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Sell your used Kindle or other electronic devices for cash online with Gizmogo. Our platform accepts a wide range of popular Kindle brands including Sony, Kobo, iRiver, and Amazon. Get competitive pricing, a simple three-step process, and secure transactions while protecting your data with Gizmogo. Sell your Kindle hassle-free with Gizmogo and get the most value out of your device. Choose Gizmogo for a fast and easy selling experience for your Kindle. Sell your Kindle today and get the best value for your device.

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1. Your used Kindle can use a new home

2. How do I sell my Kindle?  

3. What you need to do before you send it to us                         


Your Used Kindle Can Use a New Home  

You and your Kindle have mutually decided that it’s time to part ways. However, parting ways doesn’t mean shoving it in your drawer. If your old Kindle still works, it needs a new owner, and that new owner can be Gizmogo.  

Gizmogo specializes in buying old and damaged Kindles. We repurpose them so they can be sold to another avid reader. If the device cannot be repaired, we will recycle them responsibly. Whatever you decide to do with your device, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re getting money for it.  

Our Kindle selling process involves the following three steps:  

1. Visit us at   

2. Select the type of Kindle you have  

3. Answer the questions to determine its condition and receive an estimate  

*You can sell your Kindle if you like our initial offer, but more about that later. We want to make you aware of the steps you need to take before selling your Kindle to us.  

How do I Sell My Kindle?  

“I want to sell my Kindle. How much money can I expect to earn?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. Gizmogo strives to payout maximum value for your device. Still, there are several factors involved that influence both the initial estimate you get from our website and the final estimate we give you after our in-person evaluation. The factors that influence the selling price of your Kindle are:  

1. Its condition. Is your Kindle Brand New, Like New, Good, or Damaged?  

2. If it’s damaged, does your Kindle’s screen light up, and does your device power on?  

3. Another common question we get is “I want to sell Kindle Fire, but it doesn’t light up when turned on, or it does turn on and lights up but doesn’t work.”   

4. In that case, you won’t get an estimate for your device, as we won’t be able to repurpose it, but here’s what we can do:  

5. We can recycle your Kindle at a recycling facility. Even though you won’t get money from it, you’ll be doing an act of kindness by leaving a small carbon footprint. If you’re asking yourself why I should sell my Kindle when it’s worthless and is of no use to anyone, now you know why!  

6. In the future, what you can do is take care of your electronic devices, which means it’s okay if they get a few dents or scratches here and there, but maintain them enough to get money in return for them.   


What You Need to do Before You Send It to Us           

If you want to sell a Kindle that is not damaged beyond repair, take a look at what you need to do before shipping it to our facility:  

Reset It before You Sell  

Your Kindle gives you instant access to your Amazon account and your entire book collection on it. Our Kindle selling process requires you to sign out of every account from your device and reset it before sending it to us. Follow these steps to reset your e-book:  

1. Select “Menu” and then “Settings”  

2. Select “Menu” again and then “Reset”  

That’s it! Your Kindle is reset and ready to be used by another. On our part, we perform a complete data deletion service. Your data doesn’t stay with us because we wipe your device clean, making it new again.  

Deregister Your Kindle from Your Account  

Our sell my Kindle process also requires you to deregister yourself from your Amazon account. Before you sell Kindle Fire to us, we want you to remove your account from your device. When you buy an eBook reader, you only have to enter your password or verify your credit card details only the first time you purchase a book.  

Although we wipe your device clean, we still highly recommend that you sign out of your Amazon account and deregister your device. Otherwise, the next owner will have access to your personal details. Here’s how to deregister your Kindle from Amazon:   

1. Select the “Cog” on the top left-hand side of your device  

2. Select “All Settings”  

3. Select “My Account”  

4. Select “Deregister Device”  

Tada! Your device is now removed from your Amazon account.  

Clean Your Kindle  

Before you sell your Kindle, you can clean your Kindle and then send it to us. However, our sell my Kindle process doesn’t require you to clean it, as this is totally an optional step, which we’ll do for you if you decide to sell Kindle to us.  

If you decide to clean it, use screen cleaning wipes, but don’t clean rigorously, as it can scratch or crack the screen. Never use water or any liquid detergent to clean your Kindle or any device for that matter. Again, you can leave the clear.   


If You Don’t Have the Original Packaging  

If you have the original box your Kindle came in, you can send the box to us, but there really is no need because we give you a prepaid box to put your Kindle in. In our prepaid box, you can put the Kindle along with any accessories it came with.