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Sell ThinkPad X61
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ThinkPad X61

Think Pad X61



Devices make things better. We could be far away from people but close to them via video calls, document our dearest memories and have them for as long as we chose. Features on our devices make this possible. To expand our use of devices and enjoy better features, we may need to either sell Think Pad X61, or trade it in. To sell, you ponder on “where do I sell Think Pad X61?” “Where do I sell my Think Pad X61 for cash?” “How do I trade in Think Pad X61?”.



The Lenovo ThinkPad X61 is a portable tablet that also serves as a mini functional laptop. It is similar to all other devices under the Lenovo Think Pad line, only that it is much smaller.

Although it is smaller, it is much faster than all of these other devices. It is powered by a 2Ghz processor and has not only a 2GB RAM but also a Core 2 Duo Processor, this clearly explains it’s processing speed.
Unlike the other Think Pad devices, the Think Pad X61 isn’t finished in plastic; rather it is finished in stainless steel. It is tastefully finished and has no creaks at all. It is worthy of mention that the device is designed to offer protection with the stainless steel finish.

Although the Think Pad X61 looks like a laptop, it has functionality at its core. It features easy to remove battery and panels. Lenovo furnishes its devices with multiple ports, the Think Pad X61 is not left behind as it is fitted with a 4 pin fire wire port, 2 USB connectors, headphone/mic jacks, HD access panel, 56k modem jack, power plug, and Kensington lock port.


For productivity needs, this device comes with a full keyboard. It also replaces the general touchpad feature of tablets with a touch point.  

Having done an overview of the Galaxy Book 10.6 LTE, let’s see how to sell your Think Pad X61.


Sell Think Pad X61

Get the best extras you can’t resist when you sell Think Pad X61, to do this, take advantage of any of these options:

sell Think Pad X61 for cash

trade in Think Pad X61

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Sell Think Pad X61 for cash

To sell Think Pad X61 for cash is a choice you make as an alternative to trading in your device.. Trading in your device is an easy approach if you already have a functional device and will like the cash value return. The right approach to sell Think Pad X61 for cash, is to ensure that your value rendering is good and commensurate to your device’s value.


Trade in Think Pad X61

If you want a new device, you need to first make a decision on what outcome you’d like to get from the process. Based on the outcome, you can decide to either sell your Think Pad X61 or trade in Think Pad X61. After this decision is made, it is important to ask:

When you sell your Think Pad X61, do you get paid instantly?

Do you get to pick the device you want when you trade in Think Pad X61?

What does the process to trade in Think Pad X61 look like?

What does the process to sell your Think Pad X61.look like?


Whether you sell your Think Pad X61 or trade in Think Pad X61 for another, these questions help you to get the best out of the entire process.


Features and capabilities

Ditch the long complicated process to sell your Think Pad X61 for a much easier and faster one that gets the job done. This is exactly what you get when you sell at Gizmogo. When you sell Galaxy Tab Pro10.1, we give you a feel of what a seamless process really looks like. Here’s a rundown of the features of the Think Pad X61.


Capacity info

128 GB - expandable to 512 GB

Size and weight info 

Weight: 650 grams (22.93 ounces)

Height: 179.10 mm (7.05 inches)

Width: 261.2 mm (10.28 inches)

Thickness: 8.90mm (0.35 inch)

Display info

TFT Technology

24-bit color depth

Super AMOLED Screen

16:10 aspect ratio

10.6 inches display

71.50 % display area



1024×768 pixel resolution at 216 ppi

Water resistant info


Memory Cards




Chip info 

Intel Core 2 Duo



Intel 965 Express



PC5300 (2x 1024MB)



Hitachi (HTS721010G9SA00) SATA

Camera info 

5 MP selfie camera

No rear camera

Face detection


ISO settings

Touch focus


White balance settings

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

1920 x 1080p at 30 frames per second



Ambient light sensor

Extra Features 

Voice streaming

Active voice cancellation

Image and video editor


A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Computer Sync

Document editor


Document viewer




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As a preparation to sell your Think Pad X61, you want to make sure your device is restored to factory settings and unlocked for easy accessibility.

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