Microsoft has released Windows 10 and teasing another successor, the Windows 11. If you're still using Surface 3 and would love to upgrade, consider selling to fund the purchase of newer generation devices or swapping on Gizmogo.


Specifications of Microsoft Surface 3

Design info: If you're familiar with the design of the Surface series, especially the Surface Pro 3, then the design of the Surface 3 won't wow you. The Surface 3's design is a minimal improvement of the existing mold and not a revolution. It is undoubtedly an evolution of the line and not a revolution. The body is cut from the same magnesium material and designed to support grip. Consequently, it feels excellent in-hands, unlike other polished gadgets.


The Surface 3's keyboard is a bit "iffy." Unlike its senior colleague, the Pro 3, the Surface 3's keyboard is thinner and smaller. Well, this structural change was essential to fit the smaller display of the Surface 3. That said, the keyboard sports the same features as its senior colleague, such as illuminated keys and a helpful function key that lights up when it switches on and off like a caps lock, which are all there and correct.


The Surface Pen on the Surface 3 offers 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to create finer lines of varying thickness. You can expect the pen to respond as soon as you initiate an action.


Capacity info: The entry-level variant of this tablet is equipped with 2GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage capacity. Obviously, this setup is not comparable to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, but it is also not as pricey. The base variant is decent for basic computing and tasks. If you want a higher-performance gadget, you should consider variants with better configuration.


Size and weight info: The Surface 3 weighs 622 grams. That means it is easier to carry in hand than the Surface Pro 3, which weighs 798 grams. Despite its wafer-thin Type Cover keyboard, the Surface 3 is 8.7mm thick.


Display info: The Surface 3's display is one of the brightest parts of the device, measuring 416 cd/m2 (or nits) on a colorimeter. No surprise here. Bright screens have been a highlight of Microsoft's Surface series since the Surface 2. The Surface 3 carries on the tradition and delivers well.


Camera info: The Surface 3 boasts two webcams: an 8MP rear-facing camera with autofocus and a 3.5MP front-facing snapper. The back camera captures well-composed, clear, and colorful images, while the front-facing camera is more than competent for Skype and other online chats. The Surface 3 isn't going to replace your smartphone as your primary camera, but it's nice to know it can handle the job.


Videography: Both cameras can 1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This video output is decent, but it is not on the level of a smartphone. 


Water-resistance info: The device is not water-resistant. In 2021, a water-resistant tablet isn't novel. If you would love to upgrade to a water-resistant tablet, consider work selling your Surface 3 for cash or swapping for a water-resistant tablet listed on Gizmogo.


Chip info:  One of the most noticeable differences between the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 is not apparent from the exterior. On the inside, Microsoft has chosen an Intel Cherry Trail Atom CPU that is passively cooled and allows the device to function silently in the absence of a fan while producing very little heat.


Battery info: When it comes to tablets, battery life is a critical component of the whole product. Tablets are not designed to be plugged infrequently. Users expect them to serve an entire day under moderate use. The Surface 3 sports a 28 Wh battery, which can serve for a day's use. 


You can expect the device to serve for up to 10 hours (video playback). If you choose to multitask and watch a video, the battery run time will be lower than 10 hours. In the end, the battery life depends on use intensity. So keep that in mind when you are testing the battery of your Surface 3.


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You can trade your Microsoft Surface 3 in 3 steps on Gizmogo. 


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Sell your Microsoft Surface 3

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