Sell Vaio Tap 11 i7

Sell Vaio Tap 11 i7
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Vaio Tap 11 i7



You've got to give it up to Sony for always finding innovative ways to make a good-looking tablet. The Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 delivers impressive physical features and computing prowess in its small frame. It comes with a sharp-looking 11-inches screen display that works with pen and touch, a stylish pen, a detachable keyboard that comes as a bonus, and a powerful Intel Core processor chip.


The Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 was announced in 2013 and is retailed for $1099 for 128 GB of storage. The price is definitely on the high side, but it is permissible if you are looking to own one of the thinnest and lightest windows 8 tablets available on the market.


While the Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 won't take the place of your everyday computer, its compatibility and easy-to-use features reach the mark. In addition, its performance is far-reaching, the battery life is excellent, and its processing speed outlives your basic expectations.


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Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 Specifications

Design Info: There is no doubt that the Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 was designed to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. It sports a sleek, clean design with a metallic trim bordering its edges. The front of the slate comes with edge-to-edge glass with chunky bezels framing the display.


The tablet's aluminum chassis features a built-in kickstand that makes it easier to use while sitting upright on a table or desk. In addition to this, the kickstand is super adjustable; you can turn it 85-degrees in any direction of your choice.


The Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 comes with a wireless keyboard that is effortlessly attached to the Tap with a single magnetic connection found on the lower-right corner of the tablet's front face. The keyboard comes with Chiclet keys and a small touchpad with complete gesture support, and unsurprisingly, it doesn't increase the overall weight of the Tap 11; it is still a light device even with it.


Still on the design, you will find a microSD/SIM slot on the top side of the tablet, and just by the right edge, you will find the power button, the volume control button, and the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Finally, the left edge of the tablet houses a full-sized USB 3.0 port and a micro-HDMI socket.


The Tap 11 i7 also supports a digital stylus pen that comes in a pleasingly high-quality metal build capable of precise digital inking. You might, however, find the stylus dock a little too small for the pen.


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Display Info: The Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 display sports an 11.6-inch display with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 190 PPI. The Tap 11's crisp and vivid display is one of its high points, and Sony did well to include the Triluminos technology that helps the overall color production of the screen. However, the screen is a little more reflective than most Sony's other tablets, so you might want to rethink your outdoor usage.


Capacity Info: The capacity space of the Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 offers its users endless possibilities. It comes with 4GB RAM and 256GB of SSD storage; you shouldn't have a problem with space when you turn it into a purely multimedia device.

Size and Weight info: In terms of weight, the Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 is unarguably a light device. It weighs a scanty 1.7 pounds making it way slimmer than even the 2 pounds Google Surface Pro. As a result, it is the perfect go-to tablet for everyday dash-and-run work life. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable holding the tablet for long hours.


Battery Info: I think Sony missed the mark here in terms of the battery life of the Tap 11; I guess it is not possible to have an all-around super tablet. It comes with a 3,800 mAh battery. Reviews have shown that a full charge can only last an average of 6 hours, with the display brightness set at 40 percent.


Camera Info: The Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7 comes with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. The rear camera is excellent and delivers sharp and colorful images. It won't give you an above and beyond feeling, but it is satisfactory to take casual photos. This is not the case with its front-facing camera, so don't expect anything more than fuzzy images. However, you can make do with it for video conferences.


Chip Info: This tablet is outfitted with the Intel Dual-Core i7-4610Y and 1.770GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.90GHz. It is run on the Windows version 8 pro-64-bit, and the processing speed is excellent.


The device is fluid enough to handle multitasking with ease, and it boosts faster than your average tablet but sadly not as fast as its rivals. However, except you are a mainstream user, you should be okay with its speed rate in processing everyday tasks like online surfing, HD video playback, and office tasks.


Audio Info: It comes with 2 stereo speakers that will give you a run for your money in terms of sound quality. In addition to this, it has a 2.6mm headphone jack for extra support.



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Sell Sony Vaio Tap 11 i7

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