Supercharging Success: How BeReal's Strategic Alliance with Voodoo Could Revolutionize Social Media

So far, in the world of chatty social media startups, the narrative has been bleak: once-promising ventures shuttering left, right and centre. So, what does BeReal’s recent move look like against this backdrop of doom? In our analysis, this article examines how BeReal has positioned itself for the best possible exit with Voodoo, preparing it for a new chapter of social media.

The Beacon of Hope in Social Media's Stormy Seas

Despite these strong headwinds for social media startups, BeReal’s €500 million ($537 million) sale to the unicorn giant Voodoo in June 2022 stands as a case study of perseverance and forward-thinking that is commendable given the company’s delicate cash position and stagnating user growth just a few months before the sale.

BeReal's Leap of Faith: From Uncertainty to Unified Growth

The Prelude to Transformation

BeReal’s claim to authenticity had run into a wall: its user base was nearing 40 million but growth indicators had stalled But the app’s supercharged authenticity hook – the ambush of a duel-perspective photo at any moment, wherever you are – had reached its limits, building a small but devoted following.

VOODOO's Strategic BOOST: A Lifeline for BeReal

Enter Voodoo. The company didn’t just rescue BeReal from bankruptcy, it stepped in as a saviour and strategic partner. Voodoo’s timely intervention transformed BeReal from a company in danger of dying on the vine to one on its way to prosperity and into a profitable future. The acquisition wasn’t strictly a financial deal. It was also a strategic partnership to provide BeReal with the shot of juice it needed to get past its problems.

The Pathway Forward: Innovating to BOOST Engagement and Revenue

New Features to Enhance User Interaction

Voodoo is in the process of adding messaging and video functionality to BeReal’s eco-system, a move that will likely encourage more user engagement, which in turn will hopefully renew interest and uplift retention. This has given BeReal an entirely fresh chance to compete.

Monetization without Compromising Authenticity

Ads are a critical piece of BeReal’s attempt to grow sustainably under Voodoo’s wing. At the same time it seeks revenue, BeReal hopes to preserve as much as it can of its founding ethos of authenticity – ads will be baked into the experience in such a way as to leave its soul unmolested.

Navigating the Monetization Maze: A Test of Authenticity and Adaptability

The path to monetisation is also fraught with peril – mostly, in respecting the fragile balance between making money and keeping the user base happy. Intrusive ads could drive BeReal’s avid user base away. New social features that BeReal might consider adding – a logical step to enhance engagement – must walk a fine line. On the one hand, BeReal needs to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition; on the other, it must resist the pitfall of becoming yet another homogenised social media platform, losing what made it special in the first place.

VOODOO's Vision: Fostering Growth without Forsaking Identity

In addition to giving BeReal an injection of money, voodoo’s promise goes deeper: help us build a social platform that truly aligns with our ideal of authenticity. Together we can take it to the next level and scale BeReal while staying true to its core values.

Embracing the Future: The Evolution of Social Media Authenticity

Whereas Facebook’s previous partnerships gave acquirees little say in the platform’s evolution – indeed, when it paid billions for Instagram and WhatsApp, it largely kept those platforms separated from Facebook proper – BeReal’s newfound freedom could serve as a model for how companies in the social media space can grow amidst pressure to monetise, without changing what makes them so special in the first place.

Understanding 'Boost': The Catalyst for BeReal's Revival

But the word ‘boost’ more accurately describes the range of developmental support and innovation that Voodoo poured into BeReal’s fortunes and future through what might be described as a strategic resuscitation. It’s not just that a financial infusion of capital was needed to resuscitate and expand the existing business. It’s the fact that this ‘investment’ came as part of a comprehensive, integrated effort to reimagine (even reinvent) BeReal’s prospects through strategy, financing, talent, and product development (new features, etc) for sustainability and growth – not just for a temporary growth spurt but for the long haul in terms of user engagement, revenue generation, and staying power.

Whether this strategic boost will help BeReal survive or thrive, I don’t know. But in the wild west of social media, this marriage is a powerful example of adaptation, resilience, and a stubborn search for truth. BeReal’s story shows that, with the right partnerships and creativity, people using a company like Voodoo’s can navigate the storm and even seize new horizons of market and cultural influence in the social media world.

Jun 16, 2024
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