Gizmogo Brand Ambassador Program

Gizmogo would love to partner with you to spread our brand image and environmental protection concept and their benefits through Brand Ambassador Program. We hope you are someone who wants to help spread the word about gizmogo’s brand and business with their family, friends, and followers.

How Brand Ambassadors Work?

Login & we will assign a unique invite link to you.
Share the invite link with your friends & help them sell their devices at best price.
Invite a friend to sign up and complete the transaction, you get earn money.

Benefits of Brand Ambassadors on Gizmogo

Gizmogo Brand Ambassadors Program allows you to refer gizmogo to your users, customers and audiences, while getting rewarded for that.

Highly generous&unlimited commissions.
A flexible schedule
An awesome resume booster
The chance to build your network
Access to broader resources

How Much Money Do Brand Ambassadors Make?

Obviously, just like any other job, pay varies based on different factors. When it comes to influencers and brands ambassadors, the number of social media follows you have is the biggest factor in how much you get paid. The more follower you have, the more reach you have. Remember your commission is NOT taken from your friends' earnings.
Brand Ambassadors in your downline. Brand Ambassadors you personally sponsor are your Level 1, Brand Ambassadors sponsored by your Level 1 are your Level 2, and so on. May earn on up to 10 levels.

Excellent Brand Ambassadors on Gizmogo

" In order to earn more pocket money, I joined the brand ambassador of Gizmogo and made a lot of money from it, which also improved my social skills. My friends all like Gizmogo very much, because it is an environmentally friendly project. I've been working for a brand ambassador on gizmogo than a year. I am super happy with the company. "
Justin Schiefner

College Student

" Brand ambassador is a project where you can make money anytime and anywhere. The way of promotion is also very simple, as long as you send the link to your friends, and then friends invite other friends, I also have commission awards, which is really very convenient. "
David Mihm


" Since joining the gizmogo’s brand ambassador, I have quit my full-time job. As long as my invite friends recycle a phone, I can earn a commission from it, and there are ten levels, I can almost make money while I sleep. I decide my own hours, so I ultimately decide how much (or how little) I’m going to get out of my time in the role. "
Nancy Jackson


" Easy, reliable, and regular payments for telling people about gizmogo. This is what you get in terms of brand ambassador Program. And it does work! I’ve earned around $7,000 in 8 months effortlessly. I asked all my friends around me to join this brand ambassador so that they can earn more money in their free time. "
Betty Smith



Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Questions about the Brand Ambassadors Program, you can check here.
Remember, if at anytime you have questions, please reach out to us at
1. What is brand ambassador?
2. How about levels 1-10?
3. How many friends can I invite?
4. How it work? How to invite friends?
5. How do I Withdraw My Commission?
6. How much more can I withdraw?