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Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9




Samsung prides itself as one of the most innovative phone companies in the world. Its users are guaranteed cutting-edge technologies that feature the best phone processor, cameras, and display.


In the phone market, Samsung continues to show its delight in setting the pace and constantly exceeding the expectation of its users with each product they throw in the market.


To show their innovative prowess, Samsung is the first company to provide a curved screen on their phone and one of the early brands to add a fingerprint sensor, heartbeat sensor, and iris scanner.


In this article, we will review Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, giving users insight into this gadget's specifications and further information about selling your Galaxy Tab for cash or trading it in on Gizmogo.


That said, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 was introduced to the market in 2011. The tab runs on Android 3.1 Honeycomb. The 8.9 is an improvement on Tab 10.1 and features all that users have been craving, making it a top modern device.


Although the Samsung made the tab feel smaller and more portable, Tab 8.9 is reliable in terms of performance, great display, loud audio, and attractive design. The only problem you might have is the lack of an SD card slot.


Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Design info: Although there are distinguishing features, Tab 8.9 has a very similar design to Tab 10. It has the same sleek glossy front panel with aluminum edges and rounded curves as the Tab 10. The back design of tab 8.9 is made of gray plastic that looks like brushed metal, but it does not boast the elegance of an all-aluminum design.


Those who have been long-time users of Samsung phones might not feel a change when using tab 8.9 at first, but it is suitable for everyday use, especially when reading or playing games for an extended time.


On the front, there is a 2-megapixel camera that rests majestically above the screen alongside a slim power button, volume rocker, and headphone jack taking up the top edge. 


It has two tiny stereo speakers and a Samsung port feature along the bottom rim. The 8.9's 3-megapixel sensor and LED flash are located on the backside. 


As it turns out, Samsung did not see the need to add a slot for an SD card, which means you can't expand the 16GB onboard storage.


Display info: When placed alongside the 10-inch devices trending in the market, the Tab 8.9's screen might feel slightly smaller and not give the user the feel of using a tab, but its small screen size doesn't take anything away.


The 8.9-inch (1280 x 800) LCD on the tablet 8.9 is stunning. It's surprisingly sharp for its size and produces vibrant, colorful photographs. The viewing angles are also pleasingly large.


In terms of its audio, this Galaxy Tab, despite being smaller, gives a pleasant feel when playing music. With the speakers located at the base, tab 8.9 sounds louder than its counterpart, the 10.1.


Capacity info: Samsung released this Galaxy Tab in 3 storage configurations, 16GB - 1GB RAM, 32GB - 1GB RAM, 64GB - 1GB RAM. The 1GB RAM should be sufficient for most of the activities you want to perform with the Galaxy Tab. 


Size and weight info: The Galaxy Tab measures 230.9 x 157.8 x 8.6 mm (9.09 x 6.21 x 0.34 in) and weighs 447.9 g (15.77 oz). With this weight and size, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is a mini-tablet. 


Chip Info: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 features Nvidia Tegra 2 T20.  This device comes fully equipped for high performance with a powerful 1-GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and speedy graphic performance. It has a smooth video playback and can run multiple applications at the same time.


Water-resistant info: The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is not water-resistant and should be kept far from water and any other liquid like creams. Also, keep the device away from dust and protect it from high temperatures.


Camera info: The Tab 8.9's rear-facing 3-MP camera lacks the high resolution and extra features of many modern gadgets, so phone users looking for exceptional camera features may not find this fulfilling. 


Perhaps to make up for its little resolution, the 8.9 comes with handy camera features for quick pictures and creative shots.


Videography: The Galaxy Tab 8.9 can excellently capture video at 1280 x 720-pixel resolution. Tab 8.9's front-facing 2-MP camera can be impressive during a virtual meeting like a video call.


Battery info: The 6000 mAh Lithium polymer battery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 could easily last a day without having to be recharged. This gives you enough time to surf the net without running to a power source every minute. 


Based on the use case, Tabs are designed to last longer than phones and laptops. So the run time of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 doesn't come as a surprise. 


However, it is vital to note that the use intensity determines the longevity of the battery. If you're a heavy user, you can expect the tab to serve half a day.


Sell my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 deals.

There are two possible options for users who would love to sell their Samsung Galaxy 8.9: trade-in or sell for cash. You can perform any of these transactions on Gizmogo. 


Trade-in Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

You can swap your phone for a newer one by contacting any Samsung office and going through their trade-in policy. For better value, ensure your device meets their requirement.


Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 for cash.

In case you need money to upgrade your phone or fill your luxury tank, you can also sell your Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9 on Gizmogo. If your phone is in good shape, you can get a good value when you sell. 


To sell your Galaxy Tab, provide information on the device's condition, and we will give you an offer. Before we make payment, you have to ship the device to your facility or physical inspection. You will get paid within 24 hours after our engineers confirm the condition of the device.