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Sell Microsoft Surface Pro X

Without a doubt, the Microsoft Surface Pro X is a high-end tablet. Looking at the device, you can tell that the Surface Pro X is high-end because of its aluminum unibody. In addition, the device comes in matte black and silver colors. But the external features do not make the Surface Pro X an impressive hybrid. It is equipped with a capable Alcantara keyboard, which serves as a screen cover and provides nice tactile feedback when you're typing. The illuminated keyboard has a low travel distance and provides a comfortable typing experience.


The Surface Pro X supports a stylus, which expands the input options. Depending on the situation, you can use the device as a gamepad, a media device, writing pad, or mini-laptop. And that is why the Microsoft Surface Pro X is a hybrid. 


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Microsoft Surface Pro X specifications

Design info: The Pro X features the most contemporary chassis of Microsoft's 2-in-1 models. It comes with smaller bezels, more rounded edges, and a smaller chassis. These changes make the Surface Pro X a more travel-friendly alternative when compared to Microsoft's previous models.


The Pro X embodies Microsoft's distinctive look, which is distinguished by a minimalist approach with clean lines. A chrome Microsoft logo is positioned on a kickstand below a rear-facing camera on the back. As previously said, the bezels around the display are narrow but not so tiny that you can't handle the tablet without unintentionally brushing up against the screen. Despite the restricted space around the display, Microsoft managed to insert an IR camera above the panel and speakers on the side bezels.


As stated earlier, the device supports a stylus. You can get the accessory for a $139 (now on sale for $108) pen. The stylus nestles in a flap between the tablet and keyboard. Like its body, the Surface Pro X's body is thinner than the standard Surface Pen and has two flat edges rather than a spherical body.


The slimmer build is a result of the wireless charging capabilities of the pen. Instead of using AAA batteries like the Surface Pen, the Surface Pro X's pen charges wirelessly in the keyboard cradle. Thanks to the slimmer build, the Surface Pro X's pen is light in hand, making it easy to write naturally. 


Capacity info: The Surface Pro X is available in 8GB and 16GB options. The RAM is the latest LPDDR4x version, which is both fast and energy-efficient. You will find the RAM configuration paired with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB internal storage. 


Size and weight info: The Surface Pro X is smaller but weighs the same as the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 at 11.3 x 8.2 x 0.3 inches and 1.7 pounds/771.107 grams (2.4 pounds with the keyboard and pen). You can carry the device comfortably; however, the weight is noticeable. 


Display info: The 13-inch touchscreen of the Surface Pro X has a 3:2 aspect ratio and a native resolution of 2880x1920 pixels. The resolution makes everything beautiful. The text is crisp, and the colors are life-like. The average brightness is 470 cd/m2. The tablet has a contrast ratio of more than 1000:1. However, the contrast ratio may have been greater. 


If you're a regular user, you shouldn't have any issues with the Surface Pro X's screen. It is just perfect for any occasion, movie bingeing, work, or gaming.


Camera info: The Surface Pro X's dual cameras are just as good as the PixelSense display. There's a front-facing Windows Hello face authentication camera that takes 5-megapixel stills. On the other side of the device, you will find a rear-facing autofocus camera that can capture 4K video. This puts the Surface Pro X above the laptops in terms of camera. Most laptop cameras can only shoot 720p.


Videography: The device's camera can record 1080p video. 


Water-resistance info: Microsoft did not want the seal the Surface Pro X's internals for underwater use. So you will have to settle for waterproof cases. Even so, it is ill-advised to use the device underwater. 


Chip info: Microsoft went with its SQ2 processor for the chipset, which is a derivative of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G but lacks 5G functionality. Although we would have loved to see 5G support in the Pro X, the chipset's performance makes the omission forgivable. 


Battery info: The Surface Pro X has a battery life of roughly nine hours when using Edge with 10 or so tabs (Windows Mail, Evernote, Nextgen Reader, and other messaging applications). While using the provided charger, the Surface Pro X reached 80 percent in an hour and 100 percent in 85 minutes.


The USB-C connectors allow you to charge the tablet in a variety of ways. The supplied 65W Surface Connect charger works well, but a USB-C Power Delivery charger, which is now the norm for phones, tablets, and most laptops, also works well. 


In all, the Surface Pro X's battery is capable of serving for a full day. You don't have to hustle for a charging spot when you take the device outside for use. On a full charge, you can use the device for a full day. However, keep in mind that the battery run time depends on use intensity. 


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