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Sell iPhone 11 Pro
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original or not.
2.Please make sure to unlock your phone, remove any pass code and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping your device to us.
3.Questions on how to remove your iCloud account from your device? See Details.
4.Questions on how to unlock the phone screen? See Details.
Sell Your Apple
iPhone 11 Pro

Sell iPhone 11 Pro

Selling your Apple iPhone 11 Pro has never been easier — or more rewarding. Gizmogo specializes in buying and recycling used smartphones to help you receive maximum trade-in value and reduce electronic waste.

How Much is Your iPhone 11 Pro Worth?

The resale value of an iPhone 11 Pro depends on several factors, including the device's storage capacity, color, and condition. As of its launch in 2019, Apple's iPhone 11 Pro retailed at

  • $999 for 64GB

  • $1,099 for 256GB

  • $1,199 for 512GB

If you want to sell your iPhone 11 Pro, you should receive about 50% of the original purchase price. In general, it is essential to remember that the value of an iPhone 11 Pro will decrease over time.

Damaged or Broken iPhone 11 Pro

Yes, we do buy broken or damaged iPhones, and we offer a variety of price points for different damage levels.

Trade-In Instructions

Selling your old iPhone to Gizmogo is fast, easy, and secure. Save time and obtain the best price for your old phone in a few simple steps! Review the sections below for step-by-step guidance on each stage of the trade-in process.

Get Your Instant Quote

Enter the details of your device at the top of the page to receive your instant offer.

Ensure Your Device Meets Our Requirements

  • The device must have an IMEI number.

  • The device must have a valid iCloud account associated with it.

Prepare Your Phone for Sale

You can prepare your device for our secure trade-in process by

  • Remove any cases, screen protectors, or other attachments;

  • Back up your data using iCloud or iTunes;

  • Reset the device to its factory settings;

  • Remove your SIM card;

  • Remove your Apple Pay information;

  • Remove your passcode;

  • Disable Find My iPhone;

  • Sign out of your iCloud;

Ship Your iPhone 11 Pro

We provide a prepaid shipping label and delivery service through USPS and UPS. Once you have prepared your phone, place it in the packaging and ship it back to us!

Get Paid

Once we receive your device and you accept the trade-in value after our assessment, you can expect to get paid within one business day.

We offer various payment methods to get you the most money for your device the way you want it. There is no need to settle for an Apple gift card when we all know cash is king!

Quick Payment Methods

  • Cash App

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Zelle

  • Check

  • Echeck

How to Get The Most Cash Back for Your Used iPhone 11 Pro

Selling clean, unscratched phones with all their accessories, including the box, will fetch a higher price than the phone itself.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Accessory Checklist

  • iPhone 11 Pro

  • USB to Lightning Cable

  • Documentation

  • Original Box

Benefits of Selling Your iPhone 11 Pro to Gizmogo

  • Fast and Easy Process: Selling your iPhone 11 Pro to Gizmogo is fast and easy. You can complete our online form in minutes and receive an instant quote.

  • Free Shipping & Packaging: We will provide labels and packaging and ship your iPhone 11 Pro for free.

  • Highest Payout: We offer the highest payout for your iPhone 11 Pro compared to other resale sites.

  • Quick Payment: We pay you within 24 hours of receiving your device.

  • Excellent Customer Service: Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

  • Professional Data Protection: We ensure safe and secure professional data deletion and will not disclose your information to third parties.

  • Trusted Site: We are a trusted site with years of experience in the electronics resale space.

  • Secure Payment: We use encrypted payment processing, so your financial information is safe and secure.

iPhone 11 Pro Features & Specifications

The iPhone 11 Pro offers an optimum mix of hardware and software capabilities at a modest price point making it an ideal mid-range smartphone choice for tech-savvy users.

iPhone 11 Pro Features & Specifications


64-512 GB

Expandable Storage:



Thickness: 8.1 mm

Height: 144.0 mm

Width: 71.4 mm


188 grams

Screen Size:

5.85 inches


1125x2436 pixels

PPI (Pixels Per Inch):



Industry-leading A13 Bionic chip with 6 processing cores and 4 graphics cores for maximum performance.


4 GB

Water Resistance:

Up to 6 meters

Camera Specs:

A high-end camera system enables scene capture, improved low light photos, and crystal-clear portraits. It features dual 12MP Wide and Ultra Wide cameras, True Tone flash with Slow Sync, auto image stabilization, and portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth Control.


iOS 13


  • Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi (supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)

  • GPS     

  • v 5.00 Bluetooth

  • NFC

  • Dual SIMs

SIM 1:

  • SIM 1

  • SNano-SIM

  • GSM

  • 3G

  • 4G/ LTE

SIM 2:

  • eSIM

  • GSM

  • 3G

  • 4G/ LTE


  • Face Unlock  

  • 3D Face Recognition

  • Compass/ Magnetometer        

  • Proximity Sensor    

  • Accelerometer       

  • Ambient Light Sensor       

  • Gyroscope    

  • Barometer 


  • Midnight Green

  • Gold

  • Space Gray

  • Silver

Selling My iPhone 11 Pro Online vs. In-Store

When you sell your phone online, you typically get a higher price than you would if you sold it in person. The process is quick and easy, and you don't have to worry about dealing with buyers who may try to lowball you.

Selling your phone in person is a more traditional way to sell used electronics and typically results in a lower price. This method guarantees immediate compensation but may require a bit of legwork to find a local establishment that offers the most competitive prices.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone 11 Pro Online?

You can sell your device using online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist or through cellphone and electronics buyback and recycling companies such as Gizmogo.

Using marketplace platforms to sell your used iPhone can take longer and may include shipping or service fees. Selling your phone through a recycling company like Gizmogo guarantees the highest value for your device, a short turn-around period, and free shipping.

Where can I sell my iPhone 11 Pro Near Me?

You can sell your iPhone 11 Pro at various locations, including pawn shops, used electronics stores, and even on online marketplaces like Facebook or Craigslist.

If you're looking to sell your iPhone 11 Pro locally, it may be a good idea to find a reputable store or marketplace that offers some form of consumer protection or warranty.

Compare Your Quote with Trusted Buyback Companies


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Apple Gift Card





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*Prices are based on the iPhone 11 Pro 11 256GB in “Good Condition”


“As a repeat customer, I've been impressed with the Gizmogo team's prompt, courteous and professional approach. Disposing of a used phone doesn't have to be an issue, just trust Gizmogo to take care of all the details!”

M. Payne


“Great place to sell your phone. They pay top dollar and pay out quickly. 2nd time I’ve sold a phone to them.”

Justin Whitfield


“I was a bit skeptical at first, that there was a trustworthy company out there that could take the hassle out of selling my used electronics, specifically my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple offers $700 no matter the condition so when you sell them your perfect condition phone, you always know it's worth a lot more and feel cheated. Gizmogo made an offer substantially higher than Apple. It took about 5 days to go through the process until you saw the money in your account. The experience was a good one and well worth looking into if you have a phone or tablet you are looking to sell.”

Erik Radcliffe


Trade-In Other Apple Devices

We accept all types of Apple products regardless of their condition, including:

  • iPhones

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Apple Watch

  • And more!

Trade and get paid for all your devices — from new-in-box iPhones to that old MacBook Air that’s collecting dust and won’t keep a charge; our easy-to-use website provides our customers with secure payment for your devices within 48 hours of shipping to us.

Avoid the phone recycling kiosks, the hassle of the Apple trade-in program, and retail stores offering little money for your old iPhone. Gizmogo's reliable and secure website is the best place to sell your old iPhone for cash.


I don't see my device on your list; how can I place my order?

If your device is not listed, place your order as an Unknown Device. Please review our list of accepted electronics to ensure your device falls into one of the classifications. Following our fee-free shipping, we will evaluate your device and send you a quote. If you choose not to sell, your device will be returned to you free of charge!

Do you accept old and damaged devices?

Yes! We accept a vast amount of different electronic devices regardless of condition. To find out how much your damaged device is worth, locate your device on our website, select your model, and indicate the condition to receive an instant quote. If it has any value, we will compensate you accordingly. Otherwise, we would recycle it responsibly for you.

You evaluated my device, and the payment amount differs from the quote I received when I first placed my order; what happened?

There are a few reasons why the quoted payment can change following our evaluation:

  • You did not accurately select the condition of the device (most common).

  • The device has defects that are not indicated on your order.

  • You chose the wrong device or device model when completing your order.

Our customer service team is happy to answer any additional questions about changes to your quote.

My device has had a case and screen protector since I originally purchased it, and you're trying to tell me it has screen scratches. Can you explain?

Our grading standard is different from what people usually would think. Our professional technicians base their evaluation on the quality of factors such as:

  • Screen

  • Frame

  • Backside

  • USB Charging Port

It is common for people to believe their phone is 'like new,' only to have a slightly different definition of the term compared to the industry standards.

My laptop isn't on your list; how can I determine its worth?

If you don't see your device on our list, email us at for your free quote. Include the device brand, model, and serial number in your message. We will have our technician deliver an estimate within 24 hours.

Can I sell a lost or stolen device?

No, we cannot accept a stolen device. When we receive a device that has been reported as lost or stolen, we won’t pay for it. We will turn it over to the police immediately. If this is a mistake and the device is yours, please contact your mobile carrier and make sure everything is okay before selling it.

How many devices can I sell?

As many as your heart desires. We would love to take them all!

How long will my quote be valid?

Your quote is good for 15 days, but it’s always best to take a good offer as soon as possible. The final price, however, is up to the technical evaluation. If you choose not to accept our quote, we will ship your device back to you at no cost.

How do we rate aesthetics?

When getting a quote for your item, we’ll ask you to select the relevant condition (Excellent, Good, Poor, or Faulty). To see how much you can get for your broken device, type the name and model of your device into the search bar, and select the ‘broken’ condition on the comparison table.

How do I contact Gizmogo?

Please send us an email at or call us at 800-893-9598. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

How do I get an iPhone 11 Pro ready for sale?

Settings has the following options: General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Erase All Content and Settings. eSim users should also erase their eSim profile. Make sure you have your Apple ID and password on hand.

How do I sell my iPhone 11 Pro?

To sell your iPhone, first get it ready. Clean it, photograph it in good light and be honest about its condition. Make sure you have reset your iPhone to its factory settings.

How do I unlock my iPhone 11 Pro?

In order to unlock your iPhone you need to get in contact with your carrier, explain you are selling the device, and ask for an unlock code. Note: you will need to be a customer of the carrier and may be charged a fee.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 11 Pro?

Yes! While they don’t sell for as much as a working phone, Gizmogo will buy your broken iPhone.

How much is my iPhone 11 Pro worth?

That depends on the iPhone. iPhones are quality phones that hold a good amount of their value over time. However, storage size, condition, lock status, and the carrier will all influence the price too.