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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro




Tablets exist somewhere in-between smartphones and laptops, allowing you to get the best of both worlds in one device. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is a device that carefully integrates and performs the functions of a computer and a smartphone.


For a long time, the trend was geared towards more compact tablets, but the super-sized Samsung Galaxy Note Pro reminded us that size is a crucial feature of tabs. However, the trouble is to find the balance between size and weight, as tablets must also be of minimal weight. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, although a little heavy, closed in on finding this balance as many don’t consider it heavy for its size.


Whether you’re a digital artist looking for something large that precisely records your pen movements, or you’re simply in need of a device that can serve as your pen and paper, this Galaxy Note Pro seems to be just the one you’re looking for. 


It is a solid alternative for the costly digital drawing tablets while being huge, powerful, and flexible enough to replace multiple special-purpose devices that a DJ or graphic artist, or public speaker will combine. Engineers, architects, cartoonists, and authors will also find this device highly efficient for their work. 


For a regular user, what you’ll find yourself doing more often is placing it on your lap or a table than holding it. It is bulky and about a hundred grams heavier than what you’re familiar with for a tab. The heft is a by-product of design, and many can overlook it as the size is what they need. 


With all its impressive features, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is becoming an outdated device in 2021. In fact, if you haven’t already switched to more recent and equally powerful tabs, you should be planning to do so. In any case, you need to sell your Galaxy Note Pro to fund the purchase of a better device. Gizmogo offers the most competitive rates and fast payout for used Samsung Galaxy devices. Read the last section of this article to learn how to trade or sell your Samsung Galaxy Note Pro for money.


Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
Design info: Most of Samsung’s tablet’s as at the launch of this device; were made of shiny plastic material. Many people criticized this feature constantly because it made seemingly top-end devices seem less expensive than they were. 


Expectedly, Samsung responded to this criticism with devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and then this Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. In both devices, Samsung exchanged the glossy plastic for a synthetic rubber plastic that had a leathery texture (Faux-leather). 


This is understandable for a device of this size. Using metal or glass will make Galaxy Note Pro heavier and crazy expensive. 

Away from the casing, the Galaxy Note Pro has a micro-USB 3.0 port incorporated into a 2 x 5 pin mini-B socket on its right side. Although you can use an HDMI adapter, compatible computer monitors can be connected directly to this USB port through the MHL standard. 

Interestingly, there is an infrared sensor on the upper edge that allows you to control compatible TV sets. The standby and volume buttons are also on the right upper edge and the available casing colors at the time of launch were white and black.

Capacity info: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro has a 32GB internal storage capacity that is expansible with a microSD card up to an additional 32GB. It combines a 3GbB RAM with its inbuilt storage to produce dependable computational power. 


Size and Weight info: This tab weighs 754g, which is huge. However, when you consider its size and dimensions, you’d understand why it weighs that much. For context, the Galaxy Note Pro measures 203 x 295 x 7.95 mm. 


Display info: The defining feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is the considerably large display. The solid 12.2-inch screen display makes it more functional and improves user experience in video conferencing, web browsing, and watching videos. While more space is good, images may not be as crisp and sharp as you’ll expect because they have to occupy a large space. 


Thankfully, the device’s 2560 x 1600-pixel resolution and 247ppi minimizes this effect and produce a brilliant display for its size. Samsung used the Super Clear TFT LCD technology for the screen to make the display crisp and clear.


Chip info: With its Android 4.4.2, the Galaxy Note Pro Tab runs on the Samsung Exynos 1.9GHz octa-core 5420 processor. The Wi-Fi module has good reception and supports the 2.4 and 5 GHz, frequency bands. 


Camera info: Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro comes with two cameras. The back camera has an 8 MP resolution featuring autofocus and also LED flash. Although this device isn’t optimized for taking the best pictures, the overall picture quality is reasonably fair. With adequate lighting, you can get a vibrant snap with the rear-facing camera. 


The front camera may be blurry and rudimentary, having a resolution of only 2 MP (1920 x 1080 pixels), but it is good enough for video calls. 


Videography: Due to the screen’s high resolution and overall display size, the video quality is just okay. 


Battery info: You get a whopping battery capacity of 9500mAh, which more than makes up for the large display and additional brightness. 


S-Pen: The most important accessory is the Stylus Pen. The screen particularly responds well to the pen, permitting users to write and draw accurately. The device also allows you to connect a keyboard or mouse to a full-size USB port on its side.



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Sell my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro for cash.

You can sell your Samsung Galaxy Note Pro for cash following steps 1 and step 3 for trade-in. In this case, you will get paid within 24 hours of approving your device.