How to determine if our Gizmogo device purchase phones that have been Lost or Stolen?
Gizmogo does NOT purchase items that have been reported as lost or stolen.
We use NSYS, a top ranking tool that includes information from carriers, law enforcement and insurance companies to identify whether a device has been reported either lost or stolen.
NSYS is a tool designed to more accurately detect potentially stolen goods, including smartphones, tablets and computers. Developed by Recipero, the largest U.S. consumer electronics background report service, NSYS compiles data from major wireless carriers, law enforcement and insurance companies across the country (including the FBI) to provide the most complete database of lost or stolen devices. Gizmogo was the first consumer electronics trade-in site to deploy NSYS globally.
We also will assist law enforcement in the investigation of stolen property. We record the device's electronic serial number for each item we receive, so we can provide a trail for items under inquiry. All devices go through our data wipe process.
We also remind customers at several points in the process that we do not accept items that have been reported lost or stolen.