Sell Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids

Sell Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original tablet will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your tablet and sign out from your account before shipping.
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Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids

Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 Kids

Do you remember when you got your kid this amazing tab? My guess is she was quite elated and couldn’t contain her excitement. Perhaps you guys hugged and she promised to make the best use of it, coupled with your monitoring of course, she kept to her promise. But there is something way better now, and you want to get your kids the latest gadgets to keep them engaged. Isn’t that what life is all about? Variety and change. So your thoughts are now ‘how do I sell Galaxy Tab 3-7.0 kids? ‘Where can I trade in Galaxy tab 3-7.0 kids? Who is going to help you sell your Galaxy Tab 3-7.0 kids? Where can I get a good deal to sell my Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 for cash? Lucky for you, it’s for this reason that online shops like Gizmogo are in business. Here on Gizmogo, you can sell your Galaxy Tab 3-7.0 kids. Even better, whether you choose to trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 for cash or decide to sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids outrightly, be assured of the best deals.

Without much ado, let’s get right in to see what this gadget’s capabilities in a single swoosh.



The Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids is the perfect gadget to introduce your kids to the tech life. With a screen resolution of 600x1024 pixels, and a colour depth of 16million, learning with this tab will be an amazing experience. The Galaxy-3 7.0 has a speed of 1.2 Ghz, that aids a responsive interaction with the features of your phone be it games, video playing, camera, or other activities on your phone. The Vivante GC 1000 graphic controller gives you an optimal graphical interface for all phone functions. The tablet comes with a flash storage of 8GB to accommodate all downloads, this memory can be expanded to 32GB with a microSD or microSDHC external storage. The TFT LCD is just the right display technology as it offer an optimal display format for all pictures and outputs. The Galaxy tab 3 7.0 kids was built with sensors that helps you connect better to your phone. For file transfers, the Galaxy tab-3 7.0 kids has a Bluetooth v.3.0 feature to aid seamless phone-phone file transfers. The tablet’s dimension of 111.1x188mm makes it handy, and of a fair weight of 306 grams. The tablet has two camera features. A 1.3 MP front camera and a 3.1 MP back camera with a 4x zoom feature. The Tablet supports the MP3, WAV, WMA, eAAC+ and FLAC audio formats. This also accommodate recordings from the inbuilt sound recorder app on the phone. The Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids supports the MP4, DivX, XviD, H.264, H.263, WMV video formats. So you watch videos online or get download them to watch later on your phone. This device has a strong Wi-fi connection

For parents that buy this gadget for their kids, you can determine what they watch or use on this tablet through the parent control unit settings. This tablet can also be switched into the typical Samsung tablet which can then be use by adults. The tablet comes in Yellow colour, with an orange bumper which also acts like the devices stand sometimes. The Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 has a non-removable battery of 4000mAH. With this you can get an average of over 10 hours use

All of these functions are managed from the Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean operating system that controls the core system in the tablet.



Sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids

Whenever you attempt to sell a gadget, for example to sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids, there are two common deals you would most likely be getting. You can either be offered to:

Sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids for cash

Trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0kids

If you don’t get any of these deals, then you could be dealing with unscrupulous resellers or buyers. However, be aware that you may not get the original value for your tab, for the basic reason that it’s a used product, nevertheless don’t forget to settle for a deal that you are comfortable with before you sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids. Here on Gizmogo, we offer our clients, those who choose to do business with us, deals that will keep them coming back to us. If you want to sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids, or any similar products, reach out to us now, your deal is waiting.


Sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids for cash

The next step to take after you have decided it’s time to sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids for cash, is to make it ready for the potential buyer. To do this, it’s important you follow the few steps that would highlighted shortly. Because of the kind of age we are in, personal security is important, and it shouldn’t be compromised. Firstly, you need to unlock your tab and disable any security settings you have made in the past. Passwords, pass codes and all sorts need to be disabled. Secondly, you have to completely delete all personal data of your kids or of yourself. When you have done the two things, then you can start preparing to sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids for cash.


Trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 Kids

One of the two deals you would get to sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0, is to get paid in cash for it, or trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids, for any gadgets or device equivalent in worth. Before you go ahead with this deal, you need to carry out some findings. They are not burdensome, just a bunch of questions you need to answer before continuing the deal, and you need to do this irrespective of whether you want to sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids or trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0

Are all of the phone features still working?

Is the operating system functional?

Is the device unlocked, and any form of security is disabled?

Have you logged out of all personal accounts either for you or your kids?

Do you have the original product?

Has it been restored to the factory settings?

When you are able to tick all boxes on these questions, then you are ready to sell your Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 kids or trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 for a higher product. Most times, folks forget to do one or some of these things. This is not good, and it should be avoided as it could jeopardize your deal. The most important of all these when you are ready to sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 or trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids, are to unlock your phone and sign out from your accounts. These are the things we ensure with our clients.


Features and capabilities

Getting to sell gadgets these days aren’t as hard as it seems. You could sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids or opt to trade in Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids in a computer store or perhaps a pawn shop. But it’s best to make these trades with trusted agents and shops. One of such places where you can be sure of great deals and safety for your privacy is on Gizmogo. The most important things for us is that you unlock your gadget before you sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids before shipping. Let’s get to see specifications of this product.


Capacity info

 1/8GB  flash memory – can be  increased to 32 GB


Size and weight info

 Weight: 306 grams (10.71 ounces)

 Height: 188.0 mm (7.4 inches)

 Width: 111.8 mm (4.4 inches)

 Thickness: 10.2mm (0.4 inch)


Display info

 WSVGA TFT Pentile display

 TouchWiz UX UI

 7 inches display (17.78cm)

 Multi-touch screen

 16M colour depth

 600 x 1024 pixels resolution at approximately 170 ppi


Water resistant info



Memory Cards




Chip info  

 System on Chip: Marvell PXA986

 CPU speed- 1.2 GHz Samsung Dual-core processor

 Operating System - Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

 Graphic Processing unit: Vivante GC 1000


Camera info

 1.3 MP front camera

 3 MP rear camera

 Smile shot


 Image stabilization

 4x zoom for the rear camera

 Shot modes

 Face detection

 High Definition recording

 Share shot

 Photo editing

 No rear flash light

 Direct online image upload


Video info  

 Video recording is FHD (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames per second

 Video playing is FHD (1920x1080) at 60 frames per second

 Video format – AVI/DIVX, WMV/ASF, MP4/3GP FLV,MKV, and WEBM formats



 Ambient light sensor

 Digital compass





Extra Features

 Wi-fi 802. 11a/b/g/n dual-band; Wifi direct

 Bluetooth v3.0 for file transfer

 Samsung voice commands and voice recording






To conclude the whole thing, we are Gizmogo are quite passionate about what we do. We are proud to be able to connect sellers to the right buyers. So, if you wish to sell Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids, you are in the right place. If you, on the other hand, think it’s best to just trade in Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 kids, we are here to help you with that as well.  Your question on how to sell Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 kids, just got answered.

Come to think of it, your kids will be glad you were kind enough to sell your Galaxy Tab-3 7.0 kids for something better.