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Gizmogo provides a hassle-free way to sell your used headphones or other electronic devices for cash online. Our platform accepts a wide range of popular headphone brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Beyerdynamic, Plantronics, Other Brands, Aftershokz, and Beats By Dr. Dre. Get competitive pricing, a simple three-step process, and secure transactions while protecting your data with Gizmogo. Sell your headphones hassle-free with Gizmogo and get the most value out of your device. Choose Gizmogo for a fast and easy selling experience for your headphones. Sell your headphones today and get the best value for your device.

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Sell Your Headphones to Gizmogo to Get Good Money


1. Why choose Gizmogo?

2. The fastest way to get new headphones is to sell your old headphones

3. Why sell your headphones to Gizmogo?

4. There’s one more benefit of selling your headphones to Gizmogo – you save the environment

5. Time to go through your storage and find your old headphones

Why choose Gizmogo?


Best Price Guarantee

You will get an offer by selecting the condition of your device. Once we receive the device, we will conduct a professional evaluation of your device. If the condition is better than you thought, we will increase our original offer. If we need to lower the offer, you can request a return without any cost.




We offer you free USPS and UPS shipping

You won't have to pay a cent to send us your device. We offer you free USPS and UPS shipping. You will get a free shipping label after you submit your order. We also offer prepaid shipping boxes that you can easily put your device in and ship it back to us.




Professional Data Protection

In order for us to maintain a long-term relationship, we realize that protecting your privacy is important. We will perform a professional data deletion service on your mobile phone, and monitor the entire process of the cleaning process to ensure the security of user privacy data and we will not give out your information to any third parties.



Fast Payment

Gizmogo will pay you within 24 hours (week days) in your selected payment method since we receive your device.

*Excluding National and Federal holidays.

Gizmogo Payment methods: PayPal, E-check, and Amazon Gift card 

The Fastest Way to Get New Headphones is to Sell Your Old Headphones

Gizmogo can buy your old headphones; even they’re damaged and give you cash immediately to buy new ones. If you can no longer hear clear sounds from your headphones or hear sound out of only one of them, we don’t have to tell you, you already know that it’s time to sell your headphones.

The only reason you’ve your old headphones and not the new ones that you’ve been wanting is because you’re short on cash. But selling headphones means getting less cash for them. No, selling your headphones through Gizmogo means getting the highest possible price for them.

Gizmogo provides you with an honest and fair selling platform to sell an incredible number of technology items, ranging from phones, laptops, media players, and more. But you’re here to sell headphones, so naturally, you’ll have several questions for us. We’re super pumped to answer them all!


Why sell your headphones to Gizmogo?

Your headphones are wasting away in your drawer or closet. Now, the lifespan of your headphones depends on quality and usage. If you go down the cheap route, buying less expensive headphones, they’ll last you 1 or 2 month tops.

If you buy premium quality headphones from a reputable brand, they’ll last you at least 10 years. If you’re a diehard music lover or a lover of movies and TV shows, you probably use your headphones more than an average person.

Your years of headphone usage have caused you to collect several headphones over the years – some new and some old. Your headphones are sitting there in a box with your latest headphones ready to join the bunch. You need to sell headphones – all of them!


There’s one more benefit of selling your headphones to Gizmogo – you save the environment

Instead of throwing away your headphones in the trash and letting them land in the landfill, why don’t you recycle them instead? You don’t have to go through the process of finding a separate recycling facility that accepts headphones.

Since headphones comprise of various materials, finding a recycling facility that takes on the challenge to recycle them and does justice to the environment by recycling them the right way isn’t easy to come across. We’ve saved you the hassle of finding a recycling facility because we already know a recycling facility that accepts them and does the right thing by the environment.

Not only do you sell headphones to us, but you’re also giving back to the environment in more ways than you think. If you want to learn more about the part, we play in buying and recycling headphones, contact us to learn more. Just say I want to sell my headphones, and we will!



Time to go through your storage and find your old headphones

With the money you earn through selling all your old headphones, including your current one, you can use the money towards buying headphones from a high-end brand. Keep your high-quality headphones in good condition to get an even higher value for them when the time comes to sell them to us.

Even though we already offer more money for your used headphones compared to our competitors, you can come away with even more money if you’ve taken good care of them. Let’s tell you why Gizmogo is the one you need to sell headphones to:

√ We pay you money. You don’t pay us a dime from start to end! Ship your headphones in our prepaid package for free, and if you don’t like our offer, we’ll return them for free! The only thing you’ll be getting throughout this process is getting money transferred into your bank account if you choose to sell your headphones.

√ We give you your money within 24 hours. With us, waiting periods are non-existent. There’s no long waiting line of customers, waiting for their cash. Once you accept our offer, you’ll get your money in 24 hours and not one day more. We offer several payment methods, bank transfer, PayPal, check, and an Amazon gift card. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

√ We pay you more money for your used headphones than brick-and-mortar stores. Even if your headphones are damaged, you can still expect us to pay you more money to sell headphones than brick-and-mortar stores in the area, including other online selling websites. Our primary incentive has always been that we offer you more money than our competitors; you’ll find that to be true when you come to us.

√ We return your phone for free if you don’t like our offer. You’ll be amazed at how some businesses that buy used and damaged headphones tend to keep your headphones if you reject their offer. If they do decide to return your headphones, they ask you to pay the shipping cost for return delivery. But that’s not the case with us. If we give you an offer that’s lower than you expected, we’ll return them for free, no questions asked. We can even offer you a higher price for your headphones if our comprehensive evaluation and inspection process determines a higher price than you initially offered. We offer a fair and transparent process from day one! Sell headphones now!

√ We perform a complete data deletion service. Even though you want to sell headphones, which means no data deletion service needed, we still wanted to put it out there in case you plan to sell other gadgets to us. If you want to sell us your laptop or cell phone, delete everything from it on your end, and we’ll perform a data deletion service to wipe your device clean of any traces and memories of you. We value your privacy and will not let your information get into the hands of a third-party company.