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Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
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1.Only original tablet will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your tablet and sign out from your account before shipping.
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Galaxy Tab 4 10.1


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 We would like to take you on a brief experience on the overviews of GALAXY TAB 4 10.1; after which we would discuss how to sell SELL GALAXY TAB 4 10.1For cash and finally where to trade in GALAXY TAB 4 10.1. Enjoy the ride.



Samsung is known to provide a consistent android large screen effect. The GALAXY TAB 4 10.1 has unique performance and optimizes productivity. The GALAXY TAB 4 10.1, operates on android 4.4 and has an amazing loudspeaker effect for its users.

 The GALAXY TAB 4 10.1, has an exceptionally large screen that can multi-task. It cost around $500. It is also the better version of galaxy 4, 8.0.

 The GALAXY TAB 4 10.1 is larger than the former tabs. The sizes range from 9.58 by 6.94 by 0.13 inches(HWD) and 1.08poundss. The power and volume level of the galaxy tab is something to contend with. The speaker is on both the left and right sides of the tab.

 Galaxy Tab 410.1 battery level can last for 6 hours, 33 minutes. The Samsung tab S4 is accompanied by a 16GB model storage and 1.5GB of ram, with an additional SD card space. The storage provides adequate space for media activities.

 The battery range is around 6800 mAh battery. Galaxy Tab 410.1camera posses a 3-megapixel rear camera view and a 1.3-megapixel front camera. The tablet network is 4g LTE, and it uses a 4g LTE.

 The body build-up is made of plastic designs, with a glass covering at the front casing. Galaxy Tab 410.1 glass is made up of gorilla casing, a nice and smooth surface without rough edges.

 The GALAXY TAB 4 10.1, has a unique display of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Using a USB port and a microphone at the edge of the phone is quite handy, and a micro sim port at the upper edge. Many and more of these amazing features are available on the GALAXY TAB 4 10.1.



Hope you enjoyed the overview, next step is to introduce the ways you can sell GALAXY TAB 4 10.1, they include ;

●     Sell GALAXY TAB 4 10.1, for cash

●     Trade-in GALAXY TAB 4 10.1.

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Selling your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for cash is not a problem, as long as you provide the information needed to trade in GALAXY TAB 4 10.1 for cash. The requirement needed to sell your GALAXY TAB 4 10.1 is, presenting your phone in good working condition, check out the cameras and battery. All the features should be in good working condition. This helps you achieve better deals on our platform.


Another option you are likely to consider is to trade in GALAXY TAB 4 10.1, for another device of your choice. While this is easy to achieve; some requirements include clearing and backing up your phone. You also have to ensure it is legitimately yours. We would like to inform you we don't deal with stolen items and we are a genuine and trusted organization. Also, we would like for you to produce the document for the phone. Finally, we would like to inform you that you might not get the same value for money when you bought the phone, but we would offer you the best deals.




We would like for you to well aware of the wonderful features of the GALAXY TAB 4 10.1. Also to update you on the capabilities of the Samsung tab. This will help you make the right decision whether to sell GALAXY TAB 4 10.1 or trade-inn GALAXY TAB 4 10.1,



●     16GB

●     1.5 GB Ram,



●     6,800 mAh



●     10.1 inches and 7 inches



●     1280 x 720 pixels,



●     None



●     Android 4.4.2



●     3mp at the back

●     1.3mp at the front




There is no better way to be convinced; With the above information and specification provided, there won’t be a need to doubt your decision. Trading your Galaxy Tab 410.1 on our website leaves you with no worries because you can be 100% assured of selling with no hitch and you won't end up at the wrong side of the rope.

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