Sell Surface Pro 2

Sell Surface Pro 2
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Sell Your Microsoft
Surface Pro 2

Sell Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 comes with solid Haswell-generation internals, complete Windows 8.1, and all the apps and accessories available to windows operators. You can argue that the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a hybrid, but technically, it is a tablet-shaped ultra-book without a physical keyboard. However, the device supports stylus writing, which is an excellent supplement to the virtual keyboard and just using one’s fingertips.


The Surface Pro is an upgrade of the Surface 2 in ways you’ll appreciate. First, it improves the operating system of the non-pro variant by running a pure Windows 8.1. The Surface Pro 2 also has other internal enhancements over the first-generation Surface Pro. It comes with a new Intel fourth-generation Core i5 CPU and some internal Microsoft system tweaks, which increased battery life.


It is 2021, and the Surface Pro 2 is quite outdated, especially in the US. If you own a Surface Pro 2, it may be collecting dust due to underuse. Whichever way, you can sell your Surface Pro 2 for cash or swap it for a next-gen Microsoft Surface on Gizmogo.


Microsoft Surface Pro 2 specifications

Design info: The Surface Pro 2 has the same magnesium chassis as the Surface Pro, which Microsoft refers to as “VaporMg.” Even though we saw the VaporMg on the older Surface Pro, the magnesium unibody is still impressive. The Surface Pro’s competitors don’t have an answer to the VaporMg body yet. 


Microsoft made the Surface Pro 2 available in one color variant, Black. Offering the device only in black doesn’t help the sellability of the device. Some consumers prefer devices in specific color themes. Nonetheless, a gadget cover will give the device the color you prefer. ‘


The Surface Pro 2 has a single USB 3.0 connector, a volume rocker, and a headphone jack on the left side, as well as a groove to assist you in rotating the kickstand into the open position.


A micro-SD card slot on the right allows capacity to be expanded up to 64GB. It sits next to a power connector that is still a little awkward, and next to that is a MiniDisplay port that allows you to connect to external displays with resolutions up to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.


Capacity info: The Surface Pro 2 is currently available in four variants, ranging from a slim 64GB model to a top-tier 512GB variant that costs a lump sum. If you want the accessories to convert the device to a mini-laptop, you have to spend about $114 to purchase the type cover keyboard attachment. 


Weight info: The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 weighs 907.00 grams and measures 172.00 x 274.60 x 9.30mm (height x width x thickness). At this weight and size, the device is not pocketable. You have to carry it in a larger bag, and the weight is noticeable. Also, the weight affects how long you can carry the device in one hand.


Just to be clear, the Surface Pro 2’s weight is within an acceptable range. Even in present times (2021), you can’t get a paperweight 10-inch screen. Having a huge screen size and powerful features comes at a cost. 


If you want an even more powerful Surface Pro, consider selling your gadget on Gizmogo. You can also swap your device for a better one on the platform. 


Display info: The Surface Pro 2 has nearly identical dimensions to the Surface Pro and the same 10.6-inch Full HD display with a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution. It’s a sharp IPS panel with wide viewing angles, and though its 208ppi isn’t the highest in the market, it nevertheless provides deep blacks and rich colors with 46 percent higher color accuracy than its predecessor.


Camera info: The Front and rear-facing cameras on the Surface Pro 2 are both 0.9-megapixel shooters. As expected, the lens only produces unimpressive images at best. For the best result, try to take pictures in areas with natural light, outdoor photographs.


Videography: While the image quality of its two 720p cameras is adequate for video chats, it falls short when it comes to recording objects. Again, you have to record in a well-light environment to get the best result from the cameras. 


Water-resistance info: The device is not water-resistant. Consequently, you shouldn’t use it around water to avoid accidental drops.  


Chip info: Microsoft equips the Surface Pro 2 with a 4th generation Intel ® Core™ i5 Processor TPM Chip for enterprise security. For its year of release, this is as good as it gets. You would have to go beyond 2013 to see more powerful devices in this category. If you want to upgrade to Surface Pro 4 or any gadget, consider selling your Surface Pro 2 on Gizmogo or swapping to upgrade.


Battery info: Independent movie playback battery drain test showed that the Surface Pro 2 could last for 6 hours and 55 minutes. How long the Surface Pro 2’s battery lasts, as in most situations, is heavily influenced by the tablet energy management design, the number of applications active at any given time, and elements such as display brightness, Wi-Fi status, and other power settings (such as allowing the device to go to sleep when not in use).


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Trade-in your Microsoft Surface Pro 2

You can trade-in your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 for a better device on our platform. Browse our catalog for a device you want. When you find it, click on the selling page for your old gadget, follow the “sell process” to get an offer. Based on the offer, you may pay a balance to get your new device, or we will pay the difference. 


Sell your Microsoft Surface Pro 2

If you don’t want to swap, you can sell your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 for cash. Payment will be maybe within 24 hours of accepting your device at our physical office. 


For this process to be smooth, we require that you declare the condition of your device honestly.