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Gizmogo offers a convenient way to sell your used media player or other electronic devices for cash online. Our platform accepts a wide range of popular media player brands including Samsung, Microsoft, and more. Get competitive pricing, a simple three-step process, and secure transactions while protecting your data with Gizmogo. Sell your media player hassle-free with Gizmogo and get the most value out of your device. Choose Gizmogo for a fast and easy selling experience for your media player. Sell your media player today and get the best value for your device.

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Best Price Guarantee

You will get an offer by selecting the condition of your device. Once we receive the device, we will conduct a professional evaluation of your device. If the condition is better than you thought, we will increase our original offer. If we need to lower the offer, you can request a return without any cost.




We offer you free USPS and UPS shipping

You won't have to pay a cent to send us your device.We offer you free USPS and UPS shipping. You will get a free shipping label after you submit your order. We also offer prepaid shipping boxes that you can easily put your device in and ship it back to us.




Professional Data Protection

In order for us to maintain a long-term relationship, we realize that protecting your privacy is paramount.We will perform a professional data deletion service on your mobile phone, and monitor the entire process of the cleaning process to ensure the security of user privacy data and we will not give out your information to any third parties.



Fast Payment

Gizmogo will pay you within 24 hours (week days) in your selected payment method since we receive your device.

*Excluding National and Federal holidays.

Gizmogo Payment methods:Paypal.Check.Echeck.Amazon Giftcard.Zelle.


Your Media Player is Trapped in Your Drawer and Needs You to Release it to Gizmogo for Cash

Can you believe that someone wants to pay cash for your used and damaged media player? We’re in the business of reselling and recycling used media players. If you sell media player to us, you’ll receive cash.

Out of all the online selling platforms and brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll find that we offer the best possible value for your used device— a fact that most of our loyal customers have shared with us in the past. Soon, you’ll be saying the same thing!

Sell your media player to get money to buy a new one. You can do whatever you please with the money you earn by selling us your media player. If you have more than one media player that no one uses or any device that’s stored away and not in use, sell us all of them!

When you sell your media player to Gizmogo, you won’t regret that you did. We’ll make sure of that!


Sell Media Player: The Benefits of Selling It to Gizmogo

When you sell media player for cash to us, you’re in for a surprise of a lifetime. While other online and offline selling platforms may attach hidden costs or openly charge for shipping and delivery both ways, we do neither.

You’re trying to earn money, and if we take some of your money at the start, the money we give you will compensate for the money you already lost. So, tell us, how is that fair? It’s not! We want to put money into your bank account, not take it away because that’s not the Gizmogo way.

That’s not the type of relationship we want to create with our customers when they come to us to sell media player. Here are all the free perks you’ll receive with us: •You won’t need to pay any money to buy a box to ship the device is, as we offer a prepaid box.

•You won’t need to pay any money to send the device to us or get it returned it to you, as we got that part covered.

Do you know what this means, right? You can send us as many electronic devices as you want without worrying about paying shipping and delivery costs.


Make the best decision of your life and sell your media player for cash straight away!


The benefits of choosing Gizmogo as your buyer don’t stop here. When you sell your media player to us, you shower in benefits. Here’s what makes Gizmogo an excellent buyer for all used electronic devices:

•You receive the highest possible offer when you sell media player to us.

•If you don’t like our final offer, which we give our thoroughly examining your media player, you can request a return. Some selling platforms tend to keep the device, but we’re not them. We’ll pay the shipping costs of returning it to you.

•If you accept our final offer, we’ll deposit the money into your bank account within 24 hours. Other selling platforms may take weeks and even months just to get you the money you earned from selling it, but not us, and that’s what sets us apart from them. Not only will you receive the highest possible value for your media player, but you’ll also get your money fast.

•You can choose the payment method of your choice. We offer PayPal, check, eCheck, and Amazon gift cards.

•We restart your device, wiping it clean, and protecting your privacy. Your personal details will never leak out to a third-party, as we’ll make sure of that by restarting your device and preparing it for the next user.

Your experience with Gizmogo will be smooth as butter with no hiccups in between.


Don’t Waste Time! Sell Your Media Player to Us Today!

The key to earning more with your used media player is to keep it in good condition from day one. It’s perfectly fine if your media player is “Like New” or “Good” condition, as you can still get a good value for it.

However, you’ll have a hard time selling your media player if its screen doesn’t light up if the device doesn’t power on, or both. If your media player falls in this category, if you wish, you can still send it to us.

Even though you won’t get any money for it, you’ll at least have the peace of mind knowing that it isn’t degrading in some landfill and poisoning the environment. Sell media player to us, and we’ll recycle it responsibly.

If your used media player is damaged, but not to the point of no return, you’ll earn money. As soon as we receive your media player, we’ll deposit the money into your account. You can use the money you earned to buy the latest media player or save it for something else.

You should keep all future electronic devices that you own in good condition, so when it comes time to sell it, you can get an even higher value for it.


Can we expect you to sell media player to us?

Have we successfully convinced you to sell media player for cash to Gizmogo? If we have, don’t think twice about selling it to us. Compare our offer to the offer other online and offline selling platforms offer you along with the benefits they give, and we give.

You’ll soon find out that we offer the best possible value for your media player and a wide range of benefits. If you still have questions on why you need to use our online selling platform to sell your media player, we’re an open book! You can ask our team any questions you have.

Gizmogo aims to help you make the right decision, and we can confidently say that we’re the right decision. Sell media player for money because it’ll be a choice you’ll always be glad you made and one that you’ll continue to make each time you want to sell a device. You’ll be satisfied with our entire seamless process of selling your devices through our website.