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At Gizmogo, we buy a broad range of smartphones (Cell phones)—from the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxies to models like Google Pixel, LG, HTC, Sony, and Lenovo. Our simple, rapid service offers competitive prices immediately, ensuring your data is securely wiped. Why keep an old smartphone when you can sell it for instant cash? With Gizmogo, selling your used smartphones is quick and hassle-free. Just send us your device, and we'll handle the rest, offering you the best price. Start now and turn your old phone into cash with Gizmogo.
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Hassle-Free iPhone Selling Experience

Sell iPhone, is what you're looking for? Embark on a seamless journey with Gizmogo, your reliable partner in selling iPhones, ensuring you receive optimal cash-back offers with a process that's as straightforward as it is secure. Dive into a hassle-free experience where your device’s worth is maximized, and every step, from identifying your iPhone model to securing the best deal, is simplified.

Why Choose Gizmogo to Sell iPhone?

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Gizmogo provides a fast, reliable, and convenient way to sell your iPhone. We understand that your device is valuable to you and we make sure to offer you the best price for it. With our easy-to-use website, you can get an instant quote, free shipping, and secure payment all in one place. Our knowledgeable customer service team is always available to answer any questions.

Ensuring Maximum Return

Choose Gizmogo to sell your iPhone without any hassles and maximize your return. Selling your phone with Gizmogo means you’re getting the best value for your device with a hassle-free process.

Identifying Your iPhone Model

Quick Guide to iPhone Model Identification

Whether you’re peeking into your settings or inspecting your device physically, we guide you through the steps to accurately identify your iPhone model, ensuring a smooth selling process.

Sell Your iPhone for Cash

Gizmogo is the best place to sell your iPhone. We provide you with the best cash-back offers on iPhones and other accessories.

With our simple and secure process, you can quickly sell your used device and get paid within days. With Gizmogo, you can get the best value for your device without any hassle.

Accepted iPhone Models

  • iPhone 15 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone 14 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max) 
  • iPhone 13 (Mni, Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone 12 (Mini, Plus, Pro Max)
  • iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone X (XS, XS Max, XR)
  • iPhone 8 (Plus)
  • iPhone 7 (Plus)
  • iPhone 6 (S, Plus, S Plus)
  • iPhone 5 (S, C)
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone SE (1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen)
  • iPhone 2G 

The Best Place to Sell iPhone for Cash is Gizmogo

Offering Top-Notch Cash-Back Offers

Gizmogo is the best place to sell your iPhone. We provide you with the best cash-back offers on iPhones and other accessories. With our simple and secure process, you can quickly sell your old device and get paid within days.

Accepting a Wide Range of iPhone Models

From the latest iPhone 15 series to the classic iPhone 2G, Gizmogo accepts a wide array of iPhone models, ensuring your device gets a place and price on our platform.

How to Sell iPhone with Ease and Confidence

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling on Gizmogo

From getting your quote to shipping your device and receiving payment, discover how our service works in three simple steps, designed to offer you the highest market value through our online marketplace.

Preparing Your iPhone for Sale

Ensure your iPhone is sale-ready with our comprehensive guide, covering everything from backup and data removal to physical preparation of your device.

Ship Your iPhone

Gizmogo offers free shipping via UPS, USPS, and FedEx. We will send you a personalized shipping label and packaging. You can then schedule a pickup or drop off your package at your local store and have your phone on the way to getting appraised and sold!

The Inspection Process

The Gizmogo phone inspection process involves a rigorous 30-point inspection of the phone, including checking the phone’s overall condition, performance, and battery life.

The assessment also includes a thorough check of the phone’s buttons, ports, and screen and testing of the phone’s camera and other components. If any issues are found, Gizmogo will repair or replace them to ensure the phone is in top condition.

Get Paid for Your iPhone

Our quick payment methods include:

  • Check
  • E-check
  • Cash App
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Zelle

Benefits of Choosing Gizmogo to Sell iPhone

Assured Data Protection and Quick Payment

Explore the myriad of benefits when you choose to sell your iPhone with Gizmogo, including assurance of data protection, a contactless process, most money back, free shipping, and a hassle-free experience.

Comparing Gizmogo with Other Buyback Companies

Ensuring You Get the Best Deal

Compare your quote with trusted buyback companies and discover why Gizmogo consistently offers competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best deal for your iPhone.

Sell My iPhone for the Most Cash Back

Clean your phone, remove old screen protectors, and locate the original cell phone packaging and accessories.

Selling clean, unscratched phones with all their accessories, including the box, will fetch a higher price than just the phone itself.

Selling Your iPhone Online vs. In-Store

Selling your iPhone in-store to a retailer allows you to get rid of your phone instantly. However, these locations typically offer minimal compensation.

Selling your iPhone online to a trusted buyback company takes slightly longer. Still, the high payout is often well-worth the 3-5 day process.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone Online?

You can sell your iPhone on an online marketplace such as eBay or Facebook. You must consider shipping costs, platform fees, and customer commitment/trustworthiness there.

Another option is using a buyback service to receive money for your old iPhone. A buyback service allows customers to sell their used electronic devices to a third party.

One of the best and most popular is Gizmogo. They provide a user-friendly platform, free shipping, quick reimbursement, and a hassle-free process.

Sell My iPhone Near Me?

Some online marketplaces, such as Craigslist, allow you to locate a buyer in your area. Additionally, sometimes cell phone retailers or wireless carriers will buy your phone. 

Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

Gizmogo - Revolutionizing the Electronics Buyback Industry

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Gizmogo is not just a buyback platform; it’s a commitment to the environment and to you. Learn about our policies, our dedication to offering the best price, and our environmentally friendly practices.

Testimonials - Hear from Our Happy Customers

Real Experiences from Real Sellers

"Sell iPhone with Gizmogo was a breeze! The process was straightforward, and I received payment promptly. A fantastic service that I would recommend to anyone!" - Alexa R.

"I was apprehensive about selling my damaged iPhone, but Gizmogo offered me a fair price and ensured a smooth transaction from start to finish." - Michael D.

Sell iPhone with Gizmogo - FAQs

I Can't Find My iPhone Model on Your List; How Do I Sell my iPhone?

If your iPhone model isn't listed, simply place your order as an "Unknown Device." Ensure your device is within our accepted electronics range by reviewing our list. After utilizing our free shipping, we will assess your iPhone and provide a quote. Should you decide not to sell, we’ll return your device free of charge!

Do You Purchase Old or Damaged iPhones?

Absolutely! We buy a wide variety of electronic devices, irrespective of their condition. To determine the worth of your damaged iPhone, locate it on our website, select the model, and specify its condition to receive an instant quote. If it holds value, we’ll pay you; if not, we’ll recycle it responsibly.

Why is the Final Payment Different from My Initial Quote?

The final payment might differ due to several reasons:

  1. Inaccurate selection of the device’s condition.
  2. Unmentioned defects in the device.
  3. Incorrect device or model selection during order placement. For further inquiries regarding quote changes, our customer service team is here to assist!

Despite Protective Measures, You Found Screen Scratches; Why?

Our technicians evaluate based on several quality factors, including:

  1. Screen
  2. Frame
  3. Backside
  4. USB Charging Port Our grading standards might differ from personal assessments, often leading to discrepancies in condition evaluation.

How Do I Determine the Worth of an Unlisted iPhone?

For unlisted devices, email us at with the device brand, model, and serial number for a free quote. Our technician will provide an estimate within 24 hours.

Can I Sell a Lost or Stolen iPhone?

We do not accept lost or stolen devices. Devices reported as such will not be paid for and will be handed over to the police. Ensure your device is cleared by your mobile carrier before attempting to sell.

What's the Limit on the Number of Devices I Can Sell?

Sell as many devices as you wish! We’re more than happy to accommodate them all.

How Long is My Quote Valid For?

Quotes are valid for 15 days. However, it's advisable to accept favorable offers promptly. The final price is subject to technical evaluation, and if you decline our quote, we’ll return your device free of charge.

How Are Device Aesthetics Rated?

During the quoting process, you'll be asked to select a condition (Excellent, Good, Poor, or Faulty). To determine the value of a broken device, search for your device model and select the ‘broken’ condition on the comparison table.

How Can I Contact Gizmogo?

Reach out to us via email at or call us at 800-893-9598. More information is available on our Contact Us page.

How Should I Prepare My iPhone for Sale?

Ensure your iPhone is clean, photographed well, and its condition is accurately described. Reset it to factory settings before selling.

What Steps Do I Take to Sell My iPhone?

Prepare your Apple iPhone by cleaning it, capturing high-quality photos, and being transparent about its condition. Ensure it is reset to factory settings before proceeding with the sale.

How Can I Unlock My iPhone Before Selling?

Contact your carrier, inform them you intend to sell your iPhone, and request an unlock code. Note that you may need to be a customer of the carrier and might incur a fee.

Can I Sell a Broken iPhone?

Yes, Gizmogo will purchase your broken iPhone, albeit at a lower price compared to a fully functional one.

How Much Can I Get for My iPhone?

The worth of your iPhone depends on various factors, including model, storage size, condition, lock status, and carrier. Latest models like the iPhone 14 tend to fetch higher prices.

Feel free to adjust any specific details or contact information as per your company’s policies and procedures.

If you want to Buy a Renewed/Refurbished, Unlocked iPhone, you can check Gizmogo buy iPhone part.